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Ramsey Cemetery, established in 1851 with the burial of namesake Alexander Ramsey, is also known as Casbar Cemetery and is a nighttime teen hangout. Besides the graves, rock shelters and sandstone caves are nearby, covered with carvings from its many visitors. A young man committed suicide inside a chapel that stood in the cemetery from the 1920s to the 1960s; the chapel has since been demolished. Among the many legends here is a story of a man in a black cloak with red glowing eyes who is a manifestation resulting from occult activity that took place here in the past. Another legend tells of a werewolf that lives in the caves on the grounds, and yet another says those who put a penny heads up on a tombstone will come back later to find it upside down.

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Geographic Information

End of 1230th St
NE of Shumway, IL
United States

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39.2039282383575, -88.57368493132532
Effingham County, Illinois
Nearest Towns:
Shumway, IL (4.4 mi.)
Sigel, IL (4.5 mi.)
Stewardson, IL (5.1 mi.)
Effingham, IL (6.0 mi.)
Teutopolis, IL (7.3 mi.)
Neoga, IL (10.3 mi.)
Strasburg, IL (10.6 mi.)
Montrose, IL (10.8 mi.)
Beecher City, IL (11.5 mi.)
Watson, IL (12.3 mi.)


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  1. ive been going to casbar for as long as i can remember, but ive only had one creepy experience. it was in 2006 or 2007 on halloween and my parents friends thought it would be fun to go on a “hunted hay ride” up to the cemetery, as they live nearby casbar. for those who dont know, you have to go up pretty steep hill to get to the cemetery, and on a tractor it should be no problem getting up and down right? well, we had gotten up to the cemetery ok, but going back down was a different story. as we were going back down, the guy who was driving (he has been driving tractors for a long time, so it wasnt due to lack of experience) had completely lost control of the tractor and we tipped into the ditch. the guy who was driving broke 3 ribs and a girl on the back broke her arm.. i dont know if it was 100% paranormal, but it was pretty creepy.

  2. Really creepy place for around Effingham. My friends and I went there once and we were goofing around telling the “ghosts” to man up and appear. Nothing happened at first but slowly the air started to get colder (it was a hot summer night). One of my friends had her teeth chattering. Then, we saw some sort of cloaked figure, briskly walking towards us. Thinking it was a groundskeeper or something ready to yell at us we quickly ran to our car, not wanting to be in any trouble. I don’t know if it was paranormal or just a groundskeeper but I did notice, once we had gotten back to my car, the air was considerably warmer.

  3. The only ghost Ive ever seen was here. Changed my life forever. It must have been about 2015. As we came up the long driveway it swooped down from a tree at our car waving it’s arms frantically, like it was trying to stop us from going all the way up to the cemetery. As it got close it turned and floated/ran away from the road and out of sight, flailing it’s arms the whole way. It was a translucent pale bluish color. Actually we always say it seemed like all we could really see was a shirt. A glowing blue, old timey shirt with those frilly things down along the buttons. This cemetery is the only place I’ve ever been to that I heard was haunted and then when I went there I actually saw a visible ghost.

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