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The ghost of a woman in white who passed away in the hotel has been seen on the ninth floor of the hotel. The ghost of a small dog is seen in the hallways of the hotel, as well as the ghost of former owner Clifford Stiles. The most famous ghost at the hotel is the apparition of Hank Williams, who has allegedly been seen in the room he stayed in prior to his untimely death. Guests have reported strange occurrences, such as doors opening and closing and furniture and baggage moving around.

(Submitted by Callum Swift)

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2101 5th Ave N
Birmingham, AL 35203
United States

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33.518716, -86.80630200000002
Jefferson County, Alabama
Nearest Towns:
Birmingham, AL (0.3 mi.)
Homewood, AL (3.3 mi.)
Mountain Brook, AL (3.3 mi.)
Hollywood, AL (3.4 mi.)
Tarrant, AL (4.9 mi.)
Vestavia Hills, AL (5.0 mi.)
Cahaba Heights, AL (5.7 mi.)
Irondale, AL (5.9 mi.)
Fultondale, AL (6.0 mi.)
Forestdale, AL (6.3 mi.)


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  1. I work at the hotel as a front desk GSA. I have been working the late shift at the Redmont since we reopened in March. Before I share, I would like to say that I believe that myths, stories, and legends are rooted in varying degrees of fact or “Truths”. A 91 year old building has seen many different lives & eras of human history, The Redmont is alive. She lived through the Great Depression, the Civil Rights Movement (a lot of which took place on the streets surrounding the RH), and all the way through 9/11, the Great Recession, and the iPhone 7. I think certain spiritual “memories” repeat themselves in old buildings. As human beings existing in the physical plane, we tend to ignore things that don’t fit this paradigm. Therefor, when we see something out of the corner of our eye, or suddenly feel like someone is looking at us, we turn and we are alone.

    I will tell you about the experience I had on the 10th floor, but a few days ago! It was around a quarter passed five pm and took the service elevator up to 10; one of our guests requested some K-cup coffees, creamer, etc… Oh, and for those of you that have never worked in a hotel before, this time of day is alive with energy. The majority of guests check in an hour or so later; anticipation builds while the in-house guests have all gone to dinner, meetings, or their concert, play, or festival. Needless to say the hallway was empty and silent. I walk all the way to the end of the hall and knock on the door. Knock! Knock! “Guest Services!” I announce in my most charming and soothing voice. {silence.} I knock once more and announce myself again; still no answer. This event in and of itself is not steeped in the supernatural; however, what comes next had me frozen in the hallway for what felt like 5 minutes, but was actually just a few seconds.

    Then, in my periferal vision, I see the shape of a person about 6 inches taller than me (I am 5′ 9″) standing by their room door. As I turn back to the northern side of the hall I only see a shadow between the rooms. It kind’ve resembled a figure, but it was probably another case of pareidolia…it could have been my own shadow. Except for two things: 1) The lights on that part of the hallway were casting my shadow on the wall DIRECTLY behind me, and 2) when I began to walk passed the mystery shadow I saw IT’S HAND wave to me.

    0_0 …just turned and casually walked back to the service elevator with the coffee supplies, and back to the desk.

    Ive had a few other experiences, but that was certainly the most visual! You’ll have to come to The Redmont Hotel and ask me about them in person.

    **Give us a call and book a room! (205) 957-6828 Who knows? Maybe you will need to go get some ice during that quiet hour, or in the early hours just before dawn; you may well have the wonderful experience of meeting one of our (permanent) residents. Have no fear! Our specters will only greet you in the halls. They love what we’ve done with the place!**

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