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Local legends surrounding this area include witchcraft and peeping Toms. Folks have seen figures and heard screams, and a ghostly man is said to roam in the deep woods. This is a private area; no trespassing is allowed.

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Geographic Information

Rainbow Dr
Woodway, TX 76712
United States

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31.502716077656476, -97.21648406997707
McLennan County, Texas
Nearest Towns:
Woodway, TX (0.7 mi.)
Hewitt, TX (3.0 mi.)
Beverly Hills, TX (3.9 mi.)
Beverly, TX (4.7 mi.)
Waco, TX (5.2 mi.)
Robinson, TX (6.5 mi.)
Lorena, TX (8.0 mi.)
Bellmead, TX (8.9 mi.)
Lacy-Lakeview, TX (11.0 mi.)
Northcrest, TX (11.5 mi.)


Please note: It is your responsibility to acquire appropriate permissions before investigating any location listed on this site. Private property should be respected at all times, as should all posted signs concerning trespassing, hours of operation and other local regulations. Many "ghost hunters" have been arrested because they failed to contact property owners and/or local authorities ahead of time.

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  1. I believe the Woodway Park nature trail which is not far from the lake mentioned in this article is haunted as well. It is located on Estates Dr. at lake Waco.

    I have personally experienced things. Feeling someone following me, hearing bikers pass by with no one around, seeing shadows, seeing an apparition and even hearing and feeling a dog come up to my foot. All this on different occasions with no one around. There is also an eeriness there. Moreover when I do experience something the next day I feel weak and just want to cry.

    As much as I don’t want to because I love how challenging the trail is I am going to have to stop going there.

    • I grew up less than a block from Rainbow Lake, agree 100% that evil is present around the area as I have witnessed it myself. And how the validity of the Bible is ever questioned is beyond me…

  2. I grew up in Panther street, less than 1 block from Rainbow Lake in Woodway.

    My friends and I from that neighborhood would sneak in to this property all the time to play around, never trying to cause trouble, just being kids. Most of the time, we were quickly run off by a man named Elmer. He was a bit odd, but nice to us despite having to get on to us several times. On one occasion my friend and I were actually physically picked up and carried off the premises by two adult males….a very scary situation that bothers me much more today than it did back then.

    Even as a young kid I often sensed something was just off about that place. Heard screams and other odd noises coming from there, mostly in the evenings.

    Fast forward to my teenage years….we got a little more brave in our exploration. Sneaking around we saw several boarded up shack-like buildings, including one that had very old toiletries and medicine still lying on shelves. We would take them as souveniers…or trophies of being “brave”. At nighttime, we would see strange glows…..appearing to be a pair of eyes, maybe animal but still freaky.

    The most memorable visit was on a summer afternoon. A school friend and I found an old barn. Dug around in the junk and found a Sears catalog from the 1950s, and a glass jug of Coca-Cola syrup which was very cool. Upon leaving this barn, we felt that someone was watching us. It was scary to the point of running. At one point we stopped to look back…..bad idea. Saw someone peering at us from behind a tree. This person was wearing a mask that, from a distance, appeared similar to the back side of house carpet….or a sack of some sort. After that, we didn’t dare go back for years.

    While in my twenties, a group consisting of about 6 guys went one night near Halloween to just fulfill a dare to see if that place was still as eerie as our stories told. Needless to say, the 6 dwindled to 2 by the time we made it down to the end of the private drive. Saw a very bizarre room that was lit by a lamp on the top of what looked like a stable of some sort. Heard a few noises, but just like EVERY visit, felt extremely uneasy….scared even as an adult.

    I am not superstitious. I am a God-fearing Christian. But I do believe that spiritual evil exists in the physical realm. I really do. I could tell more of this place….but I’m tired of typing. I think that at one time very strange and dark things were back there, I really do. Not sure about present day…haven’t been there in over twenty years.

  3. THIS PLACE IS NOT HAUNTED. Rainbow lake is 40 acres of private property, including the small lakes.
    I’ve lived there for 30 years and have walked the entire area day and night with no sign of paranormal.
    I strongly suggest the public not wander through this location because this would be trespassing. The home owners are vigilant about protecting property and the Woodway police are very proactive.

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