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Local legend has it that two brothers haunt this area. Vigilantes hanged them from a tree here in the 1880s. Witnesses have seen their apparitions hanging from the tree, have heard screams and have described a feeling of being paralyzed.

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Geographic Information

Lindsey Hollow Road
Waco, TX
United States

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31.575006197685205, -97.15191221228451
McLennan County, Texas
Nearest Towns:
Waco, TX (1.8 mi.)
Bellmead, TX (2.9 mi.)
Beverly, TX (3.5 mi.)
Beverly Hills, TX (3.7 mi.)
Lacy-Lakeview, TX (4.7 mi.)
Northcrest, TX (5.2 mi.)
Woodway, TX (5.7 mi.)
Robinson, TX (7.7 mi.)
Hewitt, TX (8.2 mi.)
Gholson, TX (9.5 mi.)


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Comments (5)

  1. Every time me and my friend drive down this road you instantly get chills and its like any electrical item that comes through here just shuts off…. Its creepy you just feel watched

  2. I used to live on Lindsey Hollow. I lived in an old stone house there, which was certainly haunted. There are hauntings all through and around Cameron Park.the spirit in the house would play pranks and hide stuff, like my car keys. It would also open and slam doors.

  3. Wow, we just drove down Lindsey Hollow Rd tonight and got out just north of N Park Ave there to take a few quick wildflower pics… Just as we were getting back into our car, we heard a very loud, tortured scream like, “HAAAHHaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” It came from the wooded section just south of N Park Ave and sounded like someone had just accidentally hammered their thumb really f’n hard or something.
    It sounded completely human, but after a few seconds, we wondered if this odd scream was actually from the supposed ghost here? Because we heard absolutely nothing else after that, from anyone else over there, and no one screamed back when I later shouted back. We’ve also been in the park countless times before, and not once heard such a loud scream, ever.
    After reading the full story about Lindsey…did we perhaps hear his ghost replicating his scream right after he had gotten shot in the back?

    • Wow this comment actually gave me chills as my cousin and I had almost the same exact experience!! About 5 years ago, we started to have a interest in ghosts and the paranormal.We started looking up local places in our area that were rumored to be haunted and came across the story of Lindsey Hollow. So on one random Saturday at 3:00am we decided to drive down the street, stopped and parked where the abnormal looking tree is with the guardrails. As soon as he rolled the windows down and cut the head lights off, not even sitting there for 20 seconds we heard a REALLY loud HEEELLPPP!!!! In a really distressed way. In a panic we took off without looking back lol but it seemed so strange that in the middle of the night on the opposite side of the residential houses somebody would yell for help from the wooded area. I hope nobody really needed help cause we were out!!! Lmao but that’s one experience I’ll never forget and I’m pretty sure my cousin won’t either.

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