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Prospect Park is one of the oldest and largest parks in Redlands CA. The land was given to the city as an 80th birthday present. It was originally owned by 2 of Redlands co-founders in the 1800’s. The park owes its name to a small hotel that was built on the property that no longer exists.

Many rumors exist claiming the park is haunted. Its been said that the park was a popular dumping ground for dead bodies due to its dense foliage. Homeless people often take refuge in the bamboo patches in the park and it has been said that some of them have even died there. The park is a very popular place for Satan worshipers to gather. At night they can be seen in the park sitting in circles, chanting and lighting fires. In the theater area, footsteps are often heard running across the stage. Sounds of the seats in the theater folding up are also heard. Many visitors have claimed to see shadow people throughout the park.

An unsupported rumor has circulated claiming that a teenage girl was killed behind the theater stage. This supposedly being the reason there is so much activity in the theater.

(Submitted by Alex)

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Geographic Information

1352 Prospect Dr.
Redlands, CA
United States

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34.0380844, -117.17237130000001
San Bernardino County, California
Nearest Towns:
Redlands, CA (1.3 mi.)
Mentone, CA (3.1 mi.)
Loma Linda, CA (5.1 mi.)
Highland, CA (6.6 mi.)
Yucaipa, CA (7.4 mi.)
Calimesa, CA (7.7 mi.)
Moreno Valley, CA (7.7 mi.)
Grand Terrace, CA (8.1 mi.)
San Bernardino, CA (8.3 mi.)
Colton, CA (8.5 mi.)


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  1. I never feel safe in the park. It’s hard to explain. I always get the feeling that I’m being watched and whatever it is, it does not like the fact that I’m there.

    • I have been to the park about 6 different times now and I know exactly what you mean. I have heard, seen, and felt disturbing things along with seeing what I believe is the girl who was brutally murdered there as well. The history of that park alone is unsettling

  2. I’ve walked my dogs at this park & nearby Kimberly Crest mansion many nights & must admit it was quite spooky. The only strange thing I have seen is someone clearly tracking me from within Kimberly Crest mansion in the evenings when it’s supposed to be vacant. There are limited, guided tours during the day but these occurrences were late at night. Odd to say the least.

  3. In high school, late 2000‘s, my cousins and I would go to Prospect at night. We would hang out on the benches under the gazebo and would often see people walking along the path in robes holding candles.
    Another time we came to the park at around 11PM and we’re walking up the path toward the carriage house. I stopped walking cause I saw a lady in a white dress coming down the path in the opposite direction.
    As a kid, my aunt would scare us by telling us that La Llorona lived at Kimberly Crest so when we saw this lady in a white dress there at night we ran back to the car and left.

  4. While driving past the park late at night going home, me and my boyfriend briefly caught a glimpse of several people walking down the main hill of the park. We actually stopped at a nearby stop sign and looked behind to see where these people, walking in a line wearing all black, might be going. When we felt like they saw us watching them we got creeped TF out and took off.

  5. Went with a friend in the middle of the night, around 1am, never heard of this place or been here before, we visited the stage , there was caution tape and some stuff up, then we started walking around as my friend was telling me about the murders and the girl that died under the stage, we circled back around to the stage and everything was torn down, caution tape was destroyed, and trash was littered everywhere . Definitely not like it had been before. I think we pissed the girl off by saying her name on the stage she’s under ? Not sure but it was creepy, we saw the stage, and booked it to the car and left.

    • Walked around enjoying the quiet and eerie nature with friends till we walked down to the theater stage and through the bamboo we seen a fire or red and orange light and chanting with a man aggressively speaking over them they noticed us somehow and went silent. Also with all the branches cracking in the distance it definitely feels like you’re being watched and followed but anyway my bad to any of the possible worshippers there

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