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Wails and screams have been heard coming out of 1600’s government building, but upon investigation, nothing is found.

(Submitted by Callum Swift)

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Geographic Information

105 West Palace Ave
Santa Fe, NM
United States

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35.6878627, -105.93826360000003
Santa Fe County, New Mexico
Nearest Towns:
Santa Fe, NM (0.1 mi.)
Tesuque, NM (5.1 mi.)
Agua Fria, NM (5.2 mi.)
Canada De Los Alamos, NM (7.9 mi.)
Tesuque Pueblo, NM (8.2 mi.)
Chupadero, NM (9.4 mi.)
Rio En Medio, NM (9.7 mi.)
Eldorado At Santa Fe, NM (11.2 mi.)
Glorieta, NM (11.9 mi.)
Cuyamungue, NM (13.1 mi.)


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  1. Sally Blakemore  |  

    Once I spoke with the receptionist at the Palace of the Governors about a very strange occurrence there around Christmas about 15 years ago. She said, “After a large party at the Palace and after all the attendees had left and she and her daughter, 8 years old at the time, were cleaning up. The security guard left for the night and they were about to close the door when they heard strange sounds in the hallway. Rushing back into the reception room, the Christmas tree on display, turned on end and flew down the hall like a rocket and smashed against the wall. Decorations and broken ornaments were all over the floor. They were horrified, but ran to a broom closet to get the broom to sweep the worst of the mess out of the way. When they returned with the broom, the entire mess was no longer there. The tree was in its place and they couldn’t get out of the Palace fast enough!

  2. I was invited on a historic walking tour by a tour guide friend. This was one of the stops. there were eight people, not including me on the tour. As was fine and interesting until we were walking down a hall in the west wing toward a room in the front. I became nauseous, dizzy and clammy. It was noticed by two others in the group. As we got closer, the group went into the room, I tried but couldn’t, ears clogged and sinuses up, I thought I was ready to hurl. I quickly walked back and away, and as suddenly as it came, it was gone. I thought perhaps it was due to lunch. It was mid afternoon and a PB and J sandwich. Feeling recovered, I walked back rejoin the group. Same thing happened again. I tried to work my way through it, but as soon as I stepped over the threshold, I just about lost it. Thank goodness, there was a bench nearby. once away from the room, it was as if nothing happened to me. I told my friend, apologised, and he understood since he also gives ghost tours. I still go to the Palace on special occasions, but to to that wing.

  3. The description is so interesting and completely validates my experience. I was so excited to see the Palace of the Governors about 5 years ago when I visited Santa Fe. I was fine when I walked in. As I got further into the building, I started to feel so lightheaded. I was not really comprehending the things I was reading on the walls anymore because I could not concentrate. I got to whatever room it is with the open floor section, and I got freaked out. I felt like I was going to see a face down there. I do not even remember what that room was about, because as I was trying to read about it I started to hear screams and cries. They were yelling things like help me, I’m dying. Some were just horrible screams of pain and it sounded like hundreds of men at once. It was awful. I left the building quickly, very disappointed because I had been looking forward the museum all day. I did not hear anything as soon as I left. It was one of the most terrifying paranormal things I have ever experienced. I felt so dizzy, drained, and sick to my stomach. It just accelerated until I got to that room and it was gone as soon as I left the building.

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