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There have been sightings of small grey apparitions running around at night. They have been known to attack people. Hologram People have also been seen by me. I have also recorded many EVPs. Winged apparitions were caught on video behind a tombstone of a gargoyle. I also have video of orbs moving in and out of that Gargoyle tombstone. There is also a tall winged creature that walks down the driveway. This has been witnessed by a few people.

(Submitted by Michelle H.)

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410 Sycamore Ave
Claremont, CA
United States

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34.0859356857668, -117.70906869364012
San Bernardino County, California
Nearest Towns:
Claremont, CA (1.0 mi.)
Montclair, CA (1.2 mi.)
Pomona, CA (3.3 mi.)
La Verne, CA (3.5 mi.)
Upland, CA (3.6 mi.)
Ontario, CA (3.7 mi.)
Chino, CA (5.2 mi.)
San Antonio Heights, CA (5.7 mi.)
San Dimas, CA (5.8 mi.)
Rancho Cucamonga, CA (6.8 mi.)


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  1. yes I have it I have had experience in the Oak Park Cemetery. at one point I took someone with me who is a non believer in paranormal activity. when we got there he said its normal. after taking a few pictures and calling out the spirits of the cemetery he was proven oh so wrong it was anything but normal. in the photographs were shown as you mentioned to active spirits one lady in a black dress with brunette hair and brown slippers running through the park and another blonde woman behind the tree looking straight at the camera then turning her head to face towards the street. the tree the blonde woman was behind in the photograph itself had a very honest face cast upon it by the shadow that was in the canopy.

  2. I was there years ago and have had many experiences mainly with this little baby boy named Jacob Fisher I believe that is his name it was pretty dark calm, silent night with no wind, I had recorded an EVP by his grave, later that night noticed I had a child’s voice imprinted in the recording a giggling laughter, no there wasn’t any children with us nor was my group making any noise. prior to that I noticed he had a small spinning wind mill toy that was just there on the grass next to his grave not spinning but as I’d pass it it would spin like crazy as I stated there was no wind at all that night and as I would go back to it it would just suddenly stop on it’s own then I would walk away again and it would continue spinning now I believe he was interacting with me he is a playful baby boy I had an experience with that night that I would never forget, a year or two later after that I went during the day and saw his his family there next to his grave I wanted so bad to walk over and tell them sorry for the’re loss and tell them what I had experienced that night with there baby boy but I couldn’t how crazy would I have sounded to them plus I didn’t want to hurt them.

  3. hakeem olajawan  |  

    Wow u people are stupid. The mist is the sprinklers at night. The objects you see at night are rabbits squirrels and coyotes. I walk thru there at least 4 nights a week. You must have outdated cameras to have all those “orbs” in there . Grow up.

  4. My hubby and l went to Oak Park Cementry during the day. We took pictures, we did not see anything in the pix. The cementry is beautiful and peaceful lm looking forward in visiting it again when l go to Cali to visit.

  5. Going there this weekend does anyone know when they close? I drove through 2 Sunday night’s in a row at sunset the gates were open until an hour after dusk
    The animals and sprinklers sound like a good explanation but I’m going to find out myself. My crew is small rational and same fine debunkers.

  6. I walk by cemetery about 3 times a week and i only see strange things a few weeks before halloween, but i know that it’s probably just pranksters dressing up to scare old ladies like me.

  7. Holographic people???? Not so much. Grey things attacking people?? Nothing has ever happened to me. On the contrary I feel welcome by the spirits there and like to think we communicate well.

    • I feel the same way. My husband is buried there. I picked Oak Park because when I drove in I immediately felt peace, and the place doesn’t feel like death to me it feels like life. The only things that scares me at night is the possibility a living person might do me harm.

  8. I remember when I was 16 my friends and I would go there at night. There was a bum named Dave hung out there drinking and would sells us beers in that were in his cooler. One night a girl I was dating and I went there to see of Dave was there to get some beer. It was very late and the gate was closed. We jumped over the wall and walked around. We kept hearing footsteps so we thought Dave was close by. Well after walking around for a few minutes our beer dealer wasn’t there. We kept hearing footsteps so I kept thinking it’s probably a security guard. My girlfriend at the time said she is getting a bad vibe and we have to leave now. I started getting g that feeling of dread so we headed toward the exit. When we got there the gates were wide open. Never been so scared and have never gone back after that.

  9. Vanessa Michelle Trevino  |  

    My experience was about a month ago. My boyfriend, and I went at night. About 9 pm when it’s clearly closed. The gates were open so I drove in, and made 1 right turn to pure DARKNESS! I couldn’t find the exit. I felt like every time I made a turn the gate was no where to be found. Every attempt to go the same way I came in I became more lost I couldn’t understand how. It seemed small. Then when I finally got to the gate it was locked!! I began to think maybe the guards locked it? When I reversed to leave I could see little fog patches that would kind of move in a walking motion. I left through a road that lead to a residential neighborhood, and never went back lol scared the crap out of me.

  10. I’ve been going to Oak Park Cemetery since I was 10, now I’m 18. My mom is buried there that’s why I go so often. I’ve been there in day and at night. In the day it’s not that bad just a normal feeling most of the time but at night its totally different feeling. I’ve always had a fascination with hunted places and when I found out my mom was being buried there I couldn’t believe it. I sometimes wish my dad had chosen a different place. I’ve seen shadows and figures moving and disappearing behind trees, when we brought our to small dogs there to visit they were acting a little on edge, at first I thought it was the squirrels but now I dont think so. All and all just dont mess with anything in that place. Most are nice and peaceful but theres something else too, so if you do mess with an Ouija board or try to contact spirits through other means be careful and respectful. I am part of the wiccan community and very sensitive about spiritual things especially in places full of death and places where the dead are buried.

  11. On December 22nd, me and my girl went to Oak Hill Cemetery. When we got there and roll thru, made a right and seen this man with a dog. He had his hand up to his face, did look at us and so when we passed him again the second time there was no dog .About to leave I waited to see if he’s going to pass by again never did .So we went again the next day around Dawn and didn’t see nothing this time , but I did take a lot of pictures in something showed up on the pictures and video.

    • There are houses surrounding the cemetery. What you got on your photo was the lights on those homes. I’ve been with my team and we got a lot of EVP’s, and a few orbs of varying color. We used an Ovilus, a spirit box and a very sensitive recorder for the EVP’s. We also set out a REM pod and had fun with that.

      Have a good time if you go and please be respectful of the spirits.

  12. In 1971 when I was 12 years old my friends and I went into the cemetery just before dark and tried to have a seance the chains on the grave near us started to rattle. We were so scared we ran home. The next day I was walking home I saw a man on a horse & buggy in front on the gate on Mills ave. The horse started rearing up as soon as he was in front on the entrance of the cemetery. It was a black horse and the man looked like he was dressed in period clothing from the late 1800s. I lived on San Jose ave so as I started walking down San Jose the man stopped me and asked if I wanted a ride. He said he wasn’t sure why his horse reared up in front of the gate of the cemetery as this was not like him. I accepted the ride as it was a straight shot to my house as we lived on San Jose. I told the man what had happened the night before while we were going down San Jose. It seamed so odd the feeling of why I was riding on a buggy while cars drove around us. Im not sure where he went or for that matter where he was going. I told my mother about what happened and she said I took a ride with the devil or evil spirit. I have not thought about it in years until last night. I couldn’t remember the name of the cemetery so I looked on Google and found all these stories about Oak Park Cemetery being haunted. This is my story and its true.

  13. Have anyone seen a women in black with a big black hat? I saw her there with a another women but was always behind her has anyone seen that?

    • No but I’m replying to you specifically only because of the year you experienced this, the year 2022. The summer of 2022 we had some days that were very hot and evenings were warm and humid . I was walking late one night by the cemetery, it was about 10:00 or so and it was extremely humid and hot. As I walked I noticed the gates were opened and I noticed a brightly lit tombstone of a recently deceased teenager, so I walk in, what I noticed immediately was the sudden temperature change, in the cemetery it felt absolutely cold as if I walked into an air conditioned room. I immediately felt like laying down on the grass to sleep. It was so inviting. I lingered there a bit enjoying the coolness but I knew I had to leave, as soon as I reached the gate I had a sudden impulse to put my arm either over or through the fence, and bam just like that I noticed the huge difference in temperature. I walk out and as I continue to walk by the cemetery I paused briefly and placed my face between the stone columns and the hedges and fence and I could feel a cold blast of air coming through. What do you think that signifies? I’ve had numerous strange encounters at night, including people from another century. Something wicked followed me home one night in the form of a female. Through all this I’ve learned to put my trust in the Lord Jesus and to rebuke anything demonic in the name of Jesus.

  14. I live on Ramona, the cemetery is just 3 mins walking from me. I have always gone, for nearly 10 years. I usually go for a walk or job during sunset hours. And I always go alone. I have never experienced anything ever there which is why it’s hard to believe it’s haunted. I’m usually a scardy cat but this cemetery has this weird inviting energy. When you are there it feels so peaceful and like a safe place. As a teenager I would from the mills gate across to the other gate for fun. Actually last year 2022 in Oct I walked through with my BF and we didn’t experience anything either.

  15. This is true because me and my dad went in the night at the oak park cemetery when I was walking alone first outside the cemetery I was wearing things like whispers and bushes moving and my dad was right behind me but more farther away from me so I got scared and rain with my dad to go with him so me and my dad walked and this is when we reach the gate it was open even during the night me and my dad started exploring the cemetery and as when we were doing that we saw a women or looked like a creature dressed In a white dress or pajamas with long black hair and w told her or it that we have nothing to do to her and to leave us alone as we went outside the cemetery I couldn’t find my mom or brother because they were too scared to go in the cemetery but when we found them parked on the other side i found out in the car while my mom and brother alone my mom was hearing stuff like whispers and she felt somebody was watching her so she turned on her car and left to the other side.

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