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Thompson Creek Trail is said to be haunted. Visitors say they have seen shadowy figures following them and heard the crackling of branches, footsteps, and scratching noises. It is also reported that the clouds above seem to form the shapes of skulls. Some witnesses have seen bizarre visions that include levitating boulders, invisible walls that block the way, and violent images. Cabins and trees are said to bleed inexplicably.

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Geographic Information

Thompson Creek Trail
Claremont, CA
United States

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34.1290555, -117.7222145
Los Angeles County, California
Nearest Towns:
Claremont, CA (2.2 mi.)
La Verne, CA (3.3 mi.)
Montclair, CA (4.0 mi.)
San Antonio Heights, CA (4.2 mi.)
Upland, CA (4.8 mi.)
San Dimas, CA (5.1 mi.)
Pomona, CA (5.4 mi.)
Ontario, CA (6.1 mi.)
Charter Oak, CA (7.3 mi.)
Rancho Cucamonga, CA (7.5 mi.)


Please note: It is your responsibility to acquire appropriate permissions before investigating any location listed on this site. Private property should be respected at all times, as should all posted signs concerning trespassing, hours of operation and other local regulations. Many "ghost hunters" have been arrested because they failed to contact property owners and/or local authorities ahead of time.

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  1. Once we passed a small barrier, the air seemed to change. The power lines overhead were buzzing like crazy. About 50 yards ahead of us was a wall of fog. Not a blanket over us, but a wall in front of us. Though I went looking for a paranormal experience, my legs and feet would not budge towards the wall. I told the person I was with that i had to leave. Heard scrapping noises that seemed to chase me as I very quickly made it back towards my car. Very scary. Want to go back, but with large group.

    • Micheal james  |  

      If you want a truely haunted place go to 1941 radford ave Claremont ca. In the late 90’s there was a murder-suicide of a husband who killed his wife then himself. They had 2 kids but the information about them was not released so dont know what happened to them. the murder was hush hush and very little reports on it. But the house is constantly for sale no one lives there more than 6months to a year. Never seen anything weird there except for the rare site of a shadow figure on the second story window.

      • This is interesting & I am a true believer of the supernatural (matter cannot be destroyed, it changes form). However, based on the sales record for the 1941 Radford property mention above, it sold in 2003, 2007 (the value jumped $160K- I would sell too) and then again in 2012 (the bank actually foreclosed) and then once in 2013 & 2014.

    • if their is anyone who wants to link up for local to medium distance traveling/paranormal exploration me an day mini crew are always looking for other people.
      add me on Facebook
      Sean mccoy – Bloomington ca

      • I’d like to. I’ve gone on a few ghost hunting adventures, out in Santa Ana. The adrenaline rush mixed with a bit of fear is pretty awesome!

        Darlene Scheliga
        You can find me on FB 🙂

  2. Thompson Creek is creepy, my team and I decided to walk the trail at night and use our Evp device. What we captured was a young males voice that sounded like “Oh S**t, Help me!”. This was at midnight and mind you, we were at the old boy scouts cabin that burned down decades ago.I suggest go at night(with a group at least) and travel to the old boy scouts cabin. Also be careful with the nosy neighbors. They’ll try and kick you off the trail at night.

  3. a friend of mine lives close to thompson creek trail and goes out all the time walking it both during the day and at night. he has photographed several things with his phone that neither of us can explain from shadow people to “eyes” looking at him from bushes…

    • Kris Cervantes  |  

      I too seen a sillouette of a VERY tall man when I shined my flash light against a shadowy tree. It was like someone was standing in front of my flashlight

  4. So my friends and I decided to check this trail out. We were really interested in the claims from this location. based off what we encountered, we could easily put aside a lot of these claims.
    First claim we came across was the claim of feeling uneasy. If you know the area, there are huge power lines along the whole trail. And as we know large amounts of electricity give off EMF, which are proven to give people an uneasy feeling and cause visual disturbances.
    Second thing we noticed was that the trail is pretty much surrounded by homes ( for the most part) We were hearing quit a bit of sounds from the neighboring homes. And as we went along the trail we would see distant lights peering through the trees that could cause you to think something is there. At this time we also did an EVP session but nothing was captured.
    And lastly the claim of the bleeding cabin/trees. Right out of the gate we were not to sure about this one. We didn’t see it until we were on our way out. I took a picture of the eucalyptus tree and it does look like its bleeding (picture below ). If you look up “eucalyptus bleeding sap” on the good old Google, these tree’s sap is red in color and has a blood like streak to it. So that claim is debunked.
    All and all this location wasn’t really paranormal. A lot of the claims could be rationalized with non paranormal reasons. I’m not saying its 100% not true, but based off our findings, doesn’t seem to be.

    • Go to the Boy Scouts cabin and conduct your EVP there. You can’t just stick to the main trail and expect paranormal stuff to happen.

  5. I took a brisk walk here with three other friends about an hour and a half before sunset. Nothing happened. We filmed the entire time and reviewed the footage and still found nothing. I plan on going again at night and spending much more time because my friend claims she saw a little boy run by a fence before vanishing into thin air, but no one else saw. I’m skeptical, but I’m not willing to discredit Thompson Creek Trail just yet.

  6. Ive been there a couple of times. There was one time when I was walking around 12 am and I came passed this man sitting on the bench playing his guitar, however what made it creepier is that he kept singing ” there is someone walking behind you”. I couldn’t see the mans face I just saw a shadow, but after I walked faster and looked behind me he was gone. Definitely the most creepiest thing thats happened to me.

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