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Four halls are involved in haunting legends at Norwich University. At Alumni Hall, legend has it that there is a haunted, boarded-up dorm room in which a student hanged himself, and a few years later, his brother was given the same room and hanged himself as well. The legend surrounding Chaplin Hall concerns a spirit who lurks by the front door and, when the hall was used as a library, caused books to float off the shelves. In both Hawkins and Ransom Halls, students say they have awoken screaming and unable to move or breathe. And at Sabine Field, a ghostly female is said to stand guard over the gate to the football field.

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158 Harmon Dr
Northfield, VT 05663
United States

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44.14167740000001, -72.65861230000002
Washington County, Vermont
Nearest Towns:
Northfield, VT (0.7 mi.)
Williamstown, VT (6.0 mi.)
South Barre, VT (8.0 mi.)
Graniteville, VT (8.2 mi.)
Barre, VT (8.6 mi.)
Waitsfield, VT (8.9 mi.)
Montpelier, VT (9.2 mi.)
Websterville, VT (9.5 mi.)
East Barre, VT (10.4 mi.)
East Montpelier, VT (12.3 mi.)

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  1. I attended Norwich univ. in 2006/07 and my dorm was on the 4th floor of alumni hall. I was also told the story of the boarded up room. I had a friend who’s company was on the floor wth the boarded room and he and his roommates were in the room next door heard things at night through the wall in the boarded room.

  2. Timothy Ahonen  |  

    About thirty years ago (1984) on a Sunday night I had just returned to Norwich from Christmas break ( yes, we still called it Christmas back then). Because my dorm room was still really cold I went to the library to hang out and read. Naturally it was deserted. So I went up to the top floor where they had a decent couch and relax area. I was reading Tom Clancy’s Hunt for Red October, not exactly scary. Anyway I was in the well lit center front area and the other sections were all dark. I was alone on the floor.
    I was well aware that the library was reputed to be haunted but I had no belief in that sort of thing.
    Anyway over three hours or so I kept getting that feeling that someone is behind me. After turning several times and listening I decided I was being foolish. By the third hour I had had enough. I put the book down and got up and turned around. I picked the darkest side room and decided it was time to confront my fears.
    “Go ahead, scare me.” I said out loud and I walked out of the light and into the alcove.
    Well there in front of me in the dark were two colored balls of light. Not emitting light but I could see color. Eight feet away and about the size of softballs, They were circling each other in mid air pulling little comet tails behind them. They broke formation and whizzed right past my head out into the library. As they went by I heard them buzzing, and this buzz was Doppler shifted. It was like a junebug going by your ear.
    I turned around, they were gone.
    I found this disturbing. I grabbed my book and me got out of there. Took the stairs two at a time, woke up the work study guy snoozing at the desk as I went out the door.
    I don’t know what that was. But I felt it, a presence, I saw the balls and I heard the buzzing. Never hung out in the library again.
    When the movie Ghostbusters came out I especially appreciated the library scene.

  3. hi my name is Tessa aka lady white wlof maiden. I am a highpriestess and grand grey witch. I believe I may beable to help with your hauntings. im psychic as well I have performed three magical exercisms alone and helped the spirits to move on. im interested in helping out if youll let me. I live in Brandon. im a grey witch practitioner the most powerfull in my coven. please let me offer my services. blessed be.

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