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The small wooden covered bridge is said to be the residence of a haunt. Some stories say Emily was disappointed after her fiance didn’t show up for their elopement, and she hanged herself on a rafter. Others say she was run over by runaway horses and knocked to the rocky banks below. There are several other stories: Take your pick. No matter what happened in the past, now the site has seen its share of paranormal activity. Visitors have reported strange noises, screams, and scratches on cars that have been parked on the bridge. Some have reported seeing Emily’s ghost.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    Geographic Information

    Stowe Hollow Rd and Gold Brook Rd
    Stowe, VT
    United States

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    44.44038807439108, -72.67987304470523
    Lamoille County, Vermont
    Nearest Towns:
    Stowe, VT (1.7 mi.)
    Worcester, VT (7.9 mi.)
    Waterbury, VT (8.0 mi.)
    Morristown, VT (8.5 mi.)
    Morrisville, VT (9.3 mi.)
    Hyde Park, VT (11.1 mi.)
    Montpelier, VT (13.5 mi.)
    Johnson, VT (13.5 mi.)
    East Montpelier, VT (15.1 mi.)
    Richmond, VT (15.6 mi.)

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    1. Several of my friends have gone here at night. A camera was ripped out of someones hand and taken. My friends went back the next day and found the expensive camera nearby on the ground with no film in it yet the camera was in tact. Another group of my friends went there at night with a freshly painted classic car. They called out “Emily, Emily.” They heard scratching sounds and headed out out of there. The car had scratches all along the side. People who do not belief in the paranormal have gone here and had experiences. Many people who go there once say they will never return. If you do decide to go here at night go with a group of friends.

    2. I have been there SEVERAL times, once actually SPENT THE NIGHT ALONE on the bridge… and NOT A SINGLE THING… its fun for tourism, nothing more.

    3. I have gone here multiple times. We have taken flower and put it all over the bridge. we shut off all the lights and when we turned them on there were car tracks on the bridge through the flower. NO CARS HAD GONE THROUGH!!! We also took turns standing in the middle of the bridge and taking pictures. A couple pictures we saw some crazy things. For instance we saw a carriage behind one of my friends being led by mean dogs!! Also, at the time the boyfriend i was dating, anytime him and i would go there something ghostly would happen after when we went back to our house. Demon Noises, things moving, dishes crashing… with no reason at all for any of them. We had decided to go back 1 last time and there had been a big hand print slapped on our back window, my flower in my hand had died, the radio turned all static and our car wouldnt start….. Idk what happened but things were not in my liking….

    4. Back around 1972 I went with 3 friends and along with several incidents that night, we were attacked while in my friend’s car. Joe Citro has written several books about Vermont hauntings and he refers to my experience in a few sentences about ‘Vaughn’s’ experience (that’s me). He gets the details largely wrong, but he is clearly referring to one of my experiences there. We were terrified.

    5. In 2013 the Stowe Reporter published the truth behind the this hoax story, proving that thisis bridge has never been haunted. People believe what they want and stories get perpetuated as a result.

    6. Me and my friends stopped on the bridge and heard a girl’s voice then my char shut off and wouldn’t start we sat there for 15 to 25 minutes before I was able to start my car when we were off the bridge I felt a pain on my back and neck my friend checked and I had scratches andmark’s on my back and neck.

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