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Built in 1904 on the site of an old Native American village, the hospital was called the Norwich State Hospital for the Insane. The many deaths related to the place include a patient who hanged himself in 1914, a 1919 hot water heater explosion that killed two employees, an employee killed while crossing the street, and a nurse who committed suicide in her home. In its past history, the hospital was believed to have been an unpleasant place where the patients suffered beatings, starvation, and prolonged confinement in cells, among other abuse. It closed in 1996; reports say the plan is to demolish the buildings and make the grounds into a park. Witnesses say the site is haunted, as evidenced by ghostly apparitions, eerie feelings, EVPs, mists and orbs. It was featured on TV’s Ghost Hunters.

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    Geographic Information

    Route 2 and Route 12
    Preston, CT
    United States

    Get Directions »
    41.486359153715895, -72.06806749105453
    New London County, Connecticut
    Nearest Towns:
    Norwich, CT (2.6 mi.)
    Gales Ferry, CT (4.0 mi.)
    Oxoboxo River, CT (4.2 mi.)
    Uncasville, CT (4.2 mi.)
    Ledyard Center, CT (4.3 mi.)
    Montville Center, CT (4.3 mi.)
    Preston City, CT (5.7 mi.)
    Conning Towers-Nautilus Park, CT (7.0 mi.)
    Old Mystic, CT (8.6 mi.)
    Lisbon, CT (8.6 mi.)


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    1. the place was just demolished on Friday Sept 17 , 2014 or so. We drove by it many times and there was a light on at night at the top floor that sometimes was flickering and others there was no light . Very spooky place

    2. This place is still there though it is up for sale. The grounds are over 30 acres in Preston and Norwich, CT. The buildings are in very poor shape and fenced off from the road. Some of buildings were used into the 1990s. I lived in Ledyard and driving through the area was eire quiet. I have been in a building and felt more residual than active haunting. It is a very sad creepy place

    3. When I was a teenager we piled into my car and went to check out this place. we did not see anything/ feel haunted. However, A strange story I have though was that my car began blasting heat (the heat hadn’t worked in about 6 years) and we could not turn it off. We flew out of there and as we drove across the field towards the commuter lot, the power locks began locking and unlocking my car continuously. It didn’t stop until we were 5 miles down the road. The next day my car still did not have heat and tbe locks were fine. Definitely enough to scare a bunch of innocent teenagers!!

    4. I grew up in Moosup and me and my friend went there with our 2 girlfriends when we were younger and down the hall there was a silhouette and my GF almost got pulled away by this… thing. I attacked it and it seemed to be scared off when I hit it. We left almost immediately and never went back..

    5. They have demolished almost every building of Norwich state hospital. Me my girlfriend her friend and her friends girlfriend went here one night. Took the back way to get in had to walk down the road about 3/4 of a mile and turn down into a road overgrown and shut off to public. Eventually made it to the back of the site where the train tracks were and walked along to the back entrance. Once we got in the first building we see we walk behind it and in a window on the top floor is a shadowed demonic looking figure.wish I could have gotten pictures but the place had security cameras and motion activated spot lights. Creepy place.

    6. 1978,my husband and I bought a home in Colchester,Ct.9 Marvin Rd.(now 220 )… the first time we saw the interior of the house it was as though people were sitting down to dinner.We found old letters,etc.all over the home.The previous owners; the husband shot (and killed)his wife at a bus stop in Hartford,CT.Too many times to mention so many people visiting my home experienced touching,heard voices,footsteps and all were female.I know the names of those that lived here before we did,all of this is documented.Thank You,Patty

    7. My husband wanted to photograph the Norwich State hospital ruins last winter. First time I ever saw it. As soon as we got out, a very loud voice started screaming at us from across the street – just ranting… uh- like a lunatic. We ignored it. He carried on for a while, very hostile, saying things like “HEY! HEY! I SEE YOU!!” Assumed it was a squatter. The voice quieted. I thought about it. What squatter would attract attention like that? It was very cold out. It was coming from the area where there was a building that housed the criminally insane. I wonder if anyone else has be screamed at by this “whatever-whoever -it-is?”

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