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At this 1754 inn, Revolutionary War soldiers were once garrisoned, and slaves were housed here during the Civil War. Folks say its active history has led to an active spirit “life.” The Adelaide Room is especially haunted with the apparition of a woman in Colonial-era clothing holding hands with two children. The TV also works by itself and the shower curtain has been knocked down. Other reported eerie instances here have been the sound of knocking, the feel of someone caressing their face, and the appearance of strange mists.

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109-111 Poquetanuck Rd
Preston, CT 06365
United States

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41.48578507176648, -72.03961162855836
New London County, Connecticut
Nearest Towns:
Norwich, CT (3.3 mi.)
Ledyard Center, CT (3.4 mi.)
Gales Ferry, CT (4.4 mi.)
Preston City, CT (4.5 mi.)
Uncasville, CT (5.1 mi.)
Oxoboxo River, CT (5.3 mi.)
Montville Center, CT (5.8 mi.)
Conning Towers-Nautilus Park, CT (7.1 mi.)
Old Mystic, CT (7.7 mi.)
Lisbon, CT (8.3 mi.)

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Comments (7)

  1. my now ex boyfriend and I stayed at the captain grant inn about 8 or 9 years ago. we got there kind of late and went to bed not long after we got there. shortly after we went to bed the shower curtain in the bathroom fell (was knocked?) down. well it creeped us out so we went out to the Mohegan sun casino and came back to sleep when the sun came up! and my last name is really grant

  2. I zoomed in using Google street View just to get a good look at the house but not looking for signs of anything paranormal per say. But there does appear to be random distorted spots throughout the view, it could me equipment issues but I only seen it in front of this house. I zoomed in even further and it appears that there’s a human form in the top left window. Now that’s a possibility that it is a person, hard telling who’s in there. But in my opinion, the figure does seem to look rather opaque-grayish. Just thought I’d point it out and see what others think. I’d love to go visit this place. It’s definitely going on the list!

    • I saw a figure in the second window from the right. I left the page and came back and zoomed in again, and the figure was gone. Consider me spooked.

  3. me my friend went here for a weekend for my friends birthday we actually got some good evidence while we were there, we werent in the adilaid room or however you spell it but we were in the room to thr right of it randomly my friend started taking pictures an caught an image of an orb in the corner of the room as we were asking questions through our evp recorder. before going i did my research and found that there was a man by the name of whibling pr something spelled like that that is said to live pretty much in the attic i called out to him and questioned if he was there and he quickly responded ” yes” we asked who the orb was that we say and he told us it the women. we question if we actually recorded a little girl but the evp needs to be cleared up so we can actually hear. one last major thing we feel someone died on the stairs possibly pushed a female slave because we asked if anyone died here shortly later about 15 seconds we recorded ” died” we asked where and about a minute later we recorded “stairs” in a feminine voice. but i feel more people interested in the paranormal should visit there it was interesting the owners are very very nice and it was a fun visit

  4. I have been to this B&B many times and love it. Ted and Carol are wonderful hosts and the breakfast is delicious. I had a few experiences there, and went with my sister and mother. My mom has had a life long “ghosts don’t exist” attitude, but that has changed since she experienced activity herself. I love all things paranormal (as long as it is friendly) and do the haunted inns often. This is the only place I ever experienced activity though.

  5. Hey Carol & Ted! I got your phone message about the wonderful oysters in Norwich for only a buck. I bet they were as good as the ones at the Oyster Bar in Mystic. Virginia and I are working on our schedule to come your way for Christmas with the kids. I’ll let you know what happens ASAP. Thanks and have a great Fall. I know, it’s Summer; but that won’t last long.

    Gary Beck
    Jacksonville, Florida

  6. We have a reservation at the old house arriving on the 19th of December and leaving on the 2nd of January for a total of two weeks.

    Please confirm this reservation.


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