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A woman in a white dress was ran over sometime in the 1920’s. Some people have seen a woman in a bloddy white gown walking along this road and hikers using the secret sidewalk have supposedly gone missing trying to aid this woman.

Submitted by Chris Berglund

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Geographic Information

Niles Canyon Rd
Fremont, CA 94536
United States

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37.5919283, -121.93707619999998
Alameda County, California
Nearest Towns:
Sunol, CA (2.7 mi.)
Fremont, CA (4.1 mi.)
Union City, CA (4.5 mi.)
Pleasanton, CA (5.9 mi.)
Newark, CA (7.1 mi.)
Dublin, CA (7.6 mi.)
Fairview, CA (8.4 mi.)
Hayward, CA (9.5 mi.)
Castro Valley, CA (10.8 mi.)
Cherryland, CA (10.9 mi.)


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  1. she is real !! my wife and I both saw her once while driving thru the canyon. heading toward Fremont just before the cement bridge

  2. Oh yeah I grew up in the Fremont area and heard different variations of “lady in white ” while growing up and bought it hook ,line and sinker , after all we didn’t have the internet when I was growing up .You had to go the library and search through archives hoping to find more details . Years later did a web search and found that story has no basis in fact . There are no newspaper articles or records that pertain to a fatal accident on or about that date in 1938 . It is just our version of the hitchhiker urban legend . However in the 50’s Clarence Shivers was picked up by deputies on suspicion of impersonating a ghost and two years later twenty or thirty teenagers were discovered hiding along the road with sheets over their heads .

    • We were comming from Dublin and entered Niles Canyon on September 23, 2019. At approx 9:35 pm PST. We saw what appeared to be a ghost walk past the Sunol side. The ghost had a white prom looking dress, hair looked to be pink, the head was facing the ground, feet looked to be wiggly. My wife was in the car along with my two daughters. We could not see the face. There were two other cars behind us. We saw it from a distance and also passed the ghost. We could not see the ghost through the side mirror to get a glance of the face. But at this point it disappeared. It was very narrow along the hillside. Impossible for a normal human being to walk this path in the dark. I was explaining this as a myth to my kids about 5 mins into the road. Once I saw it I had slown down to be careful and not hit it. As I thought it was a person. But all the signs shown that this was a ghost. I am spooked and could not sleep. My car had on star emergency response. I wish I pressed the button to get the police involved. There were two other cars behind us. Their lights should have allowed us to see a human in the rear view mirrors. This ghost simply showed itself and dissapeared. I have traveled this road back and forth for 15 years. I wish I had the camera on. It is an unbelievable experience.

  3. I saw a ghost and there were five witnesses. I saw it with my own two eyes. Appeared from nowhere, right side of road just before bridge heading toward Fremont. Long hair, holding arm, looked straight at my eyes for what felt like eternity. I swerved then it was right next to passenger window. It faded toward bottom and looked to me to be a man with long hair. I will never forget. I was a self declared atheist before this moment. It was my junior prom night, I was completely sober and truck in front of me did not seem to see it. My friends who were driving behind me saw it too. As soon as we got to destination they jumped out of car and ran over screaming, “did you see that ghost?!”. Their dates were crying, I was totally freaked out. When I saw it I yelled WTF was that?! My date and friend immediately responded, “that was a ghost!”
    Still to this day, 24 years later if ever I run into any one of these people the first thing we say is, “do you remember that ghost?” It is not a fake story. I saw a ghost. So did five other people. I did not perceive it as a woman or see a white dress. I saw a hippyish looking man in a pink shirt but the body faded toward bottom. It looked right at me. I went home and slept with my mom because I was so scared. I have never before seen or believed in ghosts. When you see it with your own two eyes there is no denying that it is true.
    Believe what you want, not trying to jump on a bandwagon about a white dressed girl. Happened to have been my prom night I saw this ghost. Coincidence? Maybe? Who cares? I saw it. I grew up driving that road, thousands of times. That night I saw what I saw and I wasn’t the only one. Scared the shut out of me.

  4. I heard many stories about the “lady in white”! As i was a non believer, i had a crazy encounter on the secret sidewalk! I am a graffiti artist n was about to start my sketch n i heard something walking. I instantly hid thinking it was the police! About a minute later i see a pretty lady in a white dress. I came out of hidding n asked her if she was okay. She said yes n asked me 4 a cigarette. I was dumbfounded but i said yes. I got my cigarettes out to hand to her, n when i looked up she was gone! Crazy n i had a friend with me who also seen her!

  5. sorryifIscaredya  |  

    Back in the late 90s my friend was filming a short horror flick just off the Niles Canyon road. It was late at night, cold and I played a woman in a dress dripping with (fake) blood. There were a couple of cars that went by and I was not able to hide… sorry if I sacred anyone.

  6. Yea she is real many people have seen her even my moms friend who was new in the area. A lady was walking on the side if the road wearing a white dress. Another instance my friend was urinating behind a tree when a lady in white chased him and they all got in the car and sped away. He’s 45 by the way so he wouldn’t be lying he drank several shots of tequila after because he was scared.

  7. Ran across this sight as I was looking for any experiences in downtown Niles. My wife and I were at the Essanay theater on Sunday night for a viewing of two Laurel and hardy films. We had just left the theater, and were walking south on the side walk, when we saw a woman walking her dog towards us. As we were just about to pass each other I suddenly lost my balance as if I were pushed and almost ran into her. I excused myself and then looked at my wife and we both wondered what happened. I felt like I was pushed, not violently, but more like someone playing a practical joke. I didn’t trip, just felt I was pushed off balance towards the woman. We do experience many paranormal sightings in our home, Orbs, shadows, etc., and believe we may both be sensitives to some degree because we have both experienced things most of our lives. It has gotten more intense since we got married, as I may have brought some entities with me. Has anyone else experienced anything in down town Niles?

  8. As I was driving during day time I saw white woman standing near the road behind fence I’m new to 84 never driven before so I had no idea there was a ghost. As I was driving I thought she looks strange and what she doing here and how did she get here.

  9. For whatever reason, a ghost-encounter tale popped into my head on Christmas Eve, and I found this thread by doing a search on “woman white dress road california”. Over thirty-years ago, a hard-core logical scientist was driving home to Livermore at night along probably Niles-Canyon Road from Fremont. I heard this from his then wife who said that her husband saw a woman in a “white wedding gown” that ran in front of his car. He slammed his brakes, stopped, and exited his vehicle, and looked for the woman who seemingly had disappeared.
    He told his wife when he returned home and later, told some neighbors and people in the community about his encounter. One man did tell him basically the same story that others have shared on this thread.
    I would believe this story because the man who saw the ghost was very logical and would not have any reason to lie. His then wife was also a scientist and was not one to create untrue tales or to even talk about such a subject.

  10. I hadnt seen a woman in a white dress but what I’ve seen, I’ll always remember vividly. A group of friends their names i wont list but for the reader I’ll call them Roger, Amir, and Mohamed.
    We decided to walk the long way to the sidewalk which is on the train tracks and not the gate. Roger, Amir and i approach the train tunnel and Mohamed started to get a very bad feeling as we were hearing noises and felt like we were being watched along the way. We paid no mind but he wanted to turn back and in a panic began reciting a prayer. Eventually he said I’m not going any further so Amir who was with us said he was going to go convince him to catch up with us so nothing happens to him. Leaving me and Roger on the tracks toward the path that leads up the hill to get up to the sidewalk, what I saw I couldn’t believe. I saw what looked like a very tall skinny figure that was all black like a shadow running down the path we were headed for and disappeared in the trees and brush. It was at night with nothing but the moonlight for visibility. The odd thing about it is that it made no noise from running and it’s arms were pumping faster than a normal person would in a sprint. The legs were not visable and It only made noise when it disappeared in the trees. I immediately looked at Roger to confirm what I just witnessed, his eyes expressed complete shock before we took off running toward the others yelling at them to go. After that I asked him what he saw without giving the power of suggestion with my account, it was exactly to the t of what I witnessed. I believe there’s alot of paranormal going on out there in that canyon, it’s old and alot of history remains within it.

  11. Me and 5 of my friends were walking that dirt path on the way to the tracks. The path where trees and shrubs to one side and the creek on the other. The path was narrow so we broke off into 2 groups each group with a flashlight. We were about where the trees start to make the path look like you’re walking through a tunnel. As we walked I thought I heard a noise behind me, and as I turned the flashlight the light shone directly on this lone female I’d say late teens to early 20’s. She looked as if she’d been crying because her make-up was all messed up. Now remember, there’s steep hill to one side where the trees and shrubs grew and the other the s.drop yo the creek, pitched dark. No way to walk that path without a flashlight. My heart leapt to my throat. I quickly turned to my friends and said just keep saying we don’t mean any harm and we’re leaving. We had to walk past her in a single line, she didn’t say anything to me, but directly looked at my friend and said don’t be scared there’s nothing to be afraid of. As we took maybe a couple of steps past her, I got curious and again shone the light back down the path and she was gone. If she went up, we would heard her climbing, and if she went down we would’ve heard her hit the creek. That’s when we bolted, full sprint back to our cars. My friends ended up staying at my house until the sun came up. They were too afraid to drive home until daytime.Bri

  12. Ok so I’m not joking when I say I used to transport deceased people to/from funeral homes, hospitals, rest homes, their homes ect and had never heard of this until one day I was on the bridge with a baby and 2 other corpses when my back tire went flat. I literally had to take the bodies out and hide them in nearby bushes just to be able to access my spare tire. As I worked, as fast as possible because weird! Right? When I noticed a lady staring at me from a distance on the cemented and fenced off side area. I didn’t think anything of it because I was rushing when I heard a voice, louder, louder and then I turned around to nothing except the same lady still seemingly staring but closer…..I assumed she had seen me stash the bodies in the bushes but I think it was the Nile’s canyon ghost. I thought she was covered in something but didn’t think blood but totally could’ve been. It was the fastest flat I’ve ever changed out but left with the chills and possibly luckily my life.

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