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Mission San Jose was founded in 1797, and although it is now a museum and sightseeing site, it once suffered an earthquake. Witnesses have described various incidences of paranormal activity including unexplained sounds, cold spots, eerie feelings, and even apparitions of Native Americans.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    Geographic Information

    43300 Mission Blvd.
    Fremont, CA 94539
    United States

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    37.533921985824236, -121.91989358465577
    Alameda County, California
    Nearest Towns:
    Fremont, CA (3.9 mi.)
    Sunol, CA (4.5 mi.)
    Newark, CA (6.6 mi.)
    Union City, CA (6.9 mi.)
    Milpitas, CA (7.3 mi.)
    Pleasanton, CA (9.2 mi.)
    Dublin, CA (11.7 mi.)
    East Foothills, CA (12.0 mi.)
    Fairview, CA (12.1 mi.)
    Santa Clara, CA (12.6 mi.)

    Contact Information

    (510) 657-1797


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    1. Growing up in Fremont in the 60’s, I visited here several times since we studied the missions in elementary school. There were “shadows” in the old cemetery on more than one occasion. My dad, and ex-policeman, dismissed this until he saw padre and Indian he couldn’t explain.

    2. I was here with my family yesterday. We enjoyed learning about the mission and looking at the exhibit. As soon as we entered the Church my 4 year old started shivering and saying it was scary. As we were walking around she started saying “those eyes are looking at me” there was no one else there and where she was pointing there were no statues or pictures. We then went out to the cemetery she immediately started asking to go home. When we walked through the church again to leave she begged not to go in and said that “Jesus looking guys was following her”. We have had experiences before where she seems to pick up on Spirits of those who have past. It always suprises me, but I thought I should look up the history and try to “see” what she was seeing.

    3. When I was a teenager I visited the mission frequently when I would visit my grandmother up the street. One time however was different. My little brother and I were existing the chapel into the cemetery and as soon as we went to open the door, we heard a man yelling from the bell tower and my brother took off running to grandmas in fear. When we told Grandma about it she said the place was haunted and there are many stories! I’ll never forget that day!

    4. This place is totally creepy. Years ago I was exploring the church with just my friend and nobody else was there. All of a sudden the huge pipe organ upstairs played a few random notes. We both looked up at the loft where the organ is and it was dark. My friend and I were so creeped out we ran out and never went back.

    5. I grew up in Union City/Fremont. I was walking across the street from the Mission around 10:10 PM and I heard the distinct sound of a horse trotting by the Mission. There was nobody there. Also every time I’ve entered the Mission feel the atmosphere thicken. Friggin weird but its just a part of life.

    6. I’ve only been to the mission once and that was to take my son to see it in person for his Mission report in the 6th grade. Upon entering the chapel I began to physically feel as if I were being crushed, I had difficulty breathing and felt as though something heavy was on my body. In a panic I dashed out the door and into the cemetery and followed the path a bit. When I stopped, it happened to be in front of a grave marked J.B. that shook me up as well because those are my initials.

    7. Was at Mission San Jose yesterday. Came upon what seemed like a portal. Overall body weakness to the point of almost collapsing. felt a little nauseated. Happened on Sidewalk south side by Lord Bradley Inn

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