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A crying woman and a vengeful slave are both said to haunt this plantation.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    7747 Hwy 61
    St. Francisville, LA
    United States

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    30.8034022, -91.38804949999997
    West Feliciana Parish, Louisiana
    Nearest Towns:
    Saint Francisville, LA (1.8 mi.)
    New Roads, LA (7.6 mi.)
    Ventress, LA (8.5 mi.)
    Jackson, LA (10.4 mi.)
    Morganza, LA (13.0 mi.)
    Slaughter, LA (15.8 mi.)
    Zachary, LA (17.4 mi.)
    Wilson, LA (18.1 mi.)
    Erwinville, LA (18.9 mi.)
    Livonia, LA (19.6 mi.)

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    1. David Husted  |  

      In February 2013 I while on assignment at my companies Port Allen, LA office. I decided to visit the plantation and take the tour. While is the first room which was the lady of the house’s meeting room I felt like I was freezing. The tour guide said the A/C was off and a lady in the group put her hand on my arm and said it was very cold. When we walked out to the stair well area I began to warm up and then as we continued the tour I got cold again. I had to ask to leave the tour early and go outside to warm up. When the tour guide finished he came outside to let me know that I had obviously got someone’s attention in the house. Not sure who but I feel honored that whoever it was noticed me.


      David Husted

      • I had the same thing happen to me when i was on a tour. i also had an earing stolen ( said to be chloe.) and i also got a picture of a tall figure on the stairs, and children poking there head threw the rails on the stairs.

    2. christine heathman-hart  |  

      I went with my guy best friend there and spent the night there for my birthday this past year. It was an experience I will NEVER forget. We heard a child’s humming from outside with our own ears (we were the only ones there that night and there were NO children on property), and we (both myself and my guy best friend) captured numerous images that were taken with our cameras. I also was able (and lucky enough) to capture so audio on my voice recorder. In addition, I would like to add this – My guy best friend is 6ft tall, and he came to this place a total skeptic, and left this place, well let’s just say he is not a skeptic any longer.

      P.S. : One of the images I captured on film I believe to be Chloe (the slave that got one of her ears cut off and wore a green turbin afterwards)

        • The photo I’ve posted is from 7/6/15 when I just took my children to tour it. Other than my youngest getting achy feet (and needing to be carried), it was uneventful. It was a short tour & not much walking so just weird about his feet hurting.

    3. I went on a tour of the Myrtles Plantation for my birthday although I did not stay overnight. I definitely felt cold spots. My friends and I ate at the restaurant for dinner. The food is excellent. Visiting the Myrtles Plantation was a very interesting experience and creating a happy birthday experience for me.

    4. Our small team, Vernon Investigators of the Paranormal, stayed overnight at The Myrtles. Our conclusions: it is haunted, but you can mostly throw the tour guide stories out the window – they are bunk. During the night we heard unknown voices (we were the only people in the house that evening), had objects moved when we weren’t looking, and had a noise response a couple of times, where we tapped on the wall and asked “whoever” to tap back – and they did! Most interesting was a photograph I took in one of the bedroom suites. It shows most of our team as we looked around, but behind us there is one extra shadow person who was NOT there!

    5. Michael Connelly  |  

      In my book “America’s Liveliest Ghosts” I chronicle my experiences when I took my Boy Scout Troop to camp on the grounds of Myrtles Plantation. In December 2013, we took a riverboat cruise on the Mississippi and again visited the plantation. I took a picture of the mirror in the foyer and instead of getting the images of the two little girls killed by Chloe I got a full bodied apparition of Chloe.

      • michelle mcclain  |  

        i was there with my fiancé about 4 years ago. we had been traveling for hours and were exhausted. we finally got to bed and as soon as we turned the lights out and it sounded like someone dragging a book across the floor. the next day we were brushing our teeth and getting ready for breakfast, a bag we had sitting on the dresser in the corner flew off and across the room. we started recording and asking questions. when we played it back at the part where I asked its name you could hear as plain as day ELIZABETH. we took the tour after that and learned Elizabeth was the wife of the owner of plantation hundreds of years ago. it was quit the experience.

    6. Went on a haunted honeymoon with my wife where we drove from NY to New Orleans. Hit every serious haunted place on the way. This, she and I agree, was the best. Creepiest and most obscure, We loved it. Highly recommend

    7. I went to the Myrtle Plantation earlier this month I am highly sensitive I started feeling like I was being watched before I even pulled in the driveway the tour was pretty cool I could feel cool spots I spent the night in a cabin on the other side of the pond while I was sitting on the couch in the living room I felt very strongly that someone was watching me through a window when I looked I say a shadow shaped like a woman a little short and wearing a dress she straighten up and then disappeared I went for a walk and stopped for a smoke and I could feel someone was standing a few yards behind me to my left but there was no one there I went to sleep later that night which was difficult just before midnight the power went out pretty good quiescent I don’t think so a tree fell on a powerline close by me and a few guests was sitting on the patio by the fountain and I saw something up on top of the tree limbs jump from tree limb to another tree limb it looked like a young boy I finally went back to bed but I kept hearing what sounded like two women arguing outside my bedroom window I was the only one staying in a cabin so I was completely alone it lasted a minute or two then stopped and 15-20 minutes later started up again and then stopped this happened about three times and when I finally got home I got pictures printed didn’t see anything but when I put them on my computer I had a picture of the sign by the road on the porch of the house on the far right of picture you can see a woman standing there watching me when I took the picture there was absolutely no one on the porch

      • Here is a picture of the sign in front of the Myrtle Plantation to the far right on the porch is Chloe watching me there was no one there when I took the picture

    8. My family & I stopped here a few years ago while on vacation. As we were waiting on the tour to start, my daughter, who was 6 years old atbthe time, told me she saw a woman with a green towel on her head standing at the corner of the house watching us. I saw no one and we even walked around the side of the house and found nothing. We did not know the story of Chloe before the tour.

    9. MY husband and I spent the weekend here and loved it. The stories were interesting and you can definitely see the images in the downstairs mirror. The weirdest thing to happen to us was when we were about to leave. We stood under the “hanging” tree and asked someone to take our picture on our digital camera. The first two pictures were normal but the third picture shocked us. In the the photo was a very distinct mist-like figure standing next to me. The figure was taller than me (I’m 5’4″), slender and appeared to be wearing a headpiece. My non-believing husband became a believer.

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