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Mohawk Park is reported to be full of “little people” who can be heard talking and moving throughout the area, although they are invisible. The park is also said to be home to an 8-foot-tall Deer Lady–half woman, half deer–who may appear standing on her hind legs. On the golf course, a bathroom facility is believed to be haunted. A light has been seen inside it at night, although there is no electricity running to the building. It is also said to be very cold inside, even in summer.

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Geographic Information

5701 E 36th St N
Tulsa, OK 74115
United States

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36.21715156085852, -95.9171781709473
Tulsa County, Oklahoma
Nearest Towns:
Turley, OK (3.7 mi.)
Owasso, OK (5.0 mi.)
Tulsa, OK (6.1 mi.)
Sperry, OK (6.9 mi.)
Catoosa, OK (9.7 mi.)
Collinsville, OK (11.1 mi.)
Valley Park, OK (11.3 mi.)
Skiatook, OK (11.5 mi.)
Limestone, OK (11.6 mi.)
Sand Springs, OK (12.0 mi.)


Please note: It is your responsibility to acquire appropriate permissions before investigating any location listed on this site. Private property should be respected at all times, as should all posted signs concerning trespassing, hours of operation and other local regulations. Many "ghost hunters" have been arrested because they failed to contact property owners and/or local authorities ahead of time.

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  1. October of 2012, I was riding my bike after sundown around the zoo parking lot area. I was riding through the parking lot and looked across the street and there was an old lady standing under one of the street lights in the park. When I looked back over, she was gone. Needless to say, I was the only one around at that time. It was about 8:30 at night and there wasn’t a single car parked in any of the lots I had ridden around. Never rode at night in that park again.

    • It is not a deer lady it is the satanic Goat and the little people are GNOME’s Alien related GNOME’s are Alien there mite be a crystal or a UFO in the Area. Area 51 is 900 miles on route 66 from Tulsa All of route 66 is haunted

      • This is clearly a blurred image of a hoodie with a face on it, probably a skull. What were you trying to make it out to be?

        YOU really shouldn’t talk about things you have no idea about! I know all about this land, and who owned it before it became a park, golf course, and the zoo! No it wasn’t an Indian burial ground either.

  2. My parents and I live in the Lakeview Heights area, over by what is now TRAICE Academy. About a year ago I was in the car with my dad, we were at the stop sign by Traice, heading towards our house when all of a sudden my dad said, “What the hell is that?!” I looked to our right and it looked like a lady with the hooves of some type of animal, we weren’t sure what it was. It looked at us for a minute and watched us drive by and it ran off. I never knew anything about a deer lady haunting Mohawk Park at the time, so I didnt know what to think about it. But there’s the problem, Lakeview Heights is a little ways away from Mohawk park. I’m starting to think she doesn’t just haunt the park, but maybe even a couple of the surrounding areas as well. We recently saw her again about a month ago. Same place right by that stop sign.

  3. Snuck into this place around 2 am last night. After a while of trying to make my way to one of the buildings that I hoped to be the bathroom, I heard a really weird scream. I don’t know how else to explain it bit it seemed like it was coming from a distance yet it also seemed like it was in my head at the same time. It was like a deathly cry that sounded like it was coming from a woman. Ran my ass out of there and felt very uneasy as I made my way back to my truck. Needless to say it was an adventure though

  4. ive not had any occurrences from mohawk park itself, but there is a little side road near it that my friends and i have explored in the past, and let me tell you… that shiii is scary. orbs, noises, the works. if i were to tell you all the experiences my friends and i have had… i would be here all day.
    its been about 10 or so years since ive been there, and since then, you cannot drive your car through now because its been gated off and turned into a bike rout. i believe its called peanut road, but we all called it witches hallow.

  5. Theres something that isnt exactly right about the place for sure. I was playing golf there recently with nobody around and it just felt eiry.

  6. I’ve almost taken lunch at this park every day for the last 6 years. I do shift work. I’ve been there in the middle of the day and at night. I’ve never experienced anything paranormal. There’s a lot of homeless people around, lots of wildlife, deer, foxes, turkey, quail. Never seen anything out of the ordinary. I’ve gone through the North woods, ponds, oxley, the East side roads towards the gun club, and the horse trails. The “haunted” bathroom if I’m thinking of the right one is in the center of a stone structure, I think that’s why it seems to be a much cooler temperature. If someone could tell me where and when to look for the “supernatural” I’m so open to the experience. I just don’t think it’s there lol

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