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Legend has it that along Mays Canyon Road in 1991, the apparition of a woman appeared in the middle of the road and a man drove right through her. Other exchanges with the woman’s apparition have been reported here; she is said to be the ghost of a woman who was killed in an accident nearby.

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Geographic Information

Mays Canyon Road
Guerneville, CA
United States

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38.4852261, -122.97662270000001
Sonoma County, California
Nearest Towns:
Guerneville, CA (1.6 mi.)
Monte Rio, CA (2.2 mi.)
Camp Meeker, CA (4.3 mi.)
Forestville, CA (4.7 mi.)
Occidental, CA (5.6 mi.)
Graton, CA (6.7 mi.)
Cazadero, CA (6.7 mi.)
Jenner, CA (7.9 mi.)
Carmet, CA (9.4 mi.)
Windsor, CA (9.7 mi.)


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  1. I seen a very beautiful latina woman in her early 20s standing in the middle of morlan ave in Santa Rosa same stop sign were Andy Lopez was murderd …she had on a redish and white bible day gown holding a covered up baby I drove by her we look eye to eye and I can see she was not really here there was a guy stopped I back up and ask him were she go he said he didn’t know we both looked everywhere he said she told him that thay were trying to kill her baby on the tracks …this was at 8 in the morning

  2. Since 1958 my family has owned property in Monte Rio, our home on the river burnt down in fall of 1960 and was replaced in 1963 with a newer house build closer to the road on River Blvd. All was well with this home until a local resident died and left her furniture to my mother in 1977. At that point everything changed, I remember sitting in the living rm. alone one night when “something” scratched an upholstered chair deliberately eight times just a few feet away, when I used my fingernail the sound was identical. With or without friends joining me for the weekend, we would return to the house to find the front door ajar even though we tested the lock each time. One night in the 1980ies while I was in my bed rm. reading, I became aware that pebbles were being thrown at one bd. rm. window, I looked up to see them hit, ran outside and around the house but not a soul in sight. My mother later told me that her dog started growling during the night and she woke surprised to see a man at the side of her bed with long hair and a hat but no body from the waist down, then he faded away. I have heard the sound of something dragging throughout the house at night, as well as the sound of breathing. In spite of all this nonsense, I continued to travel to the River with or without friends for company. In the early Spring of 1989, I arrived early and decided to take a hot bath, upon returning to my bed rm. I distinctly saw a small rock in mid-air before it hit my bed, as if had fallen from the ceiling. On another occasion, I had been cleaning the house all day and only wanted to go to bed early with a book, heavy, deep breathing started with no distinct source, as if coming from the very walls, this breathing grew louder and faster until I grabbed my handbag, cosmetic case and keys and left. The next morning, about 9:30 am, I returned to the house to find the front door ajar. I had just had the locks changed two weeks before with the only set of keys and the locks were all double bolted before I left. I swear this is all true.

  3. A friend and I were driving down Mays Canyon tonight. My friend pulled over to get something out of the trunk, made it about half way to the rear of the car when he heard something extremly heavy running quickly up the hill at him. Before I could ask what was happening he was back in the car with the doors locked and we were out of there. I have never before seen anything scare him before. It took a few hours for him to be able to relax the unexplainable occurrence.

  4. Mays Canyon Rd is a beautiful windy road through a neighborhood with many lovely houses. I’ve driven the length of it many times at various times of day. I’ve always heard it was haunted so I’m always on the look out for anything unusual. So far, no ghosts or weirdness. I have noticed a two red reflectors or lights in the trees near one entry point which look like creepy eyes, but clearly hanging within the trees. Otherwise, nothing but river town beauty.

    I’ll let you know if that changes!

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