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This hotel is now abandoned and near total ruin. The ghost of 1800s owner David Mayberry is said to haunt the site. Seeing that he built the hotel for the area’s prospectors and miners, gunfights broke out often here, leading to many deaths. David Mayberry himself was shot but not killed, and his shooting led to schizophrenia. In his unstable mental state, he stabbed his wife to death and burned her body in the fireplace, then drowned their son. Legend has it that you can hear the wife crying at night and hear screaming coming from the bathtub in the basement.

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    Geographic Information

    9201 US 270
    Crystal Springs, AR
    United States

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    34.51713770000001, -93.3014116
    Garland County, Arkansas
    Nearest Towns:
    Mountain Pine, AR (8.2 mi.)
    Piney, AR (10.0 mi.)
    Rockwell, AR (10.2 mi.)
    Lake Hamilton, AR (13.4 mi.)
    Hot Springs, AR (14.0 mi.)
    Fountain Lake, AR (18.3 mi.)
    Mount Ida, AR (19.1 mi.)
    Glenwood, AR (19.4 mi.)
    Hot Springs Village, AR (19.5 mi.)
    Amity, AR (19.7 mi.)


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    1. Went there with my brother and some friends in the winter I heard breathing bye the fire place footsteps on the far side of the house and when we got outside a few of us seen what look like lighting bugs but there are no lighting bugs in the winter but I know what I see there and heard there…..I never believed in that type of stuff until they dragged me there and I would never do anything like that again unless tricked

        • I experienced this when I was thirteen years old..I am now 26. My mom and dad had taken me to the Mayberry Inn because it was summertime and there was haunted ghost shows I would watch on the couch while my mother worked in her office. I loved the supernatural. When we arrived I heard jingling and found coins laying at my feet, but they were dropped. I picked them up and they were all old and interesting but not rare coins and I picked them up and put them in my pocket. I didn’t enter the Mayberry Inn and neither did my dad, but my mom explored the entire place and said she felt an eerie presence and I did as well. I had no idea about what had happened…

          When I got home I put the coins in a special place and things started to get weird. I remember taking baths and seeing a woman holding a towel in old fashioned maids clothes waiting for me to get out of the tub so she could hand me a towel. I didn’t feel too threatened, but it still creeps me out to this day. There were unexplained things happening in the house and I asked mom what was going on. She told me the history of the Maryberry Inn and I was terrified so I got rid of the coins. The apparitions in my house lasted for 3 years until we did a huge cleansing of our house and property. I didn’t feel any malice from these spirits but I still did not want them there. Also, random, but there was a spirit of a cat in my mother’s bedroom when I was 13 after taking the coins home. I saw the shadow of the cat on the ceiling from where the door was cracked but there was no cat sitting there or moving like i saw on the shadow on the ceiling. I ran out of that room as fast as I could and clinged to my mother and cried. I had no idea what the hell was going on. If you go there be careful. even if it is torn down that doesn’t mean the energy is still not there…. do not take anything from the site with you or else you are taking spirits as well… be very careful with this place people

      • Seth,
        They may have been there years ago. Are you a decedent of Davids? There is no shame in what ancestors do. The family’s not responsible. But they do have a moral obligation to help these souls cross over.

      • I use to have a picture on a old phone of the burnt down remains and in the pictures you could see over 20 different Ghost faces from soliders to demons with horns to a little child clear as day that place is the real deal to this day even

    2. Mary,
      They may have been there before it burnt or on property after it burned, the land will forever hold the energy. The property is now posted NO TRESS PASSING. However,this will not kill the legends surrounding this place. .The only way this will end is for professionals to help those souls cross over.

    3. My cousins are related to the Mayberry’s on their father’s side. One of my cousins went into that inn and redid the fireplace that’s why it looks so good. Not crumbling or falling like you see others in old, abandoned places. A shame the old place was burned and no one tried to preserve it.

    4. i have i was 8 and i went into the inn took sevral pictures my parents have since burnt and one picture showed a white see threw hand over my chest many orbs and this was in brawd daylight then i picked up a piece of pottery before we left that day and i was followed by a spirit a evil one i knew it was there and it knew i was there

    5. I went inside with a group of classmates maybe 2006, we were in all of maybe 2 mins when we heard something above us, could have been a rat but didnt stop about 10 of us running straight back to the road haha. Bummer it burned down.

    6. Belinda D Tillery  |  

      My son n I just drove by there last night n it was there. We didn’t go in but did pull over right in front of it so it didn’t burn to the ground, maybe the inside is burned. Like I said we didn’t even get out of the vehicle but it’s most certainly there n creepy looking! I love the paranormal n would love to be able to check it out sometime if at all possible, before it is gone or torn down!

    7. The house and shacks have been torn down for several years now. I was told in the 60’s that the main house was a gambling location for Mafia. There use to be 2 or more shacks on the left with a dirt driveway between them and the main house. The property now has yellow caution tape where the entrance was. You can see the property better heading West on hwy 270. Traveling East after the 2 lane ends you’re liable to miss it cause it’s in the curve. On occasion I still see it when passing by, which is somewhat spooky.

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