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A female employee reported being grabbed and held down on a couch by unseen female hands.

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Geographic Information

514 Central Ave
Hot Springs, AR 71901
United States

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34.512193, -93.05445299999997
Garland County, Arkansas
Nearest Towns:
Hot Springs, AR (0.6 mi.)
Piney, AR (4.1 mi.)
Rockwell, AR (5.6 mi.)
Fountain Lake, AR (5.7 mi.)
Lake Hamilton, AR (6.5 mi.)
Mountain Pine, AR (7.9 mi.)
Hot Springs Village, AR (10.9 mi.)
Magnet Cove, AR (12.6 mi.)
Lonsdale, AR (14.2 mi.)
Rockport, AR (15.6 mi.)


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  1. Back in 2004 or 2005 i ran into a spirit (literally) on the steps of the Poet’s Loft.I am 98% sure of that the other 2% is still in disbelief lol .Here is my story….Well at the time i was all alone.My life was a mess and i was going through a nasty divorce.I had an alcohol problem that needed some attention and i ended up at the Quawpaw House (rehab) I was trying to start a new life.After my 30 days was up at the rehab i was given the oppurtunity to live in the Quawpaw Houses Half way house that was just a few blocks from the alligator farm and Whittington park.I loved that park! It was such a peaceful place for me to go sit and think and i had visited the alligator farm about a hundred times.But on this certain day,I was not having such a great day.I had been looking for a part time job and i didn’t know anything about the Loft house or where it was located until i walked up on a sign that said “gourmet coffee” and it pointed to the loft house door.Above the door was an old sign that stuck out that said”The Poet’s Loft” I thought,”Perfect!!” I will sit down to a good cup of coffee before i hit anymore stores looking for a job. This was around 8:30am in July or August and it was so hot outside.I remember as soon as i opened the door it felt really nice like they had the coldest A/C blowing on the steps to keep the customers comfortable because a huge wind of cold air hit me and there was a man standing at the top of the stairs with a woman.As soon as i stepped in the door way at the bottom of the stairs i noticed they seemed to be looking in the window of the door at the top of the stairs like they were waiting on someone but then they just suddenly ran down the stairs like they were in a hurry.I remember looking at the man eye to eye and i smiled and said hi.He just kind of looked at me with no smile and no hi.He looked like he had stepped out of 1930-40 and the woman did too but i didn’t really look at her.The man looked like he was in a black and white movie.He did not have peach colored skin. But the weirdest thing was when i got up to the top of the stairs i turned to look at them,thinking….what a jerk,he couldn’t even acknowledge i said hi! When i turned around,they were gone and the door at the bottom of the stairs NEVER opened. When i opened it to enter and felt the cold air,It was hard to open like the cold air inside and the hot air outside made a vaccum suction or something. I really don’t know how they could have disappeared like that without opening that door.I wasn’t sure i was even suppose to be there or that i went in the wrong door for coffee but when i entered the door at the top of the stairs i was greeted by a nice friendly couple that ran the place.I said well,that guy wasn’t so friendly and the way he looked at me i thought i came in the wrong door.The couple looked at each other and said….you might have met Mr.?? I cant remember the name she said but she said our ghost.It all hit me at once what i saw. At that time i had never heard of the Poet’s loft or anything about it.Years later i was watching the travel channel and i saw an episode of ghost hunters and they were at the poet’s loft.Talk about a creepy realization! When i put it all together,the ice cold air….I discovered they do not have A/C in the stair way,the man looked grey,the way he looked at me, and the fact that that door never opened.Im almost positive i saw a spirit/ghost or whatever you want to call it. well,that’s my story.

  2. Back in 2011 I was walking downtown past the Poet’s Loft and happened to look up to see a little girl, about the age of 4 or 5 with long dark hair and a light pink dress on. She looked to be from the era of 1950’s, looking out of the window out at the street. She looked sad. I’m not quite sure of the story behind it, but I’d love to find out!

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