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The cemetery here has a few ghosts, multiple have been picked up on EVP. Glowing lights have been picked up on photograph and mysterious figures have been seen roaming about.

(Submitted by Chris Berglund)

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Geographic Information

2063 CA-70
Marysville, CA
United States

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39.162121, -121.5890842
Yuba County, California
Nearest Towns:
Marysville, CA (1.1 mi.)
Yuba City, CA (2.1 mi.)
Linda, CA (3.1 mi.)
South Yuba City, CA (4.1 mi.)
Tierra Buena, CA (4.3 mi.)
Olivehurst, CA (5.0 mi.)
Live Oak, CA (8.7 mi.)
Sutter, CA (8.8 mi.)
Plumas Lake, CA (9.9 mi.)
Honcut, CA (11.9 mi.)


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  1. my wife and i visited this cemetery a few years back. It is a place rich with history and tragedy. with headstones from as far back as the early 1800s, mausoleums that were forced open by floodwaters (and stand open to this day), segregated plots for orientals and just an all around eerie feel it is a great field trip for ghost hunters.But please be respectful, they are watching you.

  2. Myself and the woman I was dating at the time went by this area in late June of 2015 around 10:45 pm. When we parked on the road near the gate we could see over the whole area. We then saw 3 floating lights appear at the far end of the cemetery. They formed a triangle shape and faded after minutes and returned again still in a triangle just in a different direction. Shortly after this she tensed up and her feet left he ground by only an inch or so for about 5 seconds. I reached over and grabbed her at that point she went limp in my arms. I carried her back to my truck and we left the area never to return again. What ever you do STAY AWAY at night from 10pm to 1am.

    • I live about a quarter mile or less from this cemetery, and have been there myself in the late afternoon right before Halloween. I am a sensitive, but did not notice anything particularly negative about the place other than the sadly vandalized headstones. But that is something caused by the living, not the dead. What you experienced sounds more like the beginning of a UFO abduction to me, not ghosts. You may want to contact MUFON about it, especially if you experienced any missing time.

  3. A friend and I walked through yesterday (9/3/2017)
    We both commented on the “feel” and smell of the air. It was stale and the air was like weird. The cemetery had just gone through a flood a few months back. You could feel anger i guess at some of the markers.
    The oddest feeling came from a pile of markers that must have been upset from their location and were stacked in a corner of the cemetery.

  4. I’ve been to the cemetery twice. I went yesterday and today. I took pics and I got few caught in my camera. As soon we leave the cemetery me and my friend heard of thump.

  5. I get the feeling of being watched near the back by the trees. Also heard a girl scream from one of the locked monuments, scared the crap out of us. It is so sad people destroyed the cemetery. I also heard the old mayor build the highway over many graves. Bodies uncovered.

  6. In 1993 some friends of mine took a skull from a sarcophagus that the lid was all but gone from. We all lived at yuba College at the time in the Warren hall dormitories when they were still used as such.
    The amount of shit that started to happen in their section of the dorms (west side north of campus police office) was terrifying. Two of them were burnt while showering and had to be hospitalized, the electricity was on and off throughout the entire time they had the skull. We were scratched, punched, pushed, slapped and had hair pulled and ripped from our heads. The worse was when a friend fell face first landing with his mouth on an edge of a desk subsequently breaking both top and bottom of his front teeth and fracturing his jaw.
    After a week and a half most of us at the dorms forced them to take it back. Unfortunately the idiots were too chickenshit to go in at night after all that had occurred so I ended up climbing the cyclone fence with the barbed wire on top and doing it myself. Despite the street lights around the inside of the cemetery was dark, too damn dark and after about 10 yards into the place I started hearing running foot steps all around me.
    So now I’m freaking out and trying to find this f’n sarcophagus in the dark and I have no ideas which one it is just a general description of what and where. After about 8-10 minutes of blindly running around and away from whatever was running around and TO me I finally found the grave. I placed the skull inside, coverd the hole with a piece of marble that was undoubtedly from the broken lid I found on the ground near by, then said the lords prayer and gtfo of there.
    Climbing back over the fence we woke up the care taker and the cops questioned us for about 30 minutes before ticketing us for loitering and vandalism ( both were eventually dropped in court ) then sent us on our way.

    Everything was pretty much normal after that or as normal as it gets for living at a college in linda.

  7. I go there dozen of times at first I feel the energy everytime I go more often I feel good energy. In my opinion I think Sierra View Cemetery is more haunted then Marysville California. The Sierra View is in Olivehurst I lived closer that cemetery is too many tragedy I keep feeling bad energy there. The one in Marysville I feel good energy there.

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