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The Holbrooke Hotel has a lot of history and a lot of famous former guests. From Ulysses S. Grant to Mark Twain this place did not suffer from a lack of swanky clientele. There are a variety of ghostly rumors that surround this place that was also home to some misfortune and misery, including one unfortunate gambler who slit his own throat with a straight razor in one of the rooms. Several different full-body apparitions appear throughout the hotel and people claim to hear a variety of ghostly noises, including children playing and rattling and banging noises coming from one of the women’s bathrooms.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    212 West Main Street
    Grass Valley CA 95945
    United States

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    39.2191889, -121.06357500000001
    Nevada County, California
    Nearest Towns:
    Grass Valley, CA (0.1 mi.)
    Nevada City, CA (3.9 mi.)
    Rough and Ready, CA (4.0 mi.)
    Alta Sierra, CA (5.4 mi.)
    Penn Valley, CA (7.0 mi.)
    Lake Wildwood, CA (7.4 mi.)
    Colfax, CA (10.1 mi.)
    North San Juan, CA (10.6 mi.)
    Dutch Flat, CA (12.1 mi.)
    Lake of the Pines, CA (12.4 mi.)


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    1. In the women’s bathroom, I once felt cold chills and I could see my breath. When I walked by the painting on the wall in there the face was of a man and the head turned and followed me out. I’ve also seen a small boy running up the stairs.

    2. Are family staid at this hotel for my brothers wedding. Many of us experienced unexplainable things. Around 12:30 am, I was outside with my partner and she was smoking. She was putting out her cigarette in front of the hotel and I told her to put it out in the street instead. As she was walking back from the street all of a sudden we heard a little kids voice right behind me say “why did you do that.” It was clear as day and it put chills down our spine. We looked all around the building, in the bushes, there was no windows open and there was no one in their balconies. We straight up heard a spirits voice.

      My brother and his whole wedding party heard children laughing and banging noises in their suite. My uncle, who does not believe in spirits, woke up to a blue ball of light in his face and woke up my aunt my yelling for it to go away.

      That hotel is weird and creepy but at the same time it is awesome.

    3. We stayed in room 10; allegedly one of the most haunted rooms. Oh, yes it is. We saw strange blue lights, turned on a recorder and captured a nine minute interactive conversation with a female spirit named Amanda. Very sad but very cool. It is a beautiful old hotel with a lot of historic interest.

    4. Stayed in the bridal suite. It was lovely. However about midnight I began hearing faint music similar to a solo harp. Very beautiful and peaceful, but my hotel mate could hear nothing. It lasted for several hours. The Receptionist said no music or band was playing the night before.

    5. I spent the evening of January 9th 2016 in room number 10 with my girlfriend at the Holbrooke Hotel. At approximately 3 a.m. I was drawing a bath for us to share. When I came out of the bathroom to let her know it was ready we both saw our toothbrushes fly from the cubby shelf next to the sink out onto the floor in front of me. The sink and cubby are in the bedroom area right outside the bathroom door and my girlfriend was standing about 10 feet from me and facing me as I swung the door open. There were other items on the shelf such as the hotel shower cap and makeup remover inside of paper sleeves that were undisturbed. I was shocked and confused at what I had seen. Both toothbrushes flew out at a slight arc approximately 3 and a half feet in a quick and quiet motion. They did not just fall off the shelf and roll out in front of me but appeared to have been propelled by an invisible force. I asked my girlfriend what was going on because I felt like I had interrupted something going on in the room when I swung the door open. My eyes were on her as I opened the door and the toothbrushes flew out in front of me as the door was still in motion. She wasn’t quite as freaked out by it as I was and seemed to just accept it and said she wasn’t completely surprised that it happened. I stared at the toothbrushes for a moment before picking them up and did not feel anything unordinary when I picked them up and examined them. We got in the tub and she told me she was in a bit of an emotional state while waiting for the bath and actually becoming a bit angry about a couple of things such as how long it was taking for the bath to be ready. She was telling herself to calm down and adjusting her mind set as I came out the bathroom. She said some other things that were a bit confusing to me and hinted of perhaps communicating with someone or some presence in the room prior to me coming out. I was quite shaken because I couldn’t rationalize what I had seen but resigned to relax and calm down after some internal thoughts of protecting myself and her with my own “positive energy” which is not something I ever think or talk about. We talked about it quite a bit when we got up the next day and her account did not include communicating with anyone. I didn’t press her about that. We had both been drinking that evening quite a bit but both agreed that what we experienced was not our imaginations. I actually felt very rested and happy when I got up and decided that whatever happened was not necessarily something bad or evil. I enjoyed my stay at the hotel and will probably return some day. I felt compelled to share this account and hope that someone might at least find it interesting.

    6. I stayed at the Holbrooke in the Lola Montez room, room 5. We were here for a friends birthday and I came to my room at 12. At 3:40 I woke up to a loud sound from inside my room. It sounded like my deadbolt being flipped aggressively. I didn’t want to panic and kept laying in bed with my eyes closed. Then I heard feet on my carpet coming from the door to the side of my bed. I still laid there, trying not to freak out. Then there was 10 loud, quick taps from inside my room- that’s when I sat up and turned on the light and I kept it on until I got up to leave at 6:30. I will definitely be back but next time I’ll bring my husband!

    7. I’d been to Holbrooke a handful of times (during the day) and never had anything happen until this. Let me start by describing the day at Holbrooke on this particular Saturday afternoon. The place was a packed house, I assume every room was booked for the night. We ate lunch in the bar area in front of the amazing old time elevator. These young kids were riding that elevator non-stop the whole time we ate, going up and down, up and down. We couldn’t see what they were doing when they got out of elevator on second floor but I can only assume they were being kids (running around screaming and playing.) So we finished up lunch and while my wife used the downstairs bathroom my 5 and 2 year old sons went on elevator with me to the top floor. My 2 year old was really happy to be out of his stroller and was starting to go wild running upstairs grabbing random door handles to see if they would open. I grabbed his hand and told him we don’t act like that. So we were walking to the end of the hall and we got to the room right before room #10 and my son decides to grab the door handle. As soon as he does this we hear faint music. I wont even try to describe the music other than it sounding like an old style symphony. Another thing about this music is it sounded so out of place and was other worldly. The music was so faint I was questioning if I even heard it. Then I looked down and saw my 5 year old sons face. He had this really confused look. So I asked him if he heard anything, he didn’t need to reply, his face told me he did. It was such a weird moment of realization for the both of us. If I’m being fully honest I would of probably thought I imagined it if he hadn’t heard it also. But I asked him to describe what he heard (not telling him it was music I heard). He started humming the tune we heard. Then I got chills all over. A comment above me said she heard a harp at night, this was no harp. We started walking back to the elevator and 5 year old told me “daddy, that music was creepy”. And it was!!! Earlier we had talked about renting a room for the night in the summer. My son told me “I’m not staying here this summer.” We really can’t come up with any reasonable explanation of what that music was.

    8. My husband and I and a couple of friends stayed there in the summer of 2014. Our friends stayed in a separate room. while I was showering in the bathroom with my music playing I kept hearing a woman singing very faintly and if I turned the music off it would stop. in the evening when we were in our room we heard someone knock at our door and when my husband opened the door there was no one there and the hallway was very long and the floors were creaky enough to hear if anyone had ran away. While we were in bed we heard all of the interior hardware on our room door rattle as if someone was trying to get out. We were both pretty shook up.

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