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Former Lumber Barons and now the Water Street Inn, the place is said to be haunted by the spirit of a drunken Confederate soldier. The soldier died on the S.W. suite of the second floor, and witnesses say his ghostly sweaty odor can still be detected.

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101 Water St S
Stillwater, MN 55082
United States

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45.05656369519823, -92.80506203981167
Washington County, Minnesota
Nearest Towns:
Stillwater, MN (0.0 mi.)
Houlton, WI (0.7 mi.)
Oak Park Heights, MN (1.8 mi.)
Bayport, MN (2.7 mi.)
North Hudson, WI (5.0 mi.)
Grant, MN (5.5 mi.)
Lake Elmo, MN (5.5 mi.)
Hudson, WI (6.1 mi.)
Lakeland, MN (7.2 mi.)
Mahtomedi, MN (7.2 mi.)

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  1. We stayed there and had experiences. We stayed in the James Anderson suite. When I was sitting in the living room on the love seat I kept getting this tingling sensation and goosebumps up my whole right side and only right side. I would happen then go away. Maybe 3-5 minutes in between occurrences lasting for about the same length of time and it happened about 4 times. When you walk into the hotel you just feel something. Later that evening we went out to eat at Charlie’s the restaurant downstairs and when we came back everything felt ok. We went to bed around midnight. I bet I only got 3 hours of sleep total. Something just kept waking me up. Nothing was scaring me just keeping me up. I was sitting up in bed watching espn and out of nowhere my heart started to race uncontrollably and I felt super anxious. I had a really hard time shaking the feeling but eventually did and got back to sleep. I was back up again at 5am and used the bathroom. While I was in there I heard a very loud bang coming from the bedroom. I called out to my husband who was asleep in the bed and he said it felt like something had kicked the bed so hard it woke him up. Definitely an interesting place if your into history and the paranormal. Also one of the cleaning ladies told us one of the lumberjack’s wife’s had kept from the 3rd floor balcony and took her own life. She also add that, “people had died there.”

  2. The whole story is a straight up lie! That used to be coopers grocery store! I grew up in stillwater so did my dad. Wow the lies people tell to get business is pathetic! Try the high bridge north of town. Now thats haunted!

  3. This building was originally the Lumberman’s Exchange building,housing the business offices of multiple lumber concerns. One of their main jobs was tallying the branded logs that were sorted and rafted at the boom site up river. Forty years ago I worked for a company that also had offices in this building, and the “rank rebel” was still being smelled on rare occasions! I grew up in this town as well. So did my mother. And my grandmother, with her lumberjack father and mother. I believe the grocery store referenced by another commenter was called “Hooley’s”, but it was next door until it was demolished, then an addition to the Exchange building was built over its footprint. Unexplained truth can be stranger than fiction! P.S. The other commenter is absolutely RIGHT about the high bridge and the “blue light” though!

  4. Staying here with my aunt tonight, 11/01/2020, day after halloween. There have been loud banging noises all night coming from above and around – too irregular and loud to be other people. One was so loud it sounded like a piano dropping; there’s no way that could have been a person or simple item dropping, not even a heavy item dropping. We are staying second floor – historic side of the hotel in one of the water street rooms.

    • Was it the Southwest corner of the building? That’s where the girls in the office used to hear footsteps in the unoccupied offices above them! It would so unnerve them they would find excuses to leave early!

  5. The name of the Saloon was Lustig’s, after its owner/operator, Charles Lustig. For those who are interested, a photo of the interior of this bar can be found on p.58 of “Stillwater: Minnesota’s Birthplace” by Patricia Condon Johnston, with photos from the John Runk collection. I hope this settles any lingering doubts about this place’s existence!

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