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The 1850 gothic revival mansion is haunted by the spirits of two women, both dressed in Victorian clothing. One has been seen in the western part of the mansion, and the other in the formal dining room. Also seen all over the mansion is a mysterious black cat. Witnesses have detected the scent of floral perfume in an upstairs room and heard the sound of old-fashioned music and voices.

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209 Castlewood Dr
Lexington, KY
United States

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38.05545003366258, -84.47575557230266
Fayette County, Kentucky
Nearest Towns:
Lexington-Fayette, KY (1.0 mi.)
Mount Vernon, KY (2.3 mi.)
Lexington, KY (4.6 mi.)
Monticello, KY (6.0 mi.)
Columbus, KY (6.1 mi.)
Georgetown, KY (11.6 mi.)
Midway, KY (13.1 mi.)
Nicholasville, KY (13.2 mi.)
Versailles, KY (13.8 mi.)
Paris, KY (16.1 mi.)

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  1. I live in Louisville currently and was visiting my sister in law there about 8 years ago as her boyfriend was the Broker who had the house listed at one point. She thought it was such an interesting house and wanted to show my husband and I. When we first entered I noticed the staircase with the ornate glass tiffany lamp at bottom of stairs. Out of the corner of my eye saw a shadowy wisp on the stairs. What freaks me out after reading this is that I am almost certain now it was the cat. I never would have thought that until remembering the size and way it moved. Now I don’t consider myself psychic by any means but I have always had that feeling when someone else is the room per say that is not living. For some reason my senses almost weren’t senses anymore it was facts that were coming to me, not guesses and I felt this to be true.
    Upon going down into the cellar, I had that feeling that someone not living was watching us three. I mentioned to her that its guarding the graves. She was confused, as I tried to explain how I knew there were graves butted up on the side of the house and along the cellar wall. Later on she verified there were 3 graves moved when the house sold and they were discovered too close to the house. Ill start from the basement and work my way up. In the kitchen for some reason I kept asking her if there used to be a staircase from the kitchen to the back of the upstairs. She said not that she knew of, but I saw in my mind’s eye a black woman going up and down this imaginary back staircase often. Not to mention the elderly woman her boyfriend had seen constantly on the front grand staircase. I never found out if the back staircase existed or not.
    Upstairs in the turret room, well just outside the turret room there were bookcases with glass doors on them and I saw bottles upon bottles of herbs stored in them. To me it felt like it was used for medicine/ritual purposes. Of course there weren’t any actual bottles there at the time. The last thing that really made me feel uncomfortable was outside the turret room where I saw what looked to be a man dart into the turret room and it was almost just a shadow out of the corner of my eye, yet I could tell it moved like a man strutted almost kind of angry storming off unnaturally quick. It was a very intense experience at this house and I appreciate having been able to have a first hand experience there. Later on when she verified the few things that I had felt it was even better. Since then I have been developing my awareness into that realm and any latent abilities I didn’t know I may have had. A real eye opener literally. Oh and most of the time these occurences were happening, or coming over me/to me, for some reason my eyes would start watering. I would get goose bumps and a wave of emotions would come over me.

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