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Formerly the Campbell House Inn, the Crowne Plaza Hotel is said to be a very spooky place. According to local legend, two women were murdered here. One was stabbed on the stairs, and folks say you can still see the blood stains on the carpet. The other woman was reportedly shot in a third-story room. Witnesses have reported doors slamming and other strange occurrences.

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1375 S Broadway
Lexington, KY 40504
United States

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38.03434800000001, -84.52435100000002
Fayette County, Kentucky
Nearest Towns:
Mount Vernon, KY (1.7 mi.)
Monticello, KY (3.2 mi.)
Lexington-Fayette, KY (3.7 mi.)
Lexington, KY (4.0 mi.)
Columbus, KY (8.6 mi.)
Nicholasville, KY (10.9 mi.)
Versailles, KY (11.3 mi.)
Midway, KY (11.8 mi.)
Georgetown, KY (12.3 mi.)
Wilmore, KY (14.1 mi.)


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    • I lived behind the Campbell house growing up. I always figured it was a child’s imagination and had never heard any rumors about this growing up. But at the age of around 12 we would sit at the golf course it was 6 of us and we would see a women with a long beautiful evening gown on, she was so beautiful she would just walk the back side of the Campbell house. We look at each other in amazement and the question Did you see what I had seen. She was so beautiful it didn’t make you afraid. We watched for her every night afterwards and seen her quite a few more times.

    • This hotel has dim lighted halls old full of spirits rooms are being re decorated, it is just spooky….I kept seeing shadow people

  1. A woman in a white dress flowing down my bedroom door and she was at my door it was making rapping or scratching at my door, the odor smelled like gun powder and mold….there was nothing I could do so I started praying and it stopped

  2. I’m there every night. I haven’t experience any of the above comments. So if YOU have maybe its your own SOUL trying to tell YOU something. Get right in your LIFE

  3. Stayed there on 3rd floor in September 2014 and when i left the room I heard a small child maybe 5-6 years old running right up behind me but when I turned around there was no one there. Needless to say was ready to get out of there.

  4. my husband and I stayed at the campbell house in Oct. 2009. we were out there for the keeneland races. i’ve never had a haunted encounter until i stayed there. don’t get me wrong, I love the place and we are going back in the next couple of weeks, but i truly experienced something unexplainable. we were there 3 nights. for whatever reason, they put us on the back corridor, on the second floor. there were no other folks staying on that floor. in our comings and goings, we never saw anyone. it’s a huge hotel with lots of corridors and rooms, reminded me of the hotel in The Shining. I don’t know why we were put way back there on that corridor because all the other guests were staying up towards the front of the building. anyway, we sort of didn’t think much about it, until the third night. we were awakened in the middle of the night by the sound of loud slamming doors. this went on for 30 minutes. we both lay there, wondering what the heak was going on. my husband was so sleepy, he didn’t really worry about it but I was scared. we knew there wasn’t anyone else staying on that hall. We then both heard footsteps and saw a shadow at the bottom of the door and heard footsteps again, then heard someone getting ice. keep in mind it is like 4 in the morning. so I finally got up and opened the door and look both ways down the hall and saw nothing. i couldn’t get back to sleep – just lay there. About 8:30 we got up, got dressed and went to breakfast in the hotel restaurant. i was telling the waitress about it. she said it made the hairs on her neck stand up. the reason was she has heard similar stories before about the slamming doors. then she proceeded to tell us about her encounter. one morning she came in at 5 to get set up for breakfast. she was making coffee and noticed a man, dressed in formal attire, she said it looked like from the late 1800’s, walk thru the restaurant. he looked over at her but didn’t say anything and kept walking. she wondered who in the world that could be at that hour in the a.m. she decided to go follow him but when she rounded the corner, he was gone. she went to the front desk clerk and the clerk said he didn’t see anything. he just vanished, she said. how creepy. that’s our encounter

  5. I stayed on the second floor in October of 2013 on a business trip. The first night (Saturday) was pretty busy and noisy with a lot of people staying there for a football game at the University of Kentucky. The next day nearly everyone checked out, and it was really quiet that night. The rooms near mine were cleaned out by housekeeping and I’m sure they were empty. As I was getting ready to go to bed I started getting a really spooky feeling. I’ve been on a lot of business trips and I’ve never felt anything like it. I couldn’t get to sleep, it felt like there was a presence in the room. I heard slow footsteps in the hall, slowing down and stopping outside my door for a long moment, then continuing down the hall. Sometime after midnight I heard someone softly snoring in the room next to mine, just on the other side of the wall near my headboard. I had been sure that room was empty. There had been no sounds of any kind coming from that room, I never heard the door open and close – nothing. I kept telling myself I was just letting my imagination get the best of me. Then my toilet flushed by itself. I got up to check it out, but couldn’t figure out why it happened. Went back to bed, tossed and turned until about 3:00am…and a door slammed down the hall. Really loud! No sound of anyone coming or going before or after, just a profound silence afterward. I did a little exploring the next afternoon. At the end of one of the hallways it got really cold really fast. I didn’t see any vents or HVAC registers. Once again, just a subtle creepy feeling that made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. I quickly headed back the way I came. I’ve never experienced anything like that stay before or since. One last note – I didn’t read anything about the Campbell house before that stay, so I wasn’t anticipating anything out of the ordinary. And I definitely don’t go looking for this kind of thing.

  6. Wow, to “travelling man,” who stayed Oct 2013, that is so weird that you heard the slamming of the door. When my husband and I stayed we heard the loud slamming about 10 plus times. I thought it was so odd because to our knowledge, no one was staying on our corridor. And like you, we saw the shadow at the bottom of our door and then it left. Then the ice machine noise. This is the only time I’ve experienced anything like this we were told by an employee that “ghost hunters” had been there about a year before that investigating.

  7. In 2015, my high school baseball team was playing in the state tournament that was being held at the Legends field. Us and one other team were being housed at the Campbell house while it was being renovated. We had heard that the place was haunted before and we were all interested to see if it were true or not. We stayed on the third floor were apparently there had been 2 people killed. I specifically noticed that there was a room across from mine that was padlocked and i thought was really strange. One night my room mates and I decided to try and open the door. We touched the padlock and it just opened by itself without us trying to open it. We opened the door and inside the room was just a bunk bed on the back wall. We looked around the room and noticed there was a large red spot on the wall that looked like a large bloodstain. We were extremely confused on why there was a bunk bed in there and as we were looking around we heard a loud knock from inside the room and heard a voice saying “GET OUT,” we freaked out and closed the door and ran back to our room. We then went to bed and my room mates fell asleep but I was still awake. Some time had passed and I noticed a shadow at the bottom of my door, it looked like it had come into the room and then it walked into the bathroom, I started to get scared so I closed my eyes and the moment my eyes shut, our shower turned on. I was too scared to go and turn it back off so it stayed on the rest of the night. When my room mates woke up in the morning they asked why the shower was on and I told them what happened. Strange things happened to some of my other team mates in other rooms as well such as TVs and sinks turning on and off. Needless to say, it was the craziest thing I have ever seen in my life.

  8. OK, it’s a really benign experience, but freaked us out nonetheless. We stayed this past weekend. It was about 1am and we had just laid down to go to bed. We realized the tv remote was across the room, but we had left the TV on. So crap, I said, well I’ll get up and turn it off. No sooner had my feet hit the floor, the TV went off on it’s own!! My husband and I looked at each other like WTH?? I tried to laugh it off as if maybe there was a sensor or something that had it go off after a certain amount of time. Then I looked up the hotel and I see all your stories about it being haunted. So maybe? Anyway, had to share. It certainly gave us pause.

  9. Stayed there with my speech/ debate team. We were there for a national tournament and it’s very unsettling. We stayed in the third floor which is abnormally cold. Plus me and my roomate feel very uneasy in our hotel room like someone’s watching us. Maybe it’s just our minds playing with us though. However, it is easy to get lost in there so I think i understand why people would think it’s haunted

  10. October 29, 2019; stayed on first floor, room 139.
    We were on our way to Nationals and we stayed at this hotel. Everything was fine till my friends and I went swimming. I saw something out of the corner of my eye. I asked the other girls if they saw anything. They didn’t. We were headed back to our rooms when we all heard a huge slam or a door. We all bolted to our rooms in terror. He didn’t hear anything else so we thought maybe someone was mad and ran out. We didn’t think anything of it until, about 12:00 am, we heard it again. This time it continued for about 10 minutes. Now we were all scared. This was at about 3:00 am. Finally, as my roommate and I were about to fall asleep, I was woke up but a really weird gut feeling. I felt like I was being watched. All of a sudden, we saw a shadow under our door. Then came a knock. Ruby and I were terrified. We kept hearing it. We were too scared to sleep so we were up till about 5:00 am. We were supposed to be up at 8:30 am. Well, on the night of October 29th Ruby and I both set our alarms. Thinking we would get some sleep. Well we finally got to sleep and then none of our alarms went off. When I woke up all of my alarms were off and my Face ID was enabled. Ruby’s phone was locked out and all of her alarms were off. Neither one of us knew what was going on. We went outside of our rooms for a bit. When we came back we say stains on the carpet that looked like either, water or something oddly wet. I bent down to touch it, but there was nothing there. Ruby and I found this VERY suspicious. Later that day, Ruby, the other girls, and I did some research and we found out about all of these other stories, and we are soooooooo happy we aren’t alone.

  11. I worked here as the night security/shuttle driver. It is The Campbell House – formerly Crowne Plaza Hotel. I enjoyed my time here. However, as a veteran, I have a different tolerance for tension than most people roaming the halls of a hotel at night lol I digress. My true experiences are too few to mention, as well as nothing tangible or recorded. What I will say is: There’s a reason they adamantly prompt their employees and affiliates to downplay rumors of a haunting and change the subject without interrupting or offending the guest. Regardless, I’m pretty intuitive and there were several places throughout the building and grounds that just project a bad vibe – like walking through a bubble of pure discomfort. Other parts were secluded but peaceful. I won’t write a book about it all, but there’s a definite, yet unseen, benevolent presence in that hotel.

  12. Didn’t Know The History Of This Hotel And I Was In The Pool Area Talking To A Friend On A Video Call In Texas And A Girl Lady Walked By Me And Went In To A Little Door That Is Not Really A Door And Disappeared.

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