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Some say Lottie haunts the cemetery and that a curse will befall those who visit her gravesite. In some stories, Lottie was murdered, was a witch, or was run over by a car. Many tales abound, such as one that says shortly after her burial, thieves tried to dig up Lottie’s body to steal the jewelry she was wearing, and she came to life and cursed them. The three teenage thieves died or disappeared within a year. These stories were perpetuated by a film project about the Legend of Lottie that some teens did at school, but most admit that the Legend of Lottie is simply a way for kids to scare each other. In actuality, Lottie died in a hospital of heart degeneration and never owned any fancy jewelry. Perhaps because of the tales, vandals have defaced Lottie’s gravestone and some of those around it, and of course, this is never OK.

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Geographic Information

Taylor Cemetery
Omadi, Dakota, Nebraska 68030
United States

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42.3646665, -96.52114219999999
Dakota County, Nebraska
Nearest Towns:
Homer, NE (3.4 mi.)
Hubbard, NE (3.8 mi.)
Jackson, NE (6.2 mi.)
Dakota City, NE (6.3 mi.)
Dakota Dunes, SD (8.7 mi.)
Sergeant Bluff, IA (8.7 mi.)
Winnebago, NE (9.2 mi.)
South Sioux City, NE (9.3 mi.)
Sioux City, IA (11.2 mi.)
North Sioux City, SD (11.4 mi.)


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  1. My uncle went up to Lottie grave roll over it when him and couple friends were drinking . just couple days later my uncle car went out of control off bridge … Luckily he survived.

    • Lottie has rights  |  

      You all need to leave her in piece stop saying shit when it’s not true Lottie ain’t out To get to anyone I touched her grave and nothing happened to me I know because I was there at her actual grave people like you spread these rumors and don’t care what you say you all don’t care what rumors you say about Lottie as long it’s not hurting you right well wrong maybe he drove off the bridge because he was drunk ever think of that or plain right stupid stop with the rumors and stop hurting her family ain’t no one gonna kill him

  2. I grew up in that area and as a Freshman right of passage, the upperclassmen woul take them out to Lotties grave in October to scare them. Most of the time they would get spooked and run from the cemetary, but a couple of them thought they were lhot stuff and went and stomped on the grave. Two months later their car was hit by a train at the crossing coming into town. You tempt Lottie at your own peril.

  3. I would go to that cemetery a lot back in the day, me and my friends would go there to drink and smoke pot, disrespectful I know but I was a dumb kid at the time, I never felt scared there and no one ever had any experiences….pretty sure that the stories are all made up. I am really sensitive to the paranormal and Lotties grave is just a quiet run of the mill grave, nothing more

  4. Actually, I am related to Lottie and my older (way older) cousin told me that she is nothing like the “stories”. She was actually a very kind woman and NOT a witch. He knew her when he was a young boy, obviously I wasn’t even born yet. Anyway, he told my mom of her and so she told me.

  5. Fred
    I met Lottie when I was 6 years of age. I use to walk to country school by way of the country road just below Taylor cemetery. Lottie is a very dear friend of mine; she is a sweat as the cool spring mist on your lips. I will always remember those times of visit with her on the way to school. Never had pleasure of meeting Alice but I did contribute to having her name proudly displayed. The only spook about Lottie is you – leave her alone.
    I was born in 1955

    • Here with Lottie’s grandson. He says the ghost stories are just that – stories. Including picture with Lottie and her family. Her grandson (my father-in-law) is the small blonde boy.

  6. Here with Lottie’s grandson. He says the ghost stories are just that – stories. Including picture with Lottie and her family. Her grandson (my father-in-law) is the small blonde boy.

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