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Residents of this dorm have reported hearing a girl choking and gagging at night. Also, an apparition of a crying woman has been seen walking down the hall. She is said to be the ghost of a girl who committed suicide by hanging herself from the heating pipes in her dorm room.

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Geographic Information

Near Vine and S. Cornelia
Sioux City, IA 51106
United States

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42.47648052609003, -96.36472785470687
Woodbury County, Iowa
Nearest Towns:
Sioux City, IA (2.4 mi.)
South Sioux City, NE (2.5 mi.)
Dakota City, NE (5.0 mi.)
Sergeant Bluff, IA (5.0 mi.)
Dakota Dunes, SD (6.2 mi.)
North Sioux City, SD (7.0 mi.)
Bronson, IA (8.9 mi.)
Lawton, IA (9.2 mi.)
Jackson, NE (10.4 mi.)
Hinton, IA (11.1 mi.)


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  1. I attended M’side, I became obsessed with the ghost of Lillian Dimmitt. I would blame everything on her as a joke. Any mishap, she was to blame. One afternoon, my roommate and I were just hanging out. It was freshman yr and we were roomed in the hall named after Lillian. Anyway, we were talking and she was at her computer across the room and I was at mines. I heard what I can only describe as a plane passing directly above the hall but it was isolated to just in the spot where my desk was. So I asked my roommate if she hears the sound but as I am talking to her, I am looking at a mirror that is directly above my desk. The inside of the mirror started to ripple, just like a pond when you skip a rock in it. I slowly asked my roommate to turn around and look, as soon as she was about to, the mirror snaps and a piece goes flying across the room. We both scream and run into different directions. Needless to say I went home during break, purchased holy water and never blamed or mentioned Lillian again.

    • Some girls I knew that had been put in the suicide room of hidden hall where a girl had supposedly killed herself reported their stereo and tv going on and off by itself and came back from class one day to find a large mirror they had put up broken still hanging on the wall. It looked as if some small heavy object had been thrown at it with high speed. While attending Morningside I also had a friend that lived in Dimmit that swears he had seen the apparition of a black cat in the main hall twice, Other students had reported the same apparition over the years.

  2. It is no joke. Some of the campus buildings are very old and hold a great deal of energy. I attended Morningside College back in the day when they were the Morningside Chiefs in 1985. I understand that they mentioned Dimmitt Hall as the haunted place, but the old library is where most students heard the unusual later at night inside the library. It was left open for students as a study getaway and its lighting inside was dim and relaxed. The iron staircases and coble stone exterior screamed of a place where a haunting should be. But, in reality, the library was in fact haunted. The most common occurrence was the sounds heard from the room to the left as you enter the library. Shadows moving in the room were seen on Thursday nights and another happening heard by students would be the phrase, ” I’m here, you need to go”

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