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Visitors to this cemetery have experienced an unexplained ringing in their ears and the feeling of cobwebs draped over their faces. It is said that these sensations strengthen the closer one gets to a certain grave, one that has a headstone carved from part of a tree. Local legend has it that this was an tree from which people used to be hanged.

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Geographic Information

30th & Casselman Street
Sioux City, IA
United States

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42.52102848141094, -96.44277048180817
Woodbury County, Iowa
Nearest Towns:
North Sioux City, SD (2.1 mi.)
Sioux City, IA (2.6 mi.)
Dakota Dunes, SD (3.2 mi.)
South Sioux City, NE (3.6 mi.)
Dakota City, NE (7.4 mi.)
Jackson, NE (8.0 mi.)
Jefferson, SD (8.2 mi.)
Sergeant Bluff, IA (9.2 mi.)
Hinton, IA (10.7 mi.)
Hubbard, NE (11.9 mi.)


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  1. Couple years ago my friend and I went to the cemetery on halloween night. It was calm, no wind or anything. My friend and I stood outside the gate and took pictures since the house next to it had a man watching us. Didn’t have anything happen to us BUT I was able to get ALOT of orbs with my camera. None of them showed up until I got them on my computer except for the first photo which showed up very clear on my camera screen, it was very bright

  2. Therer is no tree that was used for hanging. It’s a concrete grave stone. I have been there countless times because family is burried there. The place is just not haunted.

  3. I grew up a few blocks away from here but never heard any ghost stories. My family amd I decided to check out the grave in question while I was in town visiting and it is definitely spooky. I didn’t feel or hear anything weird but I do plan on doing the research to figure out the story behind this unusual gravestone.
    PS- There are three smaller headstones that go with this one. A father, son and daughter. Since the girl is aged 1 month 4 days, I don’t think they are hanging victims. Just my opinion though.

  4. My sister and i were going for a run and we decieded to go through the cemetary because its close by the school we went too. As we were running through everything was normal just enjoying the nice day it was and my sister who was running 4 ft in front of me, as we went by a big gravestone in the middle of the cemetary she all of a sudden fell out of the blue right in front of the gravestone. She said she felt that something grabbed her leg to make her fall. She was scared shitless and she was so pale. I have no denying that it really happened. We left immediately. safe to say that we deff ran fast outta there!!

  5. went there last night with some good friends of mine and as we neared the older part of the cemetery up on the hill i swear i heard a woman wailing i turned around so fast i bumped into one of my friends kt was definitely a creepy place

  6. I went to the cemetery Tommy Bolin is buried here. When we drove up to the grave. Deep Purple played on the radio. This In itself was pretty spooky

  7. I visited Calvary last week looking for some relatives’ graves. My daughter had to use the restroom, so I told my husband to take her to a nearby gas station while I began the search for my relatives. I searched for a few minutes and detected nothing. I meandered down to the right side of the entrance and then detected the scent of something dead. It was probably a dead animal, but it made for one creepy effect.

  8. 2009 Halloween night. No wind No bad weather. Taken outside the premises, we didnt go in out of respect and didnt want to trespass

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