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A tragic accident happened near the Glen Memorial Park cemetery back in the 1990s. A bus driver lost control of the bus tipping it down the Gravity Hill killing all the students onboard. Legend has said that not only if you place your car out of gear it would move upwards the hill but also with a blacklight you will be able to see hand marks in back of your vehicle. Maybe it’s the children’s spirits helping to pull up your vehicle.

(Submitted by Abraham S)

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Geographic Information

13017 Lopez Canyon Rd
Sylmar, CA
United States

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34.309370005384636, -118.37873463467099
Los Angeles County, California
Nearest Towns:
San Fernando, CA (3.9 mi.)
Van Nuys, CA (9.4 mi.)
North Hollywood, CA (9.5 mi.)
Burbank, CA (9.7 mi.)
La Crescenta-Montrose, CA (9.8 mi.)
Northridge, CA (10.6 mi.)
Santa Clarita, CA (10.9 mi.)
Sherman Oaks, CA (11.7 mi.)
Universal City, CA (11.9 mi.)
North Glendale, CA (12.2 mi.)


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  1. I graduated from Sylmar High School in 1981. While in high school we used to go to gravity hill all the time. The bus story doesn’t hold up.

  2. When i was younger, some friends and i went here to try it out. It was late at night and on the way to the destination you pass an old asylum. Once we got into the area of the grounds it became really foggy outside and we had to drive slow to get through it. I saw a woman walking across the street wearing a white night dress, i told my friend to watch out and he hit the breaks, when we looked back up there was no one there. All of us were a little freaked out, we just wanted to get past that damn place. When we passed the grounds, the fog lifted and there were numerous hand prints all over our front and back windshield. We kept going until we hit the gravity hill destination and it worked… it was a pretty insane night that i will never forget. my friends and i still trip out about it to this day. That was back in 2001

    • RandomCommentor  |  

      The asylum you are talking about used to be a halfway house for troubled teens, and was also the spot where a part of Terminator 2 was filmed. Where John Connor’s mom breaks out of the hospital, which is the asylum you pass when driving up the cliff towards gravity hill. Before you actually reach GH there’s an abandoned “drive-through” park that’s eerily quiet that has a fire station in it’s entrance that never seems to have anyone inside. There’s also a biker bar nearby called The Sundown. If you drive past GH there are a lot of creepy old homes where white old school white supremists live. I used to live down the street near the 7-11.

      • All utter bollocks, just like the gravity hill and asylum story. The Terminator scenes were filmed in the old Pacoima Memorial Hospital down in Lake View Terrace (corner of Terrabella & Eldridge), next to what is now The Phoenix House and the PUC schools at the corner of Kagel Canyon St&Eldridge. It had been closed since the late ’70s and was torn down in late 2016, just before the Creek Fire, and is now the site of a KB Homes development.And you are not driving by that one when “driving up the cliff”, with that you are likely referring to Hope Gardens, a facility run by the Union Rescue Mission on Lopez Canyon Rd, which houses single elderly homeless women and homeless women with children.
        There is no “abandoned drive-through park”, you are likely referring to Dexter Park, which is a quite well active park within the LA County Parks system, and has the community center for the unincorporated community of Kagel Canyon.
        And LA County Fire Station 74 is very well an active fire station, though during “normal” times (no Red Flag/High Fire danger days) has only 4 people on staff. with one fire engine, one ambulance and one water tender, with additional resources posted during before mentioned increased fire danger days. And while there are a few kind of redneck style people live in the Upper Canyon, there are no “old school white supremacists” living here.There is legend that some KKK folks used to live up there in the middle of the last century, but they all had been run out by the hippies in the late ’60s/early ’70s. And the people living here are much rather annoyed finding the road blocked by dimwits visiting non-existing “Gravity Hill”, racing and doing drugs at the cemetery..

  3. The bus story is bogus. Never happened. The gravity hill thing does work, though, but there is nothing paranormal about it. It’s an optical illusion wherein a slight downhill slope looks like an uphill slope because of the surroundings. Sorry to burst any bubbles.

  4. I used to live by gravity hill when I was younger, from age 12-25, nearby the 7-11. My buddy lives across the street where these old dirt bike ramps were and right before what used to be a halfway house (asylum where they filmed Terminator 2, near Fenton). This was early 2000’s. On the way toward GH you pass a biker bar to your right and shortly pass that on the left is a one-way entrance to what seems like a ‘drive-thru’ abandoned park, that greets you with an eerie fire station, that has the lights on, but no sign of anyone working. When you drive through the park the vibes you get are just as scary as GH itself. Make sure to check it out if you are planning to go up there. The dip or start of gravity hill is right next to the gates of the cemetery which makes it more creepy. I’ve never heard of a bus losing control filled with children because there’s literally no school reason for a school bus to be up there. GH and the cemetery is 100% haunted. My last and final time I went up there with 3 other friends we felt some weird energy. Not on the hill, but when we drove through the cemetery. There was an eerie chill, followed by silence, then shortly after a whisper that my friend (now deceased) heard a warning or caution, but I can’t seem to recall now. Our close friend that lives in our gated commmunity in Sylmar died 2-3 days later from an overdose, and my now deceased friend swears relates back to that night. Also, my unnamed friend that is now deceased was murdered in front of his home when he moved up to Santa Clarita, which is the next town over up the 5/14 freeway. Everything I mentioned is 100% fact. Reply if you have any questions. I’ll be happy to answer anything.

  5. I grew up in Pacoima about five miles from Lopez Canyon. This was in the 1960s. My friends and I would ride our bikes the length of the canyon and would always stop at the stop where our bikes would drift uphill when they should have rolled downhill.
    It is a stretch of road no longer than about 15 feet. Out of that zone, our bikes would drift normally. As a teen, I drove my car to the strange patch countless times. It never failed to go uphill.
    The optical illusion explanation is absurd.
    On one side is a large grassy area that leads to the cemetery and on the other side is a steeply sloping mountainside.
    Behind and ahead there is an unimpeded view of the road.
    The optical illusion explanation is invalid because the rest of the road behaves normally. Logically the entire road should behave abnormally. I was last there in 2007.

    • I went with two friends and my sister. My friend and I were in the back. My other friend drove my car while my sister sat in the front. We went up the cemetery at night and in the graveyard I spotted a young woman with braids who looked kinda transparent. I freaked out and my friend in the back starts shouting he just saw a lady with braids and points to the exact spot I saw her at too but she was suddenly gone. The ones in the front didn’t see her and we both described the same thing we saw. We all freaked and left, especially since driving around she didn’t reappear. I swear that legit made me believe in ghosts

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