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La Palazza Mansion was featured on TV’s Ghost Adventures. According to stories, the mansion was a former mob house more recently owned by a man who challenged its resident ghost, and ended up almost being choked to death by the entity.

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Geographic Information

1700 Bannie Avenue
Las Vegas, NV
United States

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36.154316, -115.16440799999998
Clark County, Nevada
Nearest Towns:
Las Vegas, NV (2.1 mi.)
Winchester, NV (3.0 mi.)
North Las Vegas, NV (4.0 mi.)
Paradise, NV (4.1 mi.)
Spring Valley, NV (5.5 mi.)
Sunrise Manor, NV (6.4 mi.)
Whitney, NV (7.3 mi.)
Nellis Air Force Base, NV (8.7 mi.)
Summerlin South, NV (9.6 mi.)
Enterprise, NV (9.9 mi.)


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  1. I knew this place was really haunted!!! My friends and I drove here one night because they told me they saw something paranormal happen here. Our cell phones battery life died out quickly while walking towards the house and when I got back to my car somebody pushed my head frontwards towards my steering wheel. I got frightened and upset cause I was hoping my sister wouldn’t play such a rude prank on me but she swore she didn’t touch me. I believe this place is haunted.

  2. I went to that house about 5 times and have taken friends aswell that have gotten haunted!! I felt temperature changes happen I also recorded a female voice saying help me sone humming and bangs followed by what sounds like small gun shots

  3. We were shown this house by a realtor in 2009. For $250k and an estimated $100 to fix up, it was a bargain. It made it up to our 2nd choice if our #1offer fell through. For a warm Vegas day it was pretty chilly, drafty and dark inside. The pantry wall corner was uneven so I pushed the wall and it gave way to a smelly cement room with no light, no windows, no door. From outside you could tell a small room had been added, but there was no opening to it except through the pantry. When Ghost Hunters went in, they put a flood light in that room and showed a good 6 inches of caked blood behind the sink. The master bedroom has a loft with stairways on both ends. It was a very drafty room that moved the heavy curtains when I walked in. The whole time it felt like eyes were on me from up in that loft. The eventual owners claimed voices coming from the attic above the loft over the bathroom with lewd comments whenever the wife showered. Another area that seemed ‘wispy’ air drafts was the step down room to the left of the entrance used as a bar with a couple old pull spin slots on the bar. The low ceiling felt like something was just above or even inside the old twisted track lighting. Heard the eventual buyers (who own a restaurant on Sahara near Jones) moved out and won’t go back inside. The husband became depressed, extremely moody and withdrawn, and the wife, obviously effected by continual lewd comments from unseen voices in the attic. Glad we passed, but could it be the basis of seemingly continuous bad luck the last 6 years?? No. I refuse to accept that. But, it sure is a coincidence.

  4. I went there while living Vegas in 2014. Squeezed through the iron gates and checked out the whole property. The back door was open which lead to a den. My friends and I went in and looked around a bit. Looks like some homeless people or low lifers have been occupying the place since there was bags of clothes, empty beer cans and a shopping cart inside. I saw a noose hanging from one of the rafters which looked as though it had been cut down? The pool had a wooden structure over it as though the current owners were planning on covering the pool. It was pretty awesome to see and yes there were many cold spots within the house and yet it was 100+ degrees outside.

  5. Please stop saying this is haunted. It’s been proven the secret room was built in the 90’s so the owner could grow pot. It wasn’t a “mob mansion” and there was no blood or guns found in the home. The current owners are sick of people showing up at their home for no reason. You have no right to be going into peoples homes. Be respectful!

    • Well one, you are being disrespectful for telling people what to do, two, it is haunted, three, it was a mob mansion, four, If it was on Ghost Adventures, there’s proof that it’s haunted, five, you’re probably a Karen, six, stop being a bitch, and yes, I don’t say that often

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  7. I’m a YouTuber that does paranormal investigations and was wondering how do get permission to explore inside this place? I am very interested in it.

  8. I visited this allegedly haunted mansion in early/mid April 2022, which was described as abandoned, haunted, and extremely evil; however, that is not the case. A female realtor inaccurately and unethically characterized this mansion to likely boost her own website traffic or her income, which is disturbing.

    I actually met the owner of the mansion, we had an engaging/interesting conversation, and I actually learned the truth about what actually transpired within the walls of the gated property. Admittedly, the house has a history, but it’s not haunted, nor was holding people captive. This man simply wants to live his life in peace without explorers constantly driving by/staking out the property, and/or formulating plans for breaking and entering.

    I’m a clinical/forensic psychologist, and former fed law enforcement office with the DOJ, and I strongly encourage you to refrain from interfering with his legal right to live in peace and quiet within the sanctity of his home.

    Have some respect, and cross this off any lists of places to explore. You do not have permission to enter, visit, or disrupt the life of a man who has unnecessarily dealt with this for several years now.

    Thank you in advance.

    • I went to this place because I didn’t think ghost where real when I left and got home I had scratches and burn makes all along my neck and arm till this day I will never go again

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