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There have been reports of strange sightings in the chapel and the surrounding cemetery. Ghostly lights that follow visitors around the cemetery at night, the sound’s of babies crying, strange apparition’s moving around the cemetery and unexplained noises are just some of the phenomena reported at this site.

(Submitted by Callum Swift)

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Geographic Information

2010-2014 Keller's Chapel Road
Jonesboro, AR
United States

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35.79468451169729, -90.7422863242391
Craighead County, Arkansas
Nearest Towns:
Jonesboro, AR (3.9 mi.)
Bono, AR (8.6 mi.)
Bay, AR (10.7 mi.)
Cash, AR (10.9 mi.)
Brookland, AR (11.6 mi.)
Egypt, AR (12.5 mi.)
Sedgwick, AR (14.4 mi.)
Weiner, AR (14.9 mi.)
Trumann, AR (15.6 mi.)
Harrisburg, AR (16.0 mi.)


Please note: It is your responsibility to acquire appropriate permissions before investigating any location listed on this site. Private property should be respected at all times, as should all posted signs concerning trespassing, hours of operation and other local regulations. Many "ghost hunters" have been arrested because they failed to contact property owners and/or local authorities ahead of time.

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  1. My buddies and I have been to kellers chapel several times, each time, when we went to leave, something was always wrong with the car. The last time we went, a guy walks up and offers to help us. I pop the hood and it starts right up. I shake his hand, irs ice cold. Go to get in my car, turn around, and thr man is nowhere to be seen.

  2. As a teenager, my friends and I liked to play hide and seek in graveyards, especially around Halloween. When I was 19, some friends and I were playing in Keller’s Chapel Graveyard. We kept hearing sounds as if someone was murdering animals in the woods, we also saw what looked like fire balls in the distance. As we went to leave, we decided to knock on the chapel door. We knocked and nothing happened, so we knocked again, nothing happened, the third time we banged on the door really hard and something banged really hard back. As we ran away, the chapel door flung open but nothing was there. We got in our vehicle to leave and it would not start, but finally after about the third try, the truck finally started and off we went. I have never been back since.

  3. i went there on a hot Wednesday afternoon in early October of this year. it is your typical tiny country cemetary. No one was there. Very few of the graves were decorated. I did notice they have erected a plaque/sign in honor of the burial there of the last living Arkansas Confederate veteran.I drove slowly around the only little *U* shaped drive, and something made me stop about 50 yards from the exit. I got out of the car an looked down to see a tiny, almost totally overgrown gravestone. It had only a name and a date “Baby (last name)* the poor little thing apparently didn’t live long enough for them to even give it a name. I cleaned off the stone as best i could, having brought no tools. I am an intuitive. At this place I sensed nothing bad or creepy, it’s just a little country cemetery. Perhaps I need to visit it toward evening. I believe these rumors of haunting began to stop vandals.

  4. Me and a couple of friends were at the cemetery and we seen 12 people dressed in black in a circle. We all wanted to go back to investigate

  5. back in the late 80s, there was said to have been satanic rituals practiced out in the cemetery, with the sacrificing of animals. Will NOT go there myself!

  6. My sister and her ex boyfriend visited this cemetery one night and they turned off the car. When they went to leave the car wouldn’t start. They ended up pushing the car back onto the road and once out to the cemetery it started right back up. Also she had pictures she had taken with her camera and white orbs were seen everywhere.

  7. There is another cemetery named Martin cemetery from the 1860s back in the woods not far from kellers Chappell. It is without a doubt haunted. With bad bad things. My friend brought a ouji board, and it spelled out somebody close to you will die tonight. That night his dad died of a heart attack. We also found kellers cabin.. will never return there again

  8. i went there got hit by a bunch of people in black and they said dont come back and then when i starred to leave about 20 yards back i turned around and saw kellar

  9. Me and a couple of friends went there to visit one of my friends grandparents grave. We had to walk about a mile or two, because their grave was on the far right side, so we walk there and there was babies crying and we looked and nobody was there. A couple minutes later a baseball bat feel out of the tree and we got super scared one of my friends, Anna said “Let’s just go we can come back when it’s light out.” But, Sarah the one whose grandparents grave was here said, “No, it’s okay.” So we listen to her and keep on walking. By this time everyone is behind Sarah afraid. We run to her grandparents grave and put down a couple bags of flowers and some decorations. We begin to walk back, but one friend Donna wanted to take a picture so we do, “Why would you take a picture at night time?” I ask, everyone nods to my question, but Donna ignores them and takes a picture anyway. We snap the picture and look at it and there is a little girl wearing a blue dress in the photo, “Who is that?” Amelia asks, everyone turns around, but she isn’t there. We walk into the woods and head towards the truck, a grave door slams open “Who did that?” Sarah asks, a bunch of black people in suits come running into a circle, we scream and run into the woods. We stop to take a breath, but we look straight ahead and we see Kellars cabin sitting on the hill. Someone was staring out the window so we run more into the woods and see our truck in a creek, everyone jumps in the trunk and opens the window, Sarah drives off with everyone on the trunk. The next morning we all get a message that was a unknown number that said, “Don’t ever come back to my home or I will kill you. Be glad I didn’t send Betty out for you.”

    • Some of my family lie near that grave when I went I was depressed and i had herd the rumors and i wanted to fight but nothing no people in black no ghost no Betty I think its just by chance you get attacked

  10. Me and some friends have been out to Keller’s Chapel recently, several times over the course of the past few nights, actually. Each time we visited, nothing too noteworthy ever happened, never even a “bad” or uncomfortable feeling.

    The first time, after walking around for about 30 minutes or so, just seeing the place, my friend could have sworn he saw a black figure peeking up from behind one of the graves. I’m not sure if it was just his nerves or if it as legitimate, I never saw anything.

    The second time, we went out there with a couple friends of ours, one of whom claims to have had a really bad experience there prior to this visit, allegedly involving being physically drug out of the car. Nothing happened this time, nor did we really notice anything, other than said friend getting an extremely bad headache and just feeling generally physically uncomfortable.

    Finally, we visited again tonight. Nothing at all out of the ordinary, and again, no bad feelings. I’d recommend seeing it for yourself, but as to whether or not it’s actually haunted, that’s a question I can’t answer.

  11. Heather Seagraves of the bones and skulls paranormal investigation  |  

    How do I ask for permission to investigate kellers chapel. I would love to get some great evidence of the paranormal there. Please contact me with information..

  12. Thought I would let yall know, I called to ask permission to investigate Keller’s Cemetery and they said no, they do not want anyone there do to the past history with kids vandalizing the place.

  13. Went last night (Friday the 13th) and the night before with some friends from work. None of what im about to say is overly exaggerated!!!!!! The first night we went was kind of creepy. As soon as we got out of the car you immediately felt tense and scared. We began to walk around and the whole time I was drawn to this grave that had a big blue light on it and I just couldn’t take my eyes off it. So we proceeded to this little boys grave who was about 3 when he died a few months ago. The closer I got to his grave my chest began to get tight and I felt like I had ran laps around the cemetery. I think the boy’s name was Levi and he had this ugly little cross beside his grave. I think his energy was so strong because he probably didnt like it either. We finally made it to this grave that I was so drawn to and it was a husband and wife’s grave I walked up and felt the same feeling from the other one. Only this time it was stronger and I started getting choked up. I had to hurry up and walk away because I really couldnt breathe while I was standing there. The only thing that made us hurry up and leave was this car full of people pulled up and sat in the car but never got out. They then left, turned on the next street, turned around, then came back in the cemetary, turned around again then left. Doesnt sound like much but when youre in a cemetary and people come and do things like THAT , it makes you feel weird. On the way back to the car put of nowhere we heard a woman scream at the top of her lungs. The sound came from toward the back corner of the cemetary. I told myself I was never going back out there cause ive never been so scared in my life lol

  14. Brian J Waggoner  |  

    This was taken at kellers chapel cemetery in Jonesboro. This photo is NOT edited and was noticed after we posted on Facebook. It clearly shows a woman or little girl in a white dress on the side. I’m curious as to who this might be. My fiance went to visit recently and some guys truck was getting pulled off because it wasn’t starting.

    • that is clearly edited, it’s so easy to edit that in with photoshop and if it wasn’t edited, then you probably would make it much bigger of a deal. And the fact that you said that it is not edited in the second sentence, that seems a little sus.

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