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Johnson’s Island Confederate Cemetery is home to phantom battles, complete with gunshots, soldiers’ screams and marching sounds. It is said that during the Memorial Day parades held on Johnson Island, the deceased soldiers march along with the living soldiers.

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Geographic Information

Johnson Island Causeway
Danbury, OH 43440
United States

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41.50050922732024, -82.72959780686506
Ottawa County, Ohio
Nearest Towns:
Marblehead, OH (2.8 mi.)
Lakeside, OH (3.1 mi.)
Sandusky, OH (3.7 mi.)
Bay View, OH (5.5 mi.)
Kelleys Island, OH (6.7 mi.)
Crystal Rock, OH (7.0 mi.)
Castalia, OH (8.1 mi.)
Whites Landing, OH (10.1 mi.)
Port Clinton, OH (10.8 mi.)
Huron, OH (11.6 mi.)


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  1. i have lived in Port Clinton my whole life an iv been to Johnsons Island a few times I’m my adult life. one time I was there with my family an I was just taking pictures of the cemetery I wasn’t on a ghost hunt at all!! just a family outing. my mother started to get really bad head pain so she went sit on the bench right out side of the grate of the cemetery an she was sitting there an she was taking pictures of us walking around she said she felt much better once she got out of the gate,,(didn’t think anything of it at the time) but when we got home we put the pictures on the computer so we could see them better an bigger on the screen. most of them were of just the family an we go to the end when she was leave the gate in the bushes behind one of us was a soldier he seemed to be sitting or cruched down on the ground he was so plane in the picture as if someone was really sitting there. we all just looked at it for a long time. we went back to see if we could see any thing else in the others pictures one also had a black mass hanging out by the same spot. it got the best of m so I had to go back an see what was over there but there w as nothing there it was in the bushes but in the fence on the other side was the graves an one was an unnamed soldier. we also was running a camera at the time an in the back ground you can hear a whistle not a person but like a steam boat or a steam train not the sound of any train you hear around here that is for sure an you can hear it for a long time on the tape. sadly the pictures cant be found now of the soldier that we did take but we know what was in that picture!!

  2. I have been to Johnsons island several times !!! It is heavily haunted. The cemetery has various tempature changes in it as you walk thru. You can hear solders marching sometimes late at nite. Even had a ball of fire in the sky follow us acrossed the bridge and disappear

  3. I’ll never forget the night trip to the cemetery my close family friend and I took one August night probably 8-9 years ago. Her family has had property up there for years (on the old, non-rich side) and we heard that the cemetery was haunted and of course wanted to check it out, being teenagers. We took a flashlight with fresh batteries and my ouija board and had her older sister drop us off and we told her we’d call when we wanted picked up (the drive from the house was only like a minute or two). Basically while using the ouija board, we sat on that old bench right outside the gate with the flashlight shining on it. It was moving unusually fast and I remember it gave us a name. I asked if he was a confederate soldier buried in the cemetery and it immediately goes to yes very forcefully. We asked what row he was in and it matter-of-factly goes to 5 (being the fifth row when looking from the gate). We asked for his name and it only gave us initials, but that seemed good enough for us, so I asked if we really would find his headstone and it said yeah and that it would let us know when we were close. My friend and I walk in with the flashlight, arm in arm, to the fifth row and begin walking down it towards the lake. A little over halfway down the row, my flashlight starts flickering violently and I start hitting it. It goes off completely and I look at my friend and she’s totally pale and wide-eyed. After smacking it again, it comes back on and we look at each other before shining it on the headstones in front of us. Sure enough, it was the initials we were given and I all of a sudden felt like something didn’t want us there. I told her this and we rush out of the gate to close out the session with the board. It spells out that we need to leave and right after, as we’re sitting on the bench calling my friend’s sister to come get us, we hear this LOUD crunching of leaves in front of us that sounds like footsteps running towards us. We scream and cower on the bench with our eyes shut grabbing each other, and of course, nothing is there when we open our eyes. We ran to the road and waited there for the remaining couple minutes for her sister and we’ve never been back to the cemetery at night.

  4. My cousin owned a lot on the south side of the the island in the the early 70s. One night early in the morning at about 4 am in the summer he had an experience with what sounded like a bunch of men moving in the woods. at the time he had been fishing for catfish on the rocks near the edge of the front of his camper .As the sound of men came closer ,he heard a mans voice exclaim in a loud voice as it seemed to come out of the woods near the front of his camper, the ghostly voice said,” Yes, we had them over hear at one time ! ‘with that came the sounds of rifles being unslung from ghostly shoulders ! he shown his flash light at the camper, but nothing there as the early sun was rising. i use to spend summer weekends with my cousins and i never seen or heard anything !

  5. Being how no battles was fought there I call bullshit. Nobody even knows if a gun was discharged at the prison. Your more likely to have seen a unicorn than I civil war battle when the closest battle was hundreds of miles away. Maybe it was bigfoot

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