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It is said that in Room 169 during the 1900s, a guest named Mary hanged herself in her room. This is rumored to have led to at least some of the many haunting episodes here. Guests and employees alike have witnessed unexplained noises, electrical issues, and faceless apparitions. Some reports say the site was built over a Native American burial ground.

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1 Cedar Point Dr
Sandusky, OH 44870
United States

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41.48430657601119, -82.68388903140476
Erie County, Ohio
Nearest Towns:
Sandusky, OH (2.7 mi.)
Marblehead, OH (4.7 mi.)
Lakeside, OH (5.3 mi.)
Bay View, OH (7.5 mi.)
Kelleys Island, OH (7.9 mi.)
Castalia, OH (8.7 mi.)
Crystal Rock, OH (8.7 mi.)
Huron, OH (9.1 mi.)
Whites Landing, OH (11.9 mi.)
Port Clinton, OH (13.3 mi.)

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  1. This section of the hotel was actually turned into dorms for the employees of cedar point. I stayed in room 169 my 4th summer working there. It was right in the rutunda, facing the beach and off of the sun deck. I would always see a figure and the door would always open even when it was locked. Also i would hear noises from outside at night time, the waves and stuff covered up all the noises from the beach except for a erie… I cant explain the noise. I would change down the hall in a bathroom because i felt something watching.

  2. I also worked at CP. Never experienced anything my self but knew a police officer for the park PD who saw an apparition of a man and woman in 1920’s era clothing on a balcony in the rotunda when the park was closed over the winter.

  3. My family and my brothers two friends just stayed at the Breaker for the Holloweekend. We stayed in room 4211 and was joined to our friends room 4213. For the whole weekend we heard unexplained knocking all through the night. We tried many ways to debunk this and it couldn’t be done. My mother also heard our friends arguing during the night and was so sure it was them but when she asked the next day they had no idea what they were talking about. Then on the last day my brother heard me behind him saying “Not this again,” in a slight whisper. Problem was, I was in the next room. So nothing too creepy but still slightly spooky. My family has lived with the paranormal for many years so we pay no mind usually.

  4. We were here august 2017 . My husband woke up around 1 a.m. And said the television turned on by itself, so he tried to turn it off with the remote and it wouldn’t turn off so he unplugged it and that turned it off. On our last day I went to the gift shop in the hotel, I walked by the refrigerated area where drinks are and the refrigerator door flung open by itself, I asked my husband if he saw it and he said yes, and the cashier came over and quickly closed it and said “we have ghosts here”. I had never heard anything about this place being haunted, but these experiences made me research it. Which is how I got to this website.

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