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During the renovations of the hotel, many construction workers and employees quit due to reports of paranormal activity. The ghost a bellman who was gunned down in the hotel moves the elevator up and down by itself. Guests also report seeing him peering around corners in the building. Doors open and close by themselves, lights go on and off and a hideous moaning sound has been heard on certain levels of the building. A woman who was murdered and buried in the hotel basement allegedly haunts the lower levels of the building. while the third and fourth floors are haunted by an aggressive entity who has been known to pull guests out of their beds. A misty grey apparition has been seen by guests and residents, as parts of the building have now been converted to an apartment bock.

(Submitted by Callum Swift)

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Geographic Information

928 W Main St
Boise, ID 83702
United States

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43.6168741, -116.2054784
Ada County, Idaho
Nearest Towns:
Boise, ID (0.3 mi.)
Garden City, ID (1.7 mi.)
Eagle, ID (9.2 mi.)
Meridian, ID (9.3 mi.)
Kuna, ID (13.8 mi.)
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Nampa, ID (18.7 mi.)
Horseshoe Bend, ID (20.6 mi.)
Middleton, ID (21.6 mi.)
Emmett, ID (23.0 mi.)


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  1. I used to live at the idanha in a apt on the. 5 floor and many times in the elevator I would hear ppl talking approaching the my floor but no one would be there when the door opened . I talked to other neighbors and tegu said similar things would happen to them with hearing someone talking but no one there.

  2. I used to work in a fine dining restaurant located on the first floor of the Idanha during the mid-late 90s called Peter Schott’s. This restaurant, which had been active for over 20 years, used the large basement of this building for banquet storage space. During busy Thanksgiving/Christmas season, I often went into the basement for dining sets/silverware/and random extras that we needed on last minute notice. The basement had an odd L-shaped space in one corner (hard to describe…it went back into the wall like a small dead-end hallway) which was behind a dusty pile of boxes/tables that hadn’t been used for ages. One day when I was gathering extras in the basement for a busy night, curiosity got the best of me. I walked into L-shaped hallway and blindly ran into a pull-string for a light. Turning the light on, I discovered a small empty hallway that just ended pointlessly. I was taking Chinese-American studies in college at the time, and wondered if this was part of the Chinese underground tunnels in Boise Idaho that had been sealed off. I didn’t think much of it, shut off the light, and turned around to get back to work. I scrambled around the tables/piles of stuff near the opening, took off my jacket, and set it on one of the tables. Hours later, when my shift was over, I remembered I left my jacket in the basement and went down stairs to get it. As soon as I went into the basement, a heavy feeling came over me. I felt like someone was down there with me or even watching me even though I was visibly alone. Strangely, I didn’t see my jacket on the table where I left it. I walked over to that corner feeling like a cloud had blocked the sun. I looked where I had left it—but no jacket! I peeked quickly all around the table and as I was about to give up, I saw one tiny portion of my jacket on the floor while the rest went into the dark hallway…right in the opening of the L-shaped space. The hairs stood up on my neck, because I hadn’t told any of my co-workers that I had just explored that area, and I was the only one in and out of the basement that day. I snatched up my jacket and felt like I was walking into a wall of cold air. I ran out of there like a bat out of hell. I had no idea until reading this that a murdered woman was buried down there. I also witnessed some other things (along with my co-workers) in the kitchen of the restaurant which had the door to the basement (like a top dish flying off a stack of dishes by itself—right in front of 4-5 people).

  3. I was partying with friends in 1998. About 4 A.M. I decided to head home. The elevator stopped and opened at the 4th floor and just stopped working. The doors wouldn’t close and it just would not work. After about 5 minutes I decided to use the stairs. As I got to the landing between the 4th and 3rd floors, I saw a mist hanging in the air. It looked kind of like smoke. The mist was there for a few minutes then vanished.

  4. My Fiancé and I lived in the Idanha for a year. We lived on the third floor and would hear footsteps which sounded like steel toe boots, walking across the floor above us. But no one lived in the apartment above us. The elevator would move by itself all night long. I eventually refused to go downstairs without someone with me due to the heaviness and the feeling of being watched. I’ve had things misplaced and hidden from me in my apartment. And sometimes our TV would even turn off and on throughout the night. It’s not a place to live if you are depressed or are having any emotional issues. Amazing historic building. But we could no longer handle it.

  5. Hi,
    The Idanha Hotel is definitely haunted! I stayed here two nights while studying for the Idaho Bar Exam. Each time I walked down the hall on the second floor I heard the sounds of a woman crying near the elevator. It sounded muffled. I ran over to see if anyone was there — no one ever was. I saw the elevator doors open and close numerous times even though no one was in it. I returned to my room to find personal items in different places. For example one time my cosmetic items (make-up, etc.) were on the bed even though I had left them in the bathroom. I called down to the service desk and was told that absolutely no one had been in my room, not a maid or anyone else.. The lights and TV went on and off constantly and the bathroom tub faucet turned on (very hard) with water gushing out of it. I did not see a ghost but the room had very cold spots in it and I was frightened. I felt like something was in the room with me watching me.
    In the morning the window in my room suddenly popped open and the bathroom door slammed.
    That was enough for me. Two days of supernatural stuff and I had enough.
    I checked out of the hotel after reporting what had happened to me to the hotel clerk.
    He told me that the windows on the ground floor constantly popped open despite the fact that they had been firmly secured. He told me that numerous employees reported seeing apparitions. He said he himself had never seen anything but had heard reports from hotel employees as well as many visits and was accustomed to hearing the ghost stories.
    I loved the look of the hotel but was honestly frightened and really glad to get out of there.

  6. I’ve had many friends who have lived in the Idanha, and everyone has a different ghost story. I’ve experienced creepy elevator rides where the elevator will take me to any random floor (not the floor I pressed) and then the doors not closing when trying to go to the correct floor. It was a genuinely freaky experience that I just always use the stairs from now on. This place is 100% haunted.

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