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When King Tutankhamen’s tomb was discovered in 1922, Egypt became part of popular culture. Fitting right in, the Egyptian Theatre opened in 1927, and the first film shown there was “Don Juan.” The ghost said to reside here is believed to be Joe, a projectionist who worked here from the 1920s until his death by heart attack while climbing the stairs to the projection booth in the 1950s. He has been known to open and close doors, turn on and off lights, and make noises. The theater has been featured on ghost-hunting TV programs.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    700 W Main St
    Boise, ID 83702
    United States

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    43.615392, -116.202313
    Ada County, Idaho
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    Garden City, ID (1.9 mi.)
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    1. My mom was the manager here for years in the 90’s. She said her and her friends would come hang out there during close. She said one night they did a ouija board at the end of the hallway. The oracle went straight to no and the projection door slammed shut and the lights went out.
      Years later, when I was 8 and the Incredibles first came out, my mom took my sister and I to see the movie and while we were sitting at the end of the hallway, I set my drink on the ground and it suddenly just tipped over and spilled everywhere. Later when I was old enough to understand the stories my mom would tell me about that place, she realized that where we were sitting and where the drink tipped over was where she and her friends did the ouija board.
      She has a lot of other stories but so little time to type.

    2. I was there tonight with a friend. We sat up top considering we were running late. We were near the middle isle. Every now and then I feel or see things and ignore them. Considering I knew my friend was open and interested in spiritual things I figured I’d let her in on what was going on. I looked over my left shoulder towards the projection booth because I felt I was being watched. I saw a figure of a man, and was a bit freaked out. I told her what I was experiencing. Explained I felt like it was a casually dressed man from the 50s. I was nervous, but believe or nor I experience stuff like this and try to ignore it. I wouldn’t even have mentioned it if she wasn’t open minded. After the opening band there was a long intermission before Bret Dennon. She decided to look up hauntings there. She found out about Joe the projectionist ghost. We were sat ten feet away from the projection booth. This kind of freaked her out. I kind of just thought no shit. I already felt and saw the guy. There is more interesting stuff to this story, but I’m tired or writing with my phone. At least this is noted if even in summary.

      Why doesn’t he have a last name if he worked there? I have a description of what he looked like, but don’t want to share it. I’d like to see if I’m correct about his looks so people don’t make it match.

    3. I work for an A/V company. We were to set up lighting, sound and video recording. During the set-up, circuits that were working; stopped working and certain things became unplugged. Very strange and not good because we had to go around and keep finding other outlets or cords. It was like he was playing a joke on us.

    4. My friend’s older sister and her husband were the crew that cleaned the Egyptian after the last show, bathrooms etc. On weekends, my friend would help out for a few bucks, and once I got to tag along. It was spooky, but with the lights up in the auditorium it was brighter than the lobby and hallways, etc. I helped my friend sweep up in the theater, up and down stairs. I went up front and sat on the organ bench. I had never been to that theater felt cool going into “employee only” areas. I was old enough to understand the rarity of the organ so I was careful, but I did play a few keys and laugh at the ones which were not musical but actual sound effects. It was awesome, but I felt childish and guilty after a bit. Just after that I headed up the main aisle on the right side of the theater and came out the door by the bottom of the stairway. I did not hear or feel anything as I came out the door into the dim lobby. I glanced for my friends but what I saw was the air was all shimmery, like when heat rises off the hot pavement. But only about three feet away in the space just outside the door, almost at the stairs. It was only shiny-like near me at about eye to chest height, not floor to ceiling. It wasn’t scary but I looked for a long time and made sure it was not my eyes adjusting to the lobby lights. I stood and looked a little more than a minute, looked away, and it was still there. All around the light looked normal. I just went the other direction and found my friend’s sister cleaning the bathroom. I did not say anything, cause she had to work there, and all old places have odd feeling spots.

    5. My father worked here as a projectionist for several years. He ran the openings of a lot of famous movies as well. Never heard or saw anything weird. Sketchiest thing that he saw was a drug deal. It’s a great theatre with a lot of character though, so check it out.

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