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Strange incidents seem to constantly occur for residents of the 3rd floor of Hubbard Hall. Doors open and close on their own, alarm clocks seem to trigger at odd hours of the day and night.

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Geographic Information

Hubbard Hall
Cazenovia, NY
United States

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42.93183250536036, -75.85407532394254
Madison County, New York
Nearest Towns:
Cazenovia, NY (0.1 mi.)
Chittenango, NY (7.8 mi.)
Manlius, NY (7.9 mi.)
Fabius, NY (9.5 mi.)
Bolivar, NY (9.8 mi.)
Fayetteville, NY (10.2 mi.)
Morrisville, NY (11.1 mi.)
Canastota, NY (11.5 mi.)
DeRuyter, NY (12.1 mi.)
Wampsville, NY (12.4 mi.)


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  1. This whole campus is haunted. I’ve personally seen a ghostly figure covered in dirt and mud and grime, staring straight up at the ceiling at the end of the hall in my old dorm building. I’ve ventured into the sub-basments and bomb shelters constructed for the World Wars and have had stacks 1800s desks and chairs just up and fall over right in front of me after they were sitting untouched for a couple of decades. Just recently, I woke up early around 4:30 am to take my morning shower to have my door into my suite’s common room only open halfway. Upon further inspection, the 180lbs couch had seemingly relocated itself across the carpeted room in front of my door…

  2. Not sure what John was talking about with the sub basements (there’s this really weird tunnel under Hubbard though–maybe that? Or the basement in Eckel?) but yeah, I gotta agree with him about the campus being haunted. The fourth floor bathroom in Farber is just a no-go area. Friends would tell me all the time about the door banging open, the radio turning on, etc. when they were in there alone.

    The library basement is not a fun place to be at night. I remember one time I got distracted and everyone that had been working in the basement for the past few hours left before I realized I was alone. It was about 11 at night (the library closed at 12 AM), and I didn’t really want to stop working until I actually had to leave. I kept writing my paper with my music turned up. Pretty soon I started getting this feeling like I was being watched. I decided I would take a quick trip to the bathroom to try to shake the feeling and see if anyone else was still downstairs. No one else was there. I went into the bathroom, which was at the end of this narrow hallway–the kind only one person can fit through at a time. Maybe I was just being paranoid or whatever, but walking down that hall, at the time I honestly believed someone was following me. I wish I had stayed down there longer now (I’m curious if I would have actually seen anything), but I was so freaked out at the time I just left.

    I’d be very interested to read more stories on Caz, but as far as I heard while I was a student, the school just isn’t into publicizing the creepy goings-on on campus.

    • I graduated from Caz in 2006. In 2005, one of the librarians shot herself in the library one morning before it opened. At the time I lived in Farber Hall and from my dorm room window you could see the Library. That morning there were police, crime scene investigators, and the library was closed I believe all day. I also remember talking to a security guard who actually found her.
      Idk…but maybe that has something to do with the eerie feeling there?

  3. Lived on the third floor of Hubbard in 1962-1964. Never heard of any haunting. Other gals there at the same time as I now say Centennial was haunted. I wasn’t interested in haunting so perhaps there were stories that I just ignored.

  4. I lived in park hall co-Ed dorm back 1992-1994 and had one or two experiences but nothing to report-it’s been 30 yrs since I was in college but Hubbard hall is definitely haunted-you just feel watched in Hubbard hall and alarms would go off and doors would open and shut-it was just creepy

  5. I lived in Faber 95-96 & Hubbard 96-97…both places were most definitely haunted. In Faber, lived on ground floor…one night at 3AM we kept hearing furniture moving around above us. Our RA went floor to floor to see where it was coming from. She gets to the top floor and it’s coming from the unoccupied attic! Hubbard I experienced object moving, lights going on and off, our “stereos” being turned way up then down. One of my friends who lived in a single went back to her room one night and had chairs stacked in her closet

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