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Brae Loch Inn was once the William Burr Estate, built in 1805. According to reports, Rooms 11 and 12 are especially haunted. Around the inn, visitors may discover strange noises and apparitions of “Scotty,” a man in a kilt; a young girl in a blue dress carrying a tray of candles; and a shadowy male figure. To add to the mystery, the sound of footsteps in tap shoes has been heard on the stairs.

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5 Albany St
Cazenovia, NY 13035
United States

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42.93034, -75.85893899999996
Madison County, New York
Nearest Towns:
Cazenovia, NY (0.3 mi.)
Manlius, NY (7.7 mi.)
Chittenango, NY (7.9 mi.)
Fabius, NY (9.2 mi.)
Bolivar, NY (9.8 mi.)
Fayetteville, NY (10.1 mi.)
Morrisville, NY (11.3 mi.)
Canastota, NY (11.7 mi.)
DeRuyter, NY (11.9 mi.)
Minoa, NY (12.4 mi.)

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  1. Yes but its all good! i have been working there for 11 yrs and have encountered some weird things, the water in the Lady’s Bathroom coming on by itself,the foot pedals are on the floor to turn the water on , i was nowhere near them happened 2 days in a row, a whistler in the Kitchen, when no one else was working but, myself,a tv turning on all by itself, after i have turned it off ,and that was more than twice, in the same room, a door going into a room moving fast before opening it by itself, i have never felt scared or threaten’d by any and one time down near the ladys room something brushing my hair like a breeze enough to give be a chill feeling..

  2. My husband and I own The Brae Loch Inn. The spirits have always been friendly. I have had so many stories over the years. But here is an email from a recent guest.

    Hello Val,
    I am still trying to figure out what it was in our room that night. At first I
    thought I was seeing things until I woke my husband up. It was around 4am I seem
    to have awoken up ,we had left the bathroom light on in the room so we could see
    if we had to get up. The door to the bathroom was closed and the room was pitch
    black. So I thought my husband may have gotten up and closed the door, I thought
    nothing of it. Then three lights came streaming down from the ceiling into our
    bed. Ok now I thought it was a car going by then I found out that was not the
    case. So then another light this time only two streams now I decide to wake my
    husband this was coming right from the ceiling into the bed. I said to him I
    know this sounds crazy but I think there is a ghost in our room watch what
    happens. We waited a couple of minutes and sure enough it came again three
    lights.He said what the hell is that ,should we get out of here.Remember it is 4
    am we came to New York for my granddaughters graduation my daughter had given us
    a gift certificate to stay at the Brae loch ,her and her husband seem to love
    the food there and my husband is from England so she thought we would enjoy
    ourselves there. So leaving at 4 am was not really what we wanted to do if we
    did not have to.So acting like a crazy I said are you a ghost then my husband
    said if you are ,can you answer us with one light for yes and two lights for no.
    I thought we must be nuts ,then one light comes down we could not believe this.
    Then I said are you alone ,two lights for no come immediately .I said are you
    going to hurt us ,again two lights came.Well we both felt a little better now.
    Then I ask do you want us to leave ,now one light for yes comes. So we figure we
    have to go ,then my husband asks is it alright if we stay until morning then we
    will leave . One light for yes comes. The funny thing was we really felt safe we
    both said we were not scared ,I am not sure why. So when it was time for
    breakfast I went to the front desk and told the woman there what happened ,she
    said what room were you in I said room 12 ,she said there were other people who
    had similar stories in that room. The odd thing that I did not mention when we
    first walked into the room I felt something was in that room ,I told my husband
    that right away a funny feeling came over me .We did enjoy our stay the
    experience was something I could never imagine happening .When we were leaving I
    closed the door to the room looked around the hall and decided to take a picture
    I am sending the picture to you 3 lights are in the picture coming down like the
    ones in our room. I would love to know about other happenings there if you could
    let me know .We are from Hudson Ma My daughter lives in Canastota we don’t get
    to New York that often,but the next time we are there we intend to stop by.

  3. On May ,1st 2015, I was with my daughter, wife,my daughter’s husband. Grandson, and very good friend. I knew there was something different about this inn for some reason. As we went in, I noticed a woman standing on the stair case as you are entering the in, she was wearing clothing that seemed to be from the 18 century. When I walked over to her she just disappeared. I thought that was odd, while we were at the chair adjacent to the bar, we were having our first and. And only drink, I saw my grandson who is 18 months looking at the fire place and pointing. I look at what he was looking at and saw a man in a kilt holding his arm out, and rubbing his thumb and index finger at my grandson and skilling at my grandson. I also saw men sitting at the table adjacent to where we were sitting. They looked like they where wearing kilts and hand old fashion bear stones. This was my expierence when I went to this in. Hope to come back some day.

  4. I do not believe in ghosts. My husband’s ancestors lived in this house at once point and owned the one next door. He still have family in the area so when we went to visit for Christmas we thought it would be fun to stay in his family’s old home. We stayed in a room upstairs that looked out over the parking lot and at the house his family used to own.

    During the night I woke up and there was a round light near the ceiling above the bed. It was not like a circle from a flashlight on the ceiling; it was round like a soccer ball and was below the ceiling. It was confusing to me and I dismissed it. The next morning I looked out the window to see if there was a way that alight could be shone in to the room from the outside but nothing made sense. I told someone about this a few weeks later and she said “oh, that is a ghost”. My husband joked that his ancestors came to see who his wife was. I do not know what it was, but since someone said it was a ghost, I figured I would share it here.

  5. My wife and I stayed at the Brae Loch Ins for 3 nights in room #12 on October 21st, 22nd and 23rd of 2016.. We heard the story’s of guests seeing strange things and hearing tapping noises . We wanted to see if these story’s were true. We did not have a Para-Normal experience as we had hoped.. The 3 lights in room 12 never came on when we were their. The ceiling had a flat surface with a sprinkler pipe going across it. Tapping noises were heard through the night due to the Boiler system pipes water hammering on and off when the thermostat was calling for heat. We took pictures inside the room and outside aisle ways hoping to catch a light that the common eye could not pick up. Nothing! Room 12 was very accommodating and we enjoyed staying their. Maybe next time we will see something abnormal in room #11. Good food and drink on the bottom floor of the Inn, a dining area and bar greeted you to a Dining pleasure. Continental Breakfasts in the morning were free with the room. Sitting in the lobby by the fireplace was nice and comfortable in their large cushioned chairs. Would recommend staying their for anyone traveling thru CNY.

  6. I stayed and did an investigation there June 2017 using a P-SB7 Spirit box in 3 sessions. I did not have the best room which is a I think 12 or 14, i was at the far end of the hall in I think its room 19. Valerie Burr was kind enough to give me a short interview and tour of the areas of the hotel which by the way is a great place to stay. I captured plenty of voices and names. I even got a couple of straight over the air EVP’s. The Video is here:

    Next time when I go back I am going to book both rooms that are haunted and maybe do a 2 day investigation.

  7. My team and I stayed here 2 nights. We captured multiple video of orbs coming through walls and disappearing through others. Strong EVPs, especially from the boy in the basement, who wanted a penny sack of candy! Outside cameras caught nothing. Step sounds caught on central stairs. Recommend 2 sets of 4k ccp wireless cameras, as there is 3 floors and the walls are thick.

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