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Hoyt Mansion, also known as Hoyt House or The Point, was built in 1855. It was almost demolished to build a public swimming pool, but its historic status saved it. Despite that fact, no plans have materialized to use the building, and it is now abandoned. Reports say the belonged to an eccentric family who used underground means to enter the home and all eventually committed suicide. It stands between the Mills Mansion and the Vanderbilt Mansion.

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Mills Mansion 2 Rd
Staatsburg, NY
United States

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41.853564709053614, -73.93951767669932
Dutchess County, New York
Nearest Towns:
Staatsburg, NY (0.5 mi.)
Port Ewen, NY (4.0 mi.)
Rhinecliff, NY (4.6 mi.)
Hyde Park, NY (4.8 mi.)
Rifton, NY (5.2 mi.)
Rhinebeck, NY (5.2 mi.)
Kingston, NY (5.9 mi.)
Haviland, NY (6.3 mi.)
Hillside, NY (6.6 mi.)
Tillson, NY (6.9 mi.)

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    • I never heard anything about the people who lived there, that I remember… I would be interested in knowing because I’ve lived here in Hyde park all my life.

  1. I have worked alone in the house several times over the past 10 years and always felt like there was someone there other than myself. I would rush my work and sometimes just go outside to get a break from that feeling. I have been told that several of the staff have seen a ghost in the maintenance building that is located on the property.

  2. The house is not haunted to my knowledge,I’ve been in it many years ago .It used to belong to Mr and Mrs Lydig Hoyt who were members and contributors to St.Margarets Church in Staatsburg.When i lived in Staatsburg i never heard any reports that the house was haunted..

  3. I was there on Sunday April 9th 2017. What brought me here was the report of it being “Haunted”.

    We took the hike to the main house which was surrounded by a chain link fence which didn’t allow you a close enough look at the building. However, you can get very close to the remaining of the other buildings on the site, such as the maintenance building. Approaching the shop you can look in the windows and see what its being used for. As you walk to the north and around the right side down back to an open “garage basement door” a great decrease in temperature was noted, would say at least 25 degrees. I instantly got chills and an eerie feeling as did my girlfriend. As you turn to your left, while standing at the same spot, you come to an open basement door, which you can walk in to and through. That feeling I had multiplied and the chill from that door way increased. I physically could not walk further in to the doorway. I turned back and wished not to explore the other few buildings on site.

    I don’t know if this was a supernatural thing as I have never experienced this before. In my opinion, I would say there was something there. Enough to freak me out a little. I would go back but that day was finished for me.

  4. I grew up nearby and never heard any stories of this place being haunted. Other spots, yes, but not Hoyt House and no way did an entire family there commit suicide.

  5. I currently work for the park & I worked in the maintenance shop for over 2 years. The building i was in was the one located on the road that also leads up to the mansion. The maintenance building or “carriage house” is definitely haunted(in my opinion) I’ve heard various people say they’ve seen a male ghost that disappeared through a wall. The mansion also has sightings & strange things would always happen down at the campground(where i also worked for a while) One thing i can vouch for is working the end of my shift around 4:00, I was waiting for someone to come pick up a box of supplies and they were holding me up from leaving. I heard the front bay door slightly open & loud boots walking in. I assumed it was the park police officer i as waiting on since that was part of their uniform. I had my back to the door and waited. I heard the person walk all the way in and literally right up in back of me, when i turned around nobody was there. I had to spend the rest of the half hour waiting alone & freaking out knowing somebody was standing right there that i couldn’t see. I know there are skeptics and everyone is entitled to there opinion but i know what i have experienced and seen in my time working here.

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