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Roosevelt Mansion was the home of Franklin D. Roosevelt, 32nd U.S. president. It is a National Historic Site, designated as such in 1945. Witnesses say the haunting here is manifested by coldness and a sad feeling in the dining room and in Mrs. Roosevelt’s bedroom.

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4097 Albany Post Road
Hyde Park, NY 12538
United States

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41.77043, -73.932905
Dutchess County, New York
Nearest Towns:
Hyde Park, NY (1.0 mi.)
Haviland, NY (1.6 mi.)
Fairview, NY (3.3 mi.)
Highland, NY (3.7 mi.)
Poughkeepsie, NY (4.9 mi.)
Arlington, NY (5.5 mi.)
Staatsburg, NY (5.5 mi.)
Pleasant Valley, NY (6.0 mi.)
Rifton, NY (7.1 mi.)
Salt Point, NY (7.6 mi.)

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  1. Oh my yes this place is haunted. Sarah Roosevelt has been seen many times and is sometimes accompanied by FDR’s toddler son as well. The third floor fire in the 80’s was preceded by an uptick in false burglar alarms, security camera outlines of foggy looking bodies walking around and in some cases full color sightings of “that lady in the dress”. Sarah was reputed to hate all the people in her house when FDR was president and that anger has been thought by us locals to be the root of the fire.

  2. I agree, I felt the same thing, a heavy sadness right by the kitchen and dining area. And the upstairs bedroom and hallway is just, I don’t know how to explain it but I wanted to stand outside and wait for my husband. I didn’t want to be inside for long. I got the feeling that it was his mother, and she was sad that the house wasn’t being filled with family. The grounds are beautiful and its a beautiful place, but I got the feeling of a heavy energy right away.

  3. We toured both the House and the Museum and took pictures everywhere and when we got home we showed the rest of the family on the TV of what we saw. We saw that we had a picture of what looked like a armored soldier floating in the window of what we now know is some kind of office. I cropped it and put a white arrow on the picture to make it easier to see.

  4. My experience happened last week at the Vanderbilt Mansion down the road. First visit and found the place undergoing renovations. Heard the park rangers joke with visitors about ghosts. Shot numerous pictures and this one came from the second floor bedroom. Drop cloths covered the bed. Two vanity mirrors faced one another with no pictures of paintings in the room. Showed this one to the NPS guide who said, OMG. Appears to have many faces but there’s a distinct one in the middle pane next to a dark and strange image, do you see the gray haired man with glasses?

  5. I visited this home back in 2010 during a class field trip and I could never forget my experience there! I remember specifically in the dining room I heard a sweet soft voice with an accent say “ How is the weather today?” Although the place was crowded, the voice was more of a soft whisper and did not seem like it was part of our time! Spooky stuff! Throughout my time there I kept having this urge to visit the kitchen however that room was closed at the time…

  6. I went with my son today just walked around outside of mansion i heard a voice say come on then i felt like i couldnt breath right when we walked away the heavyness went away was weird

  7. My husband and I visited the park on July 5th. I just reviewed my pictures and videos I took from the backyard where the benches are overlooking the canyon. In one of the videos, the peaceful sounds of birds and crickets is overshadowed halfway with static and what sounds to be a voice(s). I wish I could post it here.

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