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There is a spirit heard every so often playing the piano on the 6th floor ballroom at night. It stops when someone goes up the stairs to the ballroom. A few people that hear it say it is probably a pianist that use to play here back in the 1800’s. There are also cold spots on the 3rd floor near the back fire exit and footsteps of a man who recently died heard walking down the hallway late at night on the 4th floor east wing.

(Submitted by David S.)

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Geographic Information

133 E. Weber Ave
Stockton, CA
United States

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37.954105, -121.28938219999998
San Joaquin County, California
Nearest Towns:
Stockton, CA (0.3 mi.)
August, CA (2.3 mi.)
Kennedy, CA (2.6 mi.)
Taft Mosswood, CA (2.8 mi.)
Country Club, CA (3.0 mi.)
Garden Acres, CA (3.3 mi.)
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  1. I was a prom chaperone last month for the open roof top, restaurant area. It was my job to check the secluded areas to keep kids from getting into trouble. It was a warm night and when I went around the back area by the stairs, I saw a man in a white suit jacket smoking a cigarette sitting on a small wooden stool. It felt instantly cold. I felt embarrassed walking in on his smoke break, I went forward to apologize and he was gone. I left and returned to the area later. It was still cold but, no man, no stool? Creepy as all hell.

      • I saw an entity walk into the wall on the 2nd floor near the open area that looks down into the lobby. A staff person told us a room and door used to be in that spot before it was remodeled. I’m not sure what floor we smelled cadaver/death smells but we all got sick and felt uneasy and had to leave the area. The spirits were not friendly and told us to get out and referred to me as a “preacher” as if it was a bad thing, the voice even sounding demonic.

  2. I used to live in a studio there from 2010-2013, although I would occasionally hear creepy schizophrenics on the floor above me yell and have conversations with themselves, I never experienced anything paranormal until about a month before i moved. One night I was in bed and was awoken by the sound of a mans heavy breathing. I figured it was mine or my neighbors but ruled that out when I held my breath and put my ear to the wall; all I heard was his tv. When I walked over to my window, I could hear the breathing clearly and loudly but when I walked away, the sound would fade as though the man was standing in a specific part of my apt. I didn’t go to sleep after that and was relieved to move out! Creepiest experience ever!

  3. My name is chris i worked all over that motel for almost 2 years when Cfy remodeled it last . cold spots on the 3rd floor ” for sure” as well as the basement . my co workers & i wouldsome time come in early it whould still be dark & we would walk the whole motel sometimes just to see gost. Let me tell you there on every floor in every hall way & the secret stairs in the north side by the movies we actully moved over goi g up one time cause we past a man in a old military uniform. Only we notice when we stop& moved over so did all the foot steps as the man past us we looked back & whatch him go out of site. We looked at each other to validate what we saw smiled as the hair on the back of my neck stood up & continued up the stairs. We used to see a lady in an old looking drees with somethi g on her head like you would see the girls wear on little house on the prarie. Everybody that worked the remodel seen somthi g at onetime or another except thefew who refused to believe what they saw. You know the people who saytheres aperfectly good explanation for what we saw “in denilers” is who we refured them as . every story you hear about that place is just a fraction of whats really going on there.

  4. I live here. …moved in .2015… I live on the 5th floor. .by the smaller elevator…above me is the 6th floor…..when I 1st…moved in….after about a month. .went by…. I would be laying in my bed….I heard what..sounded like orchestra music….true ….for reals…..I would hear people. .by my door…for nites….i would get up and look out the peep hole..too see who is in my hallway….nite after nite….for a three months. ..loud i could hear what sounded like a big orchestra of like what the heck is going on ….I I kept looking out too see who was partying n all loud n the hallway….finaly…I opend my door too see who was out one at all……hallways were empty…..I started hearing like people were up stairs..I till this day. .hear the chairs moving around…on the 6th floor….always at night………..and when I moved in..I would hear the piano. ..playing…I just thought a neighbor in the building was just playing it…it finally finally got me too go walk up to the 6th floor..I wanted too see who was playing the piano. was beautiful the music. …but I walked up the stairs. .and then one was there. …the 6th floor was empty…. At night ..I hear the chairs moving around .loudly…n ..and that continued. .from my bedroom…I heard bottles clanking together. ….like beer or champagne bottles …it’s at nite….when the chairs are loud…my bedroom window right where the doors. Of the 6th floor. .the fire escape is right out my window….i dont hear all the loud orchestra. .hardly anymore…. I know!!!!…I live here….and …I…many neighbours hear ….things too….but i never seen a lady. .but there presence is about the hotel. .. They were hear 1st….they just checking us out…. Crazy but true. …I told my landlord about the chairs n foot steps up above my. Bedroom ceiling.. Is where i would be inn bed….hearing all that. …im like..okay…but this Beautiful. ..the history behind it .i don’t believe n ghosts. ..but….makez me think…I know what I’ve been hearing.. N others that have lived here since it opend have said the sane of there experience. …but i love the history of it…… Today I live here almost 2yrs… im moving too the 3rd floor….woe…

  5. Yes, Hotel Stockton is a very Beautiful place. I had lived there for some years, never got to visit it, but I remembered when it was remodeled. CCG

  6. when I was in my studio apartment in my bathroom and I decided I want to check something out I have one needs to quitman you could use to talk to something when I say are you there are you there in the mirror and all the sudden I saw a black figure all in black white face blonde hair walking from left side of the mirror to the right side in there but I put Goosebumps line I’m on Friday when I saw that figure of a man in my bathroom

  7. This place is definitely haunted and not by nice spirits. I believe something demonic is here. Me and some others investigated over a year ago and got unfriendly spirits wanting us out, referring to me as a preacher (which I’m not) and we got bad smells of death/rot and several of us got sick in the hallways from whatever entities are there. Bad energy. I wouldn’t want to live there. Of course some of the residents might be contributing to the negative energy/presences…

  8. I was lead to this website to let you people know our town been under a dark attack since 1972 someone that didn’t like a freemason person did a ritual on our town to open a dark portal that’s why their so many homeless and alot of people on drugs and alot of broken marriage ect … I had a very powerful awakening I’ve been lifting a lot of curses I lifted a curse that was placed on a church ground the church was so dark everything close up and even the school Catholic and if your familiar with St George’s school and church then you know how dark the church looked go by it know and you will see the difference God told me I lifted the curse and I was working graveyard and the priest would send people to my job to find out who I was but that’s for a book I want to write God told me to write my story because my story will help a lot of people ….

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