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This hotel opened in 1925, and a lot of mysterious happenings occur here. On the 10th floor, witnesses have reported the sound of crying and footsteps in high heels, along with cold spots and strange shadows — it is said that a woman in the 1940s jumped or fell to her death from the presidential suite, and a congressman may have committed suicide here as well. This is said to happen between midnight and 6 a.m. The ghost of a gambling man is said to haunt the second floor, where there was an illegal casino in the 1920s-1930s. In the basement, staff members have said that laundry carts move by themselves.

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    302 S Houston St
    Dallas, TX 75202
    United States

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    32.7772507, -96.80711610000003
    Dallas County, Texas
    Nearest Towns:
    Dallas, TX (0.4 mi.)
    Highland Park, TX (4.0 mi.)
    University Park, TX (5.1 mi.)
    Cockrell Hill, TX (5.4 mi.)
    Hutchins, TX (10.4 mi.)
    Duncanville, TX (10.5 mi.)
    Balch Springs, TX (11.2 mi.)
    Grand Prairie, TX (11.3 mi.)
    Farmers Branch, TX (11.5 mi.)
    Buckingham, TX (12.0 mi.)

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    1. My FFA chapter stayed at this hotel last summer for the State FFA Convention. We stayed on the 9th floor, I woke up the second night we were there at 3am because I felt a body sit on the bed next to me and I heard a women’s voice, humming. But when I woke up and looked around, nobody was there.

    2. July the 20th 2014 I woke up for check out time.I walked the 10th floor hall where i was staying with my movie camera.I stood in front of room 1009 and said ‘ C’mon Smiley let me know if you are here.”Nothing was perceived .I walked down the hall filming until I got back to my room by the elevator.Watching the video later,when I addressed Smiley it went instantly to black with the audio still on.A robotic voice clearly said “This is me Smiley “.The picture came back very staticky and back to clear.The static returned then was back to clear again.The voice was disturbing.

    3. Me and my lady at the time stayed here in about 2007, not knowing anything about the hotel except that they had a great price for being Downtown and open availability. There was a older man dressed as though he was from 100 years ago sitting in the lobby, silent and reading a newspaper… long coat, brim hat and all… there were few other guests, and the only other guest we saw was when we were checking in, a middle aged woman and she looked very panicked and wanted to leave immediately and check out as soon as possible.

      The front desk man was a tall overweight man with what looked like decaying, extremely chapped lips who moved extremely slow and apologized for the current status of the hotel, saying in a very melancholy and sad tone that they owners were doing some remodeling. It obviously made him upset, and he recommended some area attractions and reminded us of breakfast on the second floor. Little did we know, as strange and off putting as checking in was, it was only just beginning.

      The elevator took forever to come down to the lobby, and there was a really strange woman in the elevator, which after our stay we figured worked at the hotel as an elevator girl or something, but no name tag or uniform or anything. She was talking to us about the hotel and whatnot, but she never got off on a floor and stayed in the elevator with no other buttons pushed. And the elevator was the slowest I’ve ever seen in my life, so it made no sense to us how she would stand in there all day. This elevator took nearly five minutes to come down the first time, so I just can’t understand the logic or why she would be in there as the elevator was tiny, hot and cramped with little to no airflow at all and was obviously well over fifty years old and not modern or updated by any means I’ve seen since at least the 1980’s.

      Our room was extremely small, but we left shortly after to enjoy our evening. When we came back it was late and the elevator still did not work… It was stuck open and wouldn’t close, but no alarm or anything going off. No employees anywhere, the man in the old fashioned outfit was still in the lobby, in the same place and chair. The elevator girl was gone, front desk clerk was gone as well. On our way up, we peeked into other floors by accident, and some floors were under renovation and completely stripped with no walls or anything, others were clean but there were no other guests, construction workers, or hotel staff anywhere in sight. I believe I did see a woman walking in one of the halls in a dress, but was too much in a hurry and weirded out to stay and pay attention since our room was one of the top floors.

      Our room was extremely cold when we arrived, and the size was so small it was impossible to feel cozy without feeling cramped. We tried to have some fun but strange sounds and noises were distracting, plus it was ice cold in the room even though there was no air conditioning. The television didn’t work either when we tried it. Someone then knocked on our door, but when I went to the door, no one was there. I looked in the hallway and everything. Then, we heard loud banging, like a door being kicked repeatedly, and it was 3am and completely silent otherwise. At that point we held each other tight and tried to go to sleep, but the sound of opening and shutting doors, footsteps walking on creaky wooden floors in the hall, and loud banging every so often, plus someone knocking on our door really freaked us out. We never heard anyone talking or voices from other guests, or laughter or even couples doing what couples do. We were obviously the only ones on the floor and possibly even staying at the hotel.

      In the morning, after a completely restless night, we again took the stairs down and had breakfast on the second floor, alone, again no other guests. We did see a maid walking with a cart and yes, after she passed through the second floor, one of the carts stationed in the hallway started rolling backwards on its own in the hallway. We checked out and vowed to never ever stay there again no matter how cheap it was. Not knowing it was haunted makes perfect sense, because the entire vibe in that hotel felt like a horror movie waiting to happen. It has since been remodeled and changed its name to the La Quinta, but the same issues are happening still judging from the guest reviews being posted.

      As we were heading to check out, we saw a couple heading waiting on the elevator, luggage and all, pushing the button repeatedly and excited to be in Dallas. I mentioned to them don’t bother and to just take the stairs as it would be faster since nothing in the hotel was working properly, and at that very moment the elevator doors opened, We immediately checked out, sprinted to our car and left. Never again will I step foot in that place.

    4. The Hotel Lawrence closed down and it is now a La Quinta Inn and Suites and they made it look awful on the outside! The hotel is still reportedly haunted, but the staff just doesn’t say if its haunted or not. If you ask the simple “Is this hotel haunted?” They will simply say “No.” As to not ward away any guests from going to their hotel, which makes sense.

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