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Once a convent for nuns, a bulk of the activity here is centered around the apparitions of the convent founder (Doña Ana de Lansos y Menéndez de Valdez). She is seen walking throughout.

(Submitted by Chris Berglund)

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Geographic Information

100 Calle del Cristo
San Juan, 00901
Puerto Rico

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18.4660697, -66.1184543


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  1. Nothing too crazy just a couple of weird things. I stayed here about 8 years ago. My family and I had just returned to San Juan after a cruise and stayed here our last night before heading home. My sister and brother in law stayed in one room while my grandmother and I stayed in what we were told was originally the mother superiors room. The room was nice and a decent size. There was the bedroom area, a little kitchenette, a small halfway that led to the bathroom and then out to the pool, and a little living area with a couch, chairs and a tv. That night I shut off all of the extra doors to the hallway kitchenette and the living area. I like to be closed in when I sleep. I was up much later than my grandmother just watching tv. Very suddenly I could hear the sound of trumpets playing out in the hallway. I went and peaked through the peep hole to see if I could see anything going on but there was nothing. They stopped almost as quickly as it started. I just thought it was weird because it was very late. I got back in bed and ended up falling asleep with the tv on. I woke up probably around 3am to a sound that came from the living area. The door was still shut but the only way I can describe it was it sounded like a drawer or something had been opened and shut. When I woke up I noticed the tv was also off. I thought maybe my grandmother had woken up and turned it off since I didn’t set the sleep timer. I tried to go back to sleep but I had a very unsettling feeling so it took a while. I eventually fell back asleep. When I woke up the next morning my grandmother was already awake getting ready. When she walked out of the bathroom and saw I was awake the first thing she asked me was if I had turned the tv off last night. So then I knew she didn’t do it. When we met back up with my sister and brother in law I asked if anyone else heard the trumpets. My sister heard them as well but we found out nothing had been going on around that time. It wasn’t until I got back home that I looked up online to see if the hotel was haunted. When I found out a lot of thing stories center around the mother superior it definitely made me wonder about my experience. Attached is the picture of the room I heard the noise come from.

  2. We paid extra to upgrade rooms because I wanted something more roomy. We stayed in the room with the big hallway with the living room. I kept seeing shadows so I closed the curtains. At first I thought it was shadows of people walking by or trees. I then remembered later we were above and all those items would have been below. Unable to make a shadow. I went in to take a shower gathered my clothes and as I walked in to the restroom I saw a shadow of a woman sitting on the couch wearing a shall. It was a shadow shape. I looked quickly but no one was there. When I came out of the bathroom my son sat terrified in a corner of the room and said he saw a woman sitting on the couch and described the same image I thought I saw. That’s when we freaked out and ran downstairs. That was the only thing there. But it wasn’t a frightening presence. We didn’t feel fear, but just the realization that we saw something not really there.

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