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Legend has it that the ghost of a little girl doesn’t want visitors here at all, and she may point at the gates as if telling you to leave. The sound of crying babies also has been heard here.

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Geographic Information

North of 340th and Highway 136
Charlotte, Iowa
United States

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41.965835605869515, -90.43210512401856
Clinton County, Iowa
Nearest Towns:
Charlotte, IA (1.7 mi.)
Goose Lake, IA (2.5 mi.)
Preston, IA (5.9 mi.)
Spragueville, IA (7.4 mi.)
Miles, IA (8.3 mi.)
Welton, IA (9.3 mi.)
Andover, IA (9.3 mi.)
Delmar, IA (9.3 mi.)
De Witt, IA (11.3 mi.)
Low Moor, IA (12.0 mi.)


Please note: It is your responsibility to acquire appropriate permissions before investigating any location listed on this site. Private property should be respected at all times, as should all posted signs concerning trespassing, hours of operation and other local regulations. Many "ghost hunters" have been arrested because they failed to contact property owners and/or local authorities ahead of time.

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  1. We heard a baby crying then shortly after that a set of headlights appeared on the road leading back to the cemetery and as soon as we turned our car on to leave they dissapeared.

  2. I have been there 22 times its a place where something happens maybe once in a while I have heard the baby cry and heard the little girl scream leave and also seen the lights and caught pictures of something up there

    • I live at the house right by it and you up there all the time but never hear or see any of that stuff but have only seen from about 20 feet away a person passing by me

  3. Brandon Randolph  |  

    In the cemetery heard the baby crying. Did not see the girl until taking a separate path into the woods. Walked down the path for about 15 minutes and came to the end. The air got very heavy and so we decided to leave and were stopped because we thought we saw something. A pair of eyes standing behind a tree. Too tall to be an animal and they winked at us. So we ran and heard screaming behind us. Definitely haunted very eerie. Caught the eyes for a split second before running.

  4. Brandon Randolph  |  

    Keep in mind that picture has been enhanced so the eyes look a bit blurry. This is what the video got without the enhancement.

    • I got a chance to go there my self. I’ve seen a lady light her self on fire before and die I was afraid as I have ever been then. Then I went there and I just lost it. I shined a flashlight in the way of the crying and all I saw was a glimpse of a baby. I ran like hell. I didn’t stop till I was out. That place it’s scary.

      • Allison Andresen  |  

        I was just there today and I have been there several times. I also use a ghost hunting app. Anyways I think the baby is the photo in this post. The only person in this cemetery with a gate around her grave. Her name is Luella

  5. We were just there … Today.., enjoyed finding the oldest marker I could. No babies, no little girl… Just a wonderful preservation of history‚úĚ

  6. Doesn’t always happen all the time. They have it all fenced off now. Also changed the name of the area and moved the no hunting sign as to try an stop people from going there.

  7. As soon as we pulled up and opened the gate and started exploring in the distance the trees started to loudly creek and it kinda sounded like a door slammed but noone was around. After sitting in the truck for a while we saw things move in the distance, it could have been the people we were with but i wasnt quite sure. When we got the courage to go out with and explore the air got very heavy and cold when we stepped foot in the cemetery and although I didnt see much else I felt like I was being watched the entire time. And as we were leaving my friend claimed he saw two red dots like eyes while we were leaving… Definitely a creepy experience.

  8. Jessica Finley with 2:00 a.m. Paranormal  |  

    I have investigated this cemetery several times, it has been very active everytime we’re there. And I never felt like it was negative energy until this last time that we were there it May 29th of last year. As soon we got there I noticed that all of the broken head stones were goon and had not been replaced, a lot of the trees were cut down also, and thE negative energy or presense was so strong, we captured a male voice telling us to get out get out now over and over. It was my husband got pushed so hard that almost fell on his face that I decided that it was probubly to go.

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