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This historic gothic mansion belonged to a family of barristers, who moved out after seeing the apparition of a woman in white roaming the hallways and ground after dark. Visitors to the house will not go down to the basement alone, which is believed to be haunted by an eerie entity.

(Submitted by Callum Swift)

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Geographic Information

North 3rd Street and 18th Avenue
Clinton, Iowa
United States

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41.86542404715912, -90.18509575727876
Clinton County, Iowa
Nearest Towns:
Fulton, IL (1.3 mi.)
Clinton, IA (1.5 mi.)
Albany, IL (5.5 mi.)
Camanche, IA (6.5 mi.)
Thomson, IL (7.8 mi.)
Andover, IA (8.6 mi.)
Low Moor, IA (9.8 mi.)
Morrison, IL (12.0 mi.)
Goose Lake, IA (12.4 mi.)
Sabula, IA (14.2 mi.)


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Comments (22)

  1. I grew up in the area and it is the 2nd house from that corner. There have been stories that date back to the early 1900’s about the house. The house has sat without anyone living in it for at least 40 years that I know of. It is said that many have tried to renovate it and the crews just leave. There is also stories that one room will catch on fire every time that the house has work done to it. The grounds are very beautiful. In its hay day it was a very beautiful Mansion. My great grandmother used to tell me stories of the home and at that time the owner. She used to assist the owner and clean the home for her. The home is also said to have been part of the underground railroad. There are many stories surrounding this home as to what is real and what is legend is left up to those who want to investigate this location. I would love to know if anyone is able to legally enter the home and investigate though. I am a believer of the paranormal and would like to know fact from fiction surrounding this home. It has intrigued me since childhood in the 1970’s.

    • Dear Rebecca,
      I’m doing a report on Clinton county and came to see what this site was, I’m interested in this story ready to be solved, by any chance could you get in contact with me and tell me the address of this mansion.
      Thank You
      Kayla Gates

      • The Quad City times did a story on it awhile ago. Its on 18th ave. North. I know the owner of the house also owns the Ice Cream shop up by eagle point called Carols Original Ice Cream.I hope that helps.

  2. I worked for the current owner 2 years ago installing traditional plaster on the 1853 mansion and was working late into the evening. I heard what seemed to be chains being dragged across the 2 nd floor wood floors. Since I was the only person working there at the time I went upstairs to investigate and found nothing. At that point I packed up my tools and left.

  3. Ive heard when the Wolf family lived there that one night mrs. wolf was sleeping in the upstairs bedroom when she was awoken by a women in the hallway wearing a white dress..scary

  4. The same story was told to me years ago about the woman in white walking down the hallway, also you walk in a room and all of a sudden it turns cold, this mansion has been around a very long time. I wonder what else has happened in this house, I bet there is more true stories that we don’t even know about there has to be ghost in there. Gives me goose bumps just talking about it.

  5. When they used it for a antique storage place I was in there and saw strange black hand prints on the doors. They were to small to be human and to big to be an animal. They looked almost like a demons hand print.

  6. Well it seems the new owner is living there and has posted no trespassing signs on the property. I heard two people have been arrested for trying to get in the house. They have cameras all over there now.

  7. This is called the Cotton house because it was named after the first man who lived there, Judge Aylett R. Cotton. He moved to Clinton, IA in 1844 & had the house built in 1853.

    • Then you have been under a rock cuz I’m 31 and lived in that neighborhood my whole life there’s actually 2-3 mansions next to one another that at least 2 have been haunted for as long as I’ve been alive used to be owned by our towns founders aka lumber barons

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