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This 1880s inn is said to have a haunt on its third floor. Witnesses say the ghost of a woman who died here in recent years has been seen walking through the third-floor hallways.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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9239 Valley Blvd
Blowing Rock, NC 28605
United States

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36.1183809, -81.66066339999998
Caldwell County, North Carolina
Nearest Towns:
Blowing Rock, NC (1.5 mi.)
Foscoe, NC (6.6 mi.)
Boone, NC (6.8 mi.)
Valle Crucis, NC (9.1 mi.)
Seven Devils, NC (10.1 mi.)
Grandfather, NC (10.5 mi.)
Sugar Mountain, NC (11.1 mi.)
Banner Elk, NC (12.2 mi.)
Beech Mountain, NC (14.3 mi.)
Newland, NC (15.0 mi.)

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  1. First, the Green Park Inn is in BLOWING ROCK, not Lenoir. I stayed there for a week a couple of years ago, waiting for my house to be readied. At that time they did not rent the rooms on the third floor. I took my trusty schnauzer to get a peek upstairs, but he wouldn’t get off the elevator. Late at night a staff member let me in the room Laura Bell hung herself from the still visible water pipes. Legend says she was left at the alter when her lover ran away. She was so embarrassed she decided to end her life, but evidently could not end her tenancy at the Green Park Inn.

  2. We stayed here sept. 2013 for soon as I went to the doorway into the “history” room every hair on my body stood up. When I backed away it would stop. I also had the same experience in the dining area. Funny thing was every time the waitress came to the table it would disappear. She’d leave and it would come back. I looked for vents, etc. Anything to explain it. Nothing. The alarm went off in our room and it wasn’t even on, it was flashing 12:00(as most do when they’ve been unplugged and then plugged back in), but I looked the alarm was off. My daughter and I ran out into the hallway in our pj’s , lol.I went to the desk and told the guy there was some spirit here, and asked what happened and the guy looked at me but wouldn’t say a word, I kept insisting and he just looked at me. He knew. Then I find out the darn place is haunted and they were told not to discuss it. Would have been nice to know ahead of time at least I could have prepared myself! Yeah this place is haunted!!!

  3. My husband and I used to go to the Boone / Blowing Rock area every year to celebrate our anniversary. One of the last trips we took there we stopped at the Green Park Inn. I had noticed it every time we went up there and always wanted to see the rooms and what it was like on the inside. I did not know its history. This particular day it was snowing and very cold. I had a ski jacket on. I convinced him to stop and I went in to the front desk. I asked the lady if she would mind showing me a few rooms. We were going to book a couple nights there if I liked them. She took me to a few on the first floor and I asked could I see something on the second floor. We climbed the stairs and got to the second floor, I was so hot because I still had my jacket on and the heat was obviously on and turned up in there. As we were walking down the hallway all of a sudden something so cold passed thru me that it made me stop and shiver. Then it was gone. I turned and asked the lady, out of the blue and half kidding “does this place have a ghost?”. She smiled and said yes, that there had been reports of that. Well that was all it took for me to say thank you and get the heck out of there. I didn’t even bother to look at anymore rooms. I was terrified.

  4. on a skiing trip with my family, my friends and I are in one room our parents in the connected room. We are trying to sleep but we keep hearing a banging on the wall behind us, funny thing is we are the last room on the hall. Our window opens by itself and the door to our room opened by itself. When we are in the dining room we feel sick but as soon as we leave we feel fine. Never been more terrified in my life

  5. My two bff’s and I stayed there overnight a few years back. It was January around midnight when we checked in and there was an eriey presence from the moment we arrived. It seemed like a cool place to stay and HAD NO IDEA OF THE HAUNTED STORIES. We were the only guests on the third floor. We called the front desk to inquire where the ice machine was located. No one answered after numerous attempts. One of my friends and I went down to the front desk and no one was available anywhere. The ace was deserted! We went back upstairs and heard strange noises coming from the room across from the elevator. There were also sounds in the hallway that freaked is out! We stayed awake in our room all night. The next morning we checked out & informed them of the strange happenings. They nonchalantly said oh yes the place is haunted & a young woman hung herself in the room we heard the noises coming from. Never went back needless to say!

  6. We stayed on the third floor in room 319 it turned out the most haunted room was room 318 the moment I got to the third floor it was almost like I had a plastic bag over my head. There were 2 hallwayss they didn’t want anyone to go down so they turned the lights off so my brother decided to go down one of the hallways and felt as if someone was breathing down his neck then out of now where he heard scratching on the doors and heard was sounded like a lady saying get out of my room. We went to the elevator to request a new room and while when we’re getting on the elevator we heard was sounded like a little girl screaming. NEVER GOING BACK

  7. I stayed at the Green Park Inn April 9,2016. My friend & I had been out driving thru the mountains when we decided to find a place for the night. We couldnt find anywhere until another hotel called the Green Park Inn for us to see if they had a vacancy on short notice. They did & upon arrival we saw a beautiful old establishment . Walking through the entrance transports you back in time. Items from by gone areas have been gathered into a history room. Neither one of us had any knowledge of this Inn. We were told one room was left on the 3rd floor room 304. We gladly took the stairs as I was curious to look around. Its an amazing old place. Some halls had been shut off by turning the lights out. We walked about the hotel speculating on how it may have looked 100 yrs ago. Once back on the 3rd floor i didnt notice anyone else there except us. That night we both heard conversations between what sounded like a woman & man…right outside our door. It got louder & the womans voice seem to be laughing. My friend opened the door & looked out, then up & down the hall but didnt see anyone. It continued for a while but we could never make out the words. The room has a heater attached on the wall near the ceiling across the room from the bed. Right beside the bed near the window is an old original radiator that doesnt appear to work, the cover makes for a nice decor. We heard noises coming up from below out of this radiator all night, from subtle to banging. It got to the point we couldnt sleep because of what seemed like a banging on pipes sound. The next morning we joked between voices murmmering & something banging we didnt get much sleep. The Inn has a wonderful breakfast & i did enjoy the stay. Only until I got home & googled the place, so that I may go back for a longer stay, did I discover the real history & haunted experiences. I dont have any explanation for the conversation heard outside our door, pipes banging? Well I suppose someone could rationalize that. Overall my experience was not bad & I do plan on another visit. Its a beautiful piece of history

    • My husband and I stayed in September 2016. I had read things about the haunts there, but I love historic places and wanted to stay. I asked for a room in the “newer” section, but what we got was a room in the older section on the 2nd floor. Lying in bed, looking up at those old pipes on the ceiling made me scared because I thought about the incident of the girl on the third floor that happened years ago,. Then I heard noises out in the hall, plus a very uneasy feeling. The dining room was dark and depressing. The bartender was strange and the desk clerk, too. It was a very weird feeling. The hallways were spooky, looked just like The Shining.

  8. Stayed for a few days over valentine’s 2014. I dont recall what room, but we were on the 3rd floor, at the end of the hall next to the parking lot ,on the back.
    The first night we stayed, we were laying in bed. I felt the bed shake but didn’t think anything of it. About 5 minutes later, it occurred again.
    It wasn’t long after when it happened again and my wife asked if I was shaking the bed.
    It didn’t happen again during our visit.
    As I was thumbing through a book of hotels on the national historic registry , the next day, I see that the Green Park Inn was listed. It had several icons representing different things that were offerd. I was intrigued to see one with a little ghost, meaning it was haunted.
    I inquired at the desk upon check out and was told, that they respect the privacy of all their guest…both present, and past.

  9. My husband and I stayed there last week, on a Sunday night, one night. I haven’t been myself since. I never actually “saw” a ghost, but I had an extreme sense of uneasiness the whole time I was there, especially in the room. Those creepy water pipes hanging from the ceiling; all I could think about was that poor girl who supposedly hanged herself from those pipes on the 3rd floor. I made the reservation the day before, and then I googled the place (maybe a big mistake). I called back but it was too late to cancel the reservation. The lady offered me a room in the newer section, I guess to keep me from backing out, but come to find out later that night, we were in the OLD historic section, not the newer place.The dining room was so dark and depressing, no windows. Dark dark woodwork, dark carpet, dark walls. I felt like I was in the place where The Shining was filmed. Long hallways and lots them. We were on the 2nd floor and no one else was on that floor. Even the employees acted strange; I can’t describe it. I couldn’t wait to get the heak out of there the next morning. I haven’t slept good since. I hope to put it behind me and I ain’t never goin back.

  10. At the time is was 10 years old(2013). I was with my family on vacation. At the time my mom didn’t know that the 3rd floor was haunted but she was aware that it was historic. The first night we had stayed there, I new and felt a figure I thought to be a yournger woman, sit down on the foot of my bed. I woke up crying and jumped in bed with my mom and her boyfriend. My mom left the bed a couple of hours later and woke up feeling in easy. She looked over, petrified, to see a dark, man figure in old-timy clothes walking toword me in the middle of the night. My mother sat up and told him “back away!” And just like that, he vanished in thin air. Two days later, on the way home, I told my mom about the strangest dream I had 2 nights earlier. It was about a tall, man dressed in old-timy clothes watching over me in the night. I looked over at my mom because she haven’t said anything, but she looked as white as a sheet. She had then told me that my dream was real.

  11. My 2 friends and I stayed there March 9, 2018 in room 238. In the middle of the night, I felt someone gently squeeze my toes (my feet were under the covers). I opened my eyes and heard someone whisper “Vicky”. I told my friends the next morning, and I know they thought I was dreaming, but I know I wasn’t! After I got home, I googled the Inn and hauntings, and was shocked to see that it was haunted!!! I also saw the word “boo” on the mirror in the bathroom when I got out of the shower, but suspect that was the person who cleaned the room. In looking at other people’s comments, I don’t see any similar experience, but I have no doubt that what I experienced was paranormal!

  12. We are staying here now. We are staying in room 232 and one day my mom went and took the stairs to the 3rd floor. At the time she didn’t know it was haunted. She came back to the room and said she saw stuff. She said maybe it was people or ghosts but it was creepy so she left. And now she wants to ask the people at the front desk if they can let us go in the room 318 the day we leave. She’s crazy

  13. My husband and I stayed here in 2006,just after Thanksgiving. We had our rooms upgraded due to a reservation error. We stayed on the second floor in a two-room suite overlooking the front entrance way (the porch). The entry way into the room led into an area with a couch and television. You had to walk through this room to get to the bedroom and bathroom. For some reason I awoke during the middle of the night as my husband slept soundly in the bed next to me. Somehow in the dark I could see into the next room where the TV and couch were. I saw a tall man enter my line of vision and go stand and look out the window overlooking the front of the main entrance to the hotel. He was wearing what looked to be an old uniform of some sort. He stood for a long time and then turned and looked toward us. The entire time I was poking my husband trying to get him to wake up, we had a visitor. He never stirred. After a time, the vision turned and exited the room.
    I did NOT know about the haunted stories of the hotel. I now believe the uniform was a Civil War uniform. It looked like pictures I had seen.
    Another thing I didn’t feel comfortable about – next to the elevator near the main entrance hung a portrait of a woman. Each time I got near the portrait to enter the elevator, my hair on the back of my neck would stand up and I would get a strange feeling as if being watched. I still don’t know who the woman was, but if anyone knows if the portrait is still there I would love to know.
    I would have shared this years ago but I didn’t know this forum existed. I understand the hotel was updated in 2010 by new owners.
    I plan on going back up to the hotel with my husband the week after Thanksgiving. He had better be prepared to wake up when I poke him this time!

  14. These people are all idiots. This place is as haunted as a haunted house at universal studios. Crazy why people would lie on the internet over something like this. That or these people are tricking themselves into thinking things for fun. I don’t know.

  15. I stayed here in 2004 or 2005, before it was renovated. I believe it was the second floor. My friends and I were awakened at 3:30 am because we heard children laughing and playing in the hallway! I looked out and I saw nothing but very creepy hotel. Nice but reminds you of The Shining for sure.

  16. I used to work there and yes on the 3rd floor it is crazy.i have heard little kids running up and down the hall way in the brides room it fells like someone is watching you.doors would open by themselves voices and a lot more it was great I loved it and I still do because my house is also haunted.thank you for letting me share this I would love to go with you on a hunt since I can see and talk to them thank

  17. My daughter and I stayed for 2 nights the end of September. We requested a room on the third floor. We brought a recorder just to hear what everyone was talking about. To our surprised on our first night I received a reply to one of our first questions which was is there anyone with us here tonight. When we ran it back a lady’s voice whispered ” I am here” as I ran it back both of us had chill bumps. After going home we ran through the recordings, later we heard a name (WE Could not get it), and the word ok, and is it you and a name. I really did not totally beleive in spirits before, but there was no explanation for the voices we recorded. I enjoyed my stay even with the spirit!

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