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Glidewells was once a Tijuana Flat’s. The Mexican eatery partially burned down, and a little girl perished in the blaze. Since the restaurant was rebuilt, the little girl’s ghostly voice was occasionally heard in the building.

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Geographic Information

1182 Main St
Blowing Rock, NC 28605
United States

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36.1311932, -81.67868759999999
Watauga County, North Carolina
Nearest Towns:
Blowing Rock, NC (0.3 mi.)
Foscoe, NC (5.3 mi.)
Boone, NC (5.9 mi.)
Valle Crucis, NC (7.8 mi.)
Seven Devils, NC (8.9 mi.)
Grandfather, NC (9.7 mi.)
Sugar Mountain, NC (10.1 mi.)
Banner Elk, NC (11.0 mi.)
Beech Mountain, NC (13.0 mi.)
Newland, NC (14.2 mi.)


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  1. The place that used to be Tijuana FATS (also in Greensboro, at that time), then Glide wells, then MK’s. Both went out of business and now the place is the home of the Town Tavern, a successful bar and restaurant. The ghost story is this: man, drunk, finishing the hearth in his new cabin. He’s grouchy and kind of mean. Small girl, Mary steps onto the wet cement, Daddy goes to grab her up and beat her, she falls in the fire and burns to death. Her footprints an still be seen on the right side of the back fireplace hearth. How do I know? I read tarot up there on the nights of the full moon. It’s definitely an iinteresting property.

    • Nicholas Becker  |  

      the fireplace is stone- not cement. I worked here back in 2004. The footprints are eerie. I have many stories about this place and do not have time at the moment. I will add them later this week. I did not believe in spirits until I worked here. This place is legit. The Watauga Democrat (local newspaper) featured a story about this place with firsthand accounts around 2003-2004 ish. I will look for a link hopefully.

  2. My family used to own the restaurant and the story that i was told is that there was a family of a little girl, a teenage daughter,a mom, and a dad. The dad was a crazy, and tried to burn down the house. Part of it burned down killing the mom and the older sister. The younger sister was by the fireplace where there is still footprints and climbed up it. The story ended with the girl never being found. I know when we were there someone went in the attic and there flash light cut off. Also in the back sometimes you could hear still weird noises

  3. Mary MacDonald  |  

    I had friends who worked at Tijuana Fat’s and I managed a business nearby.
    I was in the restaurant numerous times late at night after closing time. The little girl’s name was Mary. She died in the fire. Supposedly they tried to cover up the footprint by the fireplace and it reappeared so they left it. You heard a little girl’s laughter. saw the lights start to aggressively sway one after another with no breeze, same with the tables that used to be old sewing machine tables, would hear her running down the hallway, the back bathrooms were exceptionally creepy, and several employees saw her, one at a child’s party, thought she was left behind, one actually claimed she climbed into her passenger seat of her car, and she quit the next day, and I witnessed openings where we’d go inside and the bloody Mary key would have been pressed on the cash register in the bar hundreds of times, which spelled out Mary, Mary, Mary over and over on the register tape, and the entire tape would be laying there on the floor hanging out of the register, when the restaurant had been locked up all night! I loved the place but only experienced the lights being moved and heard laughter after closing once.

  4. This is now the Town Tavern of Blowing Rock. I’ve worked here about a year now. People still have strange things happening here and there that no one can explain. The little girl seems to like to play with our music and mess with the volume. I’ve also had a bottle of vinegar fly off the table with no one around. Nothing harmful but she definietly likes to be noticed.

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