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Urban legend has it that in the 1970s a girl drowned here while waterskiing. Folks have seen her ghost sitting on the shore rocks, looking out upon the water. Those who have tried to approach her say she disappears.

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Geographic Information

Lake Lowell
Nampa, ID
United States

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43.5502179, -116.67387730000002
Canyon County, Idaho
Nearest Towns:
Nampa, ID (5.6 mi.)
Marsing, ID (7.0 mi.)
Caldwell, ID (7.8 mi.)
Greenleaf, ID (11.0 mi.)
Middleton, ID (11.1 mi.)
Star, ID (13.3 mi.)
Kuna, ID (13.3 mi.)
Notus, ID (13.7 mi.)
Homedale, ID (13.8 mi.)
Melba, ID (14.1 mi.)


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Comments (11)

  1. Three of us watched a small blue light pulsating, near the tree line, just over the bank, for over a minute before it dimmed and went out completely. We’d heard of the legend and decided to drive out one night to see for ourselves, if there was any truth to the stories, and that’s when we all became aware of the light. We returned the next night before dark and walked down to the area where we’d seen the light the night before and it was definitely in the tree line, not as far down as the water line, definitely not a reflection. It was not too far from the old dead tree that still stands. This took place in the fall of 2013.

  2. I grew up 1/2 mile from the lake. I remember hearing about her accident. About 2 weeks after her death she started to appear. I myself can attest to her being there. I have seen her haunting figure down by the old tree, close to the shore line. Having waterskied the lake I know the area she died. Lots of logs just under the waterline. She appears from mid may to late aug. Spooky

  3. I’m a paranormal researcher and I went and conducted an investigation here.
    My team and I walked around the lake from about 12:30 – 3:00 a.m.
    Among the experiences we had, we saw a figure walk from the lake to the trees. We also heard several voices call out to us from the lake. One of them even called my colleague by name.
    Awesome place.

  4. Went out there on a vaca took some pictures but this picture was very offsetting so when i got home . Got on the computer blew it up and sharpened it and one picture i just made black and white do u guys see what i see.

  5. I haven’t lived in Nampa very long but I’ve hear about this “Lady of the Lake”, but only very vague details. I’m a writer and I like scary stories, I’d like to write a fictional short story but I need more details about what goes on there and the Legend behind it all. Anything would be very helpful!

  6. I’ve lived in this area my whole life and haven’t heard of this story, but it would explain a lot. I haven’t done all the research but every summer I can remember at least 1 or 2 people drown in this lake. Almost always are adults. Almost every news article either says witnesses turned around and their friend was gone, or there was a short struggle and then they sank and never came back up. It’s also always by the dock near the lower dam. Every single drowning. My mom in her 50s grew up here and she told me it’s been going on as long as she can remember as well.

  7. There is a demon that resides over the lake, it doesn’t want anything there, dont go there at night. It isn’t right.

  8. I heard an earlier story of a young woman who drown in lake Lowell when her long hair got caught in the motor prop. This happened in the fifties, and my dad claimed to have gone to school with her.

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