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This building was built in 1918, and shut down in 1999, due to chemical leaks from the basement pipes. Since it was shut down, there have been many sightings of ghosts and what some believe may be demons, or the angry spirits of the patients who just happened to die .in the hospital. The hospital went through many changes, and reached many stages. It went from a hospital, to an asylum, to an old folks home, and then right back to a hospital. After it was shut down, many people broke in to see what kind of strange things they could find in this historic building. In the east wing, the “pink room” was found. Bright pink walls, smeared with blood that seemed to be placed there by the angry spirit of the psychopath that once resided there. The basement and morgue were places not many had the courage to explore. The majority of those who went into the basement and/or morgue, never entered the building again. The citizens living near and around the building, told of an apparation they saw running through the hospitals yard. In spring on 2016, the building caught on fire, and half of it was torn down. All that is left now of the building is one wing, containing the chapel, kitchen, boiler room, and a few patients rooms. On the chapel floor, you can find strange scratches and blood stains, along with items used for satanic rituals. The building left with a strange history, and the spirits who left it becomes more angry and restless every day, as the horror of what happened to their home hits them.

Demolished, May 2016.

(Submitted by Emma E)

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9th and 17th
Nampa, ID
United States

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43.56986999999999, -116.56244300000003
Canyon County, Idaho
Nearest Towns:
Nampa, ID (2.0 mi.)
Kuna, ID (8.9 mi.)
Caldwell, ID (9.0 mi.)
Meridian, ID (9.0 mi.)
Star, ID (9.1 mi.)
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Marsing, ID (12.7 mi.)
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Greenleaf, ID (14.5 mi.)


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  1. Grew up in Nampa , still live here . The Hospital is in the city and we drive by it often . I have never witnessed anything , but many people talk about experiences they have had or heard about . Just waiting for them to finish demolition .

  2. Got drunk went in there at night by my self wasnt that bad. But i cuaght recording intelligent spirits. One said “did you tell” and i asked what is it like in the after life it said “it hurts” trippy…

  3. Huh…who wrote this and where did you get your information?
    Article states went from old folks home and then back to a hospital?
    Doubtful…stayed as old folks home/retirement/residential care facility until its closing I think-
    until it was shut down sometime in2000? Was open in 1999.

  4. We went before the fire in the summer. We broke in and went into one of the rooms adjacent to the “pink” room. We heard some faint voices as we walked the hallway. We walked past a room that had the number 66 on it. As I walked by, I heard a voice say,” Say man, I’ll give you two fiddy if you open dis do’.” I stopped and said,” Hell no!” The voice then said, “Den how ’bout tree fiddy?” I opened the door and shined my flashlight into the room. I t was empty except for a wheel chair and an old bed frame. I then saw writing on the wall, it read “Slappy was here.” That writing was everywhere. I then was about to close the door when I heard a loud voice yell,”leave dat do’ open, jive turkey!” I then left it open and walked away quickly only to find my friend talking to a spirit two rooms down.The spirit’s name was “Qwansi.” It told me that I was talking to the spirit of Slappy. Slappy was an old black man who dies after getting sick of Tuberculosis.I asked this spirit if it was safe to go into the basement/morgue. It warned us not to, said there was “evil” down there. My friend and I finally left and went to our truck. When I got in the passenger side, I found “tree fiddy” left on the seat. Three dollars and fifty cents!! It blew my mind. I wonder what happened to the spirits we talked to after they demolished the building.

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