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Glenbeulah Cemetery, aka Walnut Grove Cemetery, has graves dating as far back as the early 1800s, one of which glows and another of which sometimes sports a ghostly pair of shoes, according to legend. Rumor has it that a man hanged himself here, and his apparition has been seen late at night. The place has been featured on TV’s Unsolved Mysteries.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    Geographic Information

    Walnut Dr
    Glenbeulah, WI
    United States

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    43.7911162, -88.04777030000002
    Sheboygan County, Wisconsin
    Nearest Towns:
    Glenbeulah, WI (0.4 mi.)
    Greenbush, WI (2.1 mi.)
    Elkhart Lake, WI (3.3 mi.)
    Plymouth, WI (4.6 mi.)
    Saint Cloud, WI (6.3 mi.)
    Kiel, WI (8.4 mi.)
    Cascade, WI (9.4 mi.)
    Waldo, WI (9.4 mi.)
    Mount Calvary, WI (10.2 mi.)
    New Holstein, WI (11.1 mi.)


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    1. When i was younger a few friends and i went out there late at night. We were told that police watch the area and to be careful so we didnt get into trouble. So when we were driving up the road late at night we seen a older man walking along the side of the road. He turned and looked at us and shook his head as if he knew what we were going to do. We drove further down the road and turned onto the road where the cemetery was located, and walking along the side of the road was the same older man that we passed a ways back! So creepy!

      • One time a few of our buddies decided to check this place out (since we were near Elkhart lake, wi). As we were approaching the long steep hill were suddenly stopped and looked at one another. We could not go any further because we had this strange feeling that someone was watching is from near by. We were patrified and decided to not to go further but to run towards our car. We didn’t even bother looking back. That was a long time ago and we never consider to go back.

        • Chase Williams  |  

          Similar thing happened to me and my friend. We went up the hill a bit until we saw the sign that said the cemetery was closed and no trespassing. Road looked creepy as shit, and we should just turn around. My friend was driving the car. He kept the vehicle in drive, and he let the car creep backwards a little bit down the hill. I think I asked him if it’s normal that his car goes backwards when it’s in drive. He was telling me yes, but the he realized his brakes wouldn’t work. I panicked a bit, and he tried to fix it but couldn’t figure it out (In the maybe 15 seconds it took to get to the bottom of the hill). So we still pretty close to the sign, starting to roll down the hill backwards and then the car started making a noise that I thought kind of sounded like grinding gears. I was freaking out and managed to unlock the door and jump out before the car was going too fast, but my friend went all the way down the hill and crashed into a garage.

          Don’t plan on going back

          We also saw way too many cats on roads we were driving on that night. My friend saw 3 before the accident. he saw one on his way home, and I saw two on my way home. Not that it for sure means anything. Could just be a coincidence that the car totally malfunctioned at that time, (how often does something like that happen though?) but it was a creepy night to say the least.

    2.  |  

      We felt incredibly peaceful here, except at some point I turned my back to the cemetery and got a horrible feeling in my chest. We also kept hearing cars approaching up the hill but no one ever showed up.

    3. I am not one to get paranormal feelings and almost any of the many haunted places I have visited, but this one was unmistakable. I drove through right before dusk, and no sooner did I get inside than I felt an uncomfortable feeling coupled with a sudden urge to roll up my car window. Just as my window was closed, it was hit by a swarm of bees (my biggest phobia in life). I will never forget that day.

    4. I taught at Glenbeulah Elementary School for 20 years. Several of the teachers and custodians had experiences in the school. After parent conferences one November night, I closed and locked the building and went to my car. I turned back and noticed a light on upstairs. I went back in, turned out the light and carefully worked my way through dark halls out to my car. Again I looked up and the same second floor light was on. I left the area! A little girl one year died of cancer and her classmates contributed money for a memorial. We purchased two pictures of cats(her favorite animal) and a plaque with her name and dates. Big screws were used to anchor the picture wire to the wall. We found the picture on the floor several days later. It was rehung. Several days later the picture was again on the floor. This time I wound the wire around the screw. It fell one more time, breaking the frame. These were just two of the incidents we chronicled. We moved the classes to Elkhart Lake Elementary and though the school is abandoned, I get chills every time I pass it. One story I heard concerning the GLENBEULAH GHOST which we called it was that an old gramma living in town had a grandson for whom she was responsible put a CURSE on the school because the school marm in 18oo’s gave the grandson so much trouble that he left town and was never seen again.

    5. A few years ago before it started being watched by cops, me and a few friends went at 11pm to see if the stories were true.. we heard a couple screams before we even got out of the car, when we got back from walking around the gas cover on my car was open and so was one of my doors (it had been locked) so we left. We came back the next day during daylight and had noticed branches all pointing in the same direction in front of each tree. When we followed them, we also saw a bunch of little girls pairs of shoes… that was it until we reached the bill further to the back.. we saw a man running, but each of us (there was 4) saw a different version of the man (different hair color, clothes, etc) and nobody was there but us… when we got back to the car a truck had pulled up with an older man and his young son, they saw a person running but described the opposite sex and everything else. It was crazy but awesome too. Haven’t been back since because of the cops, but happy to have been able to witness that!

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