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The legend of Vivia Thomas is told around Fort Gibson. So it goes, one morning in 1870, a soldier was found dead atop a grave in the nearby cemetery. When the doctor examined the body, he found she was a woman. Vivia Thomas had been educated and elegant, and she fell in love with a handsome Army officer. When he suddenly left shortly before their wedding, Vivia found out he had been stationed at Fort Gibson and she set out on a difficult journey to find him. She cut off her long hair and dressed in men’s, then enlisted in the Army at Fort Gibson where she located her lover and found he had begun an affair with a Native American woman who lived nearby. Vivia followed him on a trip to see her, and she shot him with her rifle and left him dead. The soldiers thought he had been killed by Indians. Vivia shortly after became upset at what she had done and began to spend the nights weeping at his grave, and one night, she froze to death. Now, the apparition of a young soldier there has been seen pacing and weeping. Her story touched the fort’s commanders, and in the cemetery’s Circle of Honor, they set a stone that reads “Vivia Thomas, January 7, 1870.”

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Geographic Information

907 North Garrison St
Fort Gibson, OK
United States

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35.80646971711449, -95.2556546127197
Muskogee County, Oklahoma
Nearest Towns:
Fort Gibson, OK (0.7 mi.)
Okay, OK (4.7 mi.)
Muskogee, OK (7.6 mi.)
Tullahassee, OK (10.4 mi.)
Braggs, OK (10.4 mi.)
Woodall, OK (10.7 mi.)
Hulbert, OK (10.8 mi.)
Zeb, OK (11.3 mi.)
River Bottom, OK (11.8 mi.)
Sand Hill, OK (12.3 mi.)


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  1. I was driving home late one night past the captain’s quarters. A man darted across the road and down the hill, bare foot, blue uniform, side cocked blue hat. Thinking this man may be intoxicated or under some influence, I hightailed it the rest of the way home. It was only then when I realized the man was wearing a civil war era uniform. And many times late in the war, supplies were low and they didn’t have enough shoes. The kicker: he did run down the hill, part of the way. Then disappeared. I still work in Fort Gibson, Ok. It is a wonderful little town, with plenty of charm.

    • I live in Fort Gibson as well and me and my dad were on are way home when we saw a person sitting on the side of the road with no shoes and a blue uniform and hat. We didn’t know why he was sitting on the side of the road or who he was.

  2. I currently live in Fort Gibson and have experienced paranormal happenings in our house. My family and I have seen things that are unexplainable. They have heard things in the house that are unexplainable. I have grown up around such things all my life and have always believed that such spirits are around. I also have a strong belief in our Lord Jesus Christ. I know that this area is filled with death from all walks of life. Being that the sign reads the Oldest Town in Oklahoma. It is a quiet town full of down home folks and lots of great festivities throughout the year.

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