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This private home is now abandoned but its former owner claims it was haunted by numerous ghosts. She’s even written a book about it. She claims that the previous owner and original builder of the house still resides there and is prone to throwing ghostly parties at 2 am. He also moves things, speaks and calls people by name.

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Geographic Information

709 Oklahoma 80A
Fort Gibson, Oklahoma
United States

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35.8061753, -95.2527667
Muskogee County, Oklahoma
Nearest Towns:
Fort Gibson, OK (0.6 mi.)
Okay, OK (4.8 mi.)
Muskogee, OK (7.7 mi.)
Braggs, OK (10.3 mi.)
Woodall, OK (10.5 mi.)
Tullahassee, OK (10.6 mi.)
Hulbert, OK (10.7 mi.)
Zeb, OK (11.2 mi.)
River Bottom, OK (11.8 mi.)
Sand Hill, OK (12.2 mi.)


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Comments (27)

  1. Me and my friend went today…..very creepy house…i got the chills soon as i seen it… *shudders* took a few pix…wish i could have went inside..

  2. if you zoom in to the window up stairs on the right were there two and there not bored up you can see a face it is very creapy!!!!

  3. I actually grew up in Ft Gibson and my ex even lived 2 houses down from this house. We never experienced anything around the home but my younger sister was friends with the family who owned it. They had a Halloween party once and a couple kids got scared but I was told it was cause others played a prank on them.

  4. My parents house in McAlester OK looks SOOOOOOOOOOO eerily similar to this house it makes my skin crawl even the location we have the same stone fence sits on a corner. And yes it is very haunted. It has been quiet lately but we have these times I will post a pic soon. My phone memory is full right now. I would love to see this place in person.

  5. I visited this site yesterday, 11/02/15. I took many exterior photographs from the street and when I blew them up the image of a woman like the one described in the book description is apparent. For some reason I am not able to share any on this site. However, I posted some on my fb page.

  6. We are very familiar with the house. My daughter just had her pictures made there. Know both the past and present owners. Heard lots of stories but never seen anything nor is it at all spooky to be around.

    • Christie barajas  |  

      Hi. I read your post saying that u know the present owners of this property. Is there any way I could get in touch with them to possibly get permission to visit the home? I live in amarillo tx but would be more than willing to make the drive. I don’t have a big team I travel with, just my husband and I. And I’m not a professional investigator. I have a few meters and a deep respect for the paranormal. I can be reached at 806-340-4449 or
      Thanks for your time,
      Christie Barajas.

  7. I think the same window in my picture is above and to the right of the young ladie’s head. Enlarge it and it, yet again, a woman appears.

  8. I am part of a paranormal team and looking to find way to receive permission to investigate this property. Can anyone inform me how to do so?

  9. I live near the house, I was there today. It is not haunted and it is boarded up. It is a very dangerous house as it is in extreme disrepair. I hope to contact the owners in regards to buying it and restore it to it’s original grandeur.

  10. If you read the book Mrs Back wrote, the ghosts made it very hard to have any contractors work on the home. The ghost would scare them away, so her and her husband ended up doing most repairs and updates themselves. One thing the ghost did a lot of to worker is take their tools the minute they step away from a tool, and they would have to go and replace them. That would drive you nuts alone. Maybe this is why the house has ended up in the shape it is today, after the Backs move away. I like the book, some don’t. I don’t know how they stayed there with some of the things that happen. But they learned to live with the ghosts. It is sad to see the house falling apart. I would get the book and read, you can get it off of EBay for under $5.00.

  11. I actually live in Fort Gibson and that house is haunted. I have seen ghosts in the window but i have never been inside. If you are interested in old haunted buildings, I would recommend the fort in Fort Gibson.

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